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Drama Track Translations

The main scenario of Paradox Live is conveyed through audio dramas! Indexed below are my (Jakkal)'s full translation of all of them!
Please remember to keep my Terms of Use for my translation work in mind!

Opening Show Opening Show
Stage Battle "DESIRE" Desire
Stage Battle "JUSTICE" Justice
Stage Battle "PRIDE"Pride
Stage Battle "FAMILY"Family
Exhibition ShowExhibition Show
Stage Battle "LOVE" Love
Stage Battle "VIBES" Vibes
Second Album "LIVE" Live
Shuffle Team Vol. 1 Shuffle Team Volume 1
Shuffle Team Vol. 2 Shuffle Team Volume 2
Road to Legend -Opening Show- Road to Legend
Stage Battle "FATE" Fate
Stage Battle "RAGE" Rage
Consolation Match "SHOWDOWN" Showdown
Stage Battle "WILL" Will
Stage Battle "TRUST" Trust
SHOWDOWN -AFTER- Showdown -After-
Final "REVOLUTION" Revolution

Third Album "ANTHEM" anthem