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Song Translations

Our translations of the songs of Paradox Live! Many of these are done by Carp; the translator who worked on a given song will be displayed on the translation page.
Songs released starting with Road to Legend Opening Show have official translations in their YouTube subtitles. We acknowledge that sometimes we deviate from the official translations. We stand by our interpretations; however, you are free to make your own judgment!
Please remember to keep my Terms of Use for my translation work in mind!

You may choose to sort songs by UNIT or by CD (which is to say, in order of chronological release)! By default, they display by unit.

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BaNG!!! AmBitious!!! EmBlem!!! FRE△KOUT
P△R△DISE (ft. ISSA) BErmud△ Tri△nglE F△Bulous W△vin' Fl△g
We △re The Future G△L△XY∞ Ch△mp1on FLY HIGH
FIRST VERSE P△RTY N1GHT Vroom×3 Before Anyone Else
But-I-Fly ROCKETEEEERS (ft. MICRO) Dreamin' 24

The Cat's Whiskers
Master of Music Faith 4 REAL Life is Beautiful
My Sweetest Love (ft. Kazuma Mitchell) One Shot One Kill Mercy on Me Ride Out
Shooting Arrows No Matter What Get It Back

Where they at Get it This Is My Love Back Off
Good Time (ft. SKY-HI) Runnin' Ain't No Love Better Dayz
Takin' Over Hit 'Em Up Trust Nobody Two Crowns
Make It

Akan Yatsura
BAD BOYZ -悪漢奴等 Underground- OUTSIDERZ -悪漢奴等 is Justice- CALL FOR FAMILIEZ -悪漢奴等 is Forever- REBELLION -悪漢奴等 is still Burning-
EMPEROR - WE ON FIRE!! (ft. Kumi Koda) A.K.Y.R. -悪漢奴等 Go over da TRAP- ROWDIEZ -悪漢奴等 Wanted Vibes- TURN IT UP!!!!!! -悪漢SOUL FEVER-
大火傷 - License To Kill 喝采 -Leave It To Me- 悪漢太鼓 -This Is How We Roll-

For My Stella BE A STAR Endless Dream NEVER END

Do As I Say True Pride Nobody But Me Gotta Believe

Break Outta Here EdN S∀G∀ EGOlution

STRONGER Fight For Liberty Trigger S.W.A.G.

BURAIKAN is Back Road to Legend DO or DIE Every Day Every Night
Trauma Let It Heat

Shuffle Teams and Multiple Groups
Rap Guerrilla -Paradox Live ALL ARTISTS- New & Classic Giragira CANDY NIGHT Rooftop
Jumping Into My World The Sound of Voltage Why do you like me?? Rats & Nobles
Double Trouble CHILLIN' Rap Guerrilla Reload -Paradox Live ALL ARTISTS- RISE UP