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Social Media Translations

The entire cast of Paradox Live have twitter presences (official in-character twitters run by the staff), as well as periodically doing reply campaigns on Paradox Tribe, the fan app. Here is an index of all of my translations of this social media content! I make the monthly tweet archives public once the month is over; check out my translations on Twitter for real-time tweet translations.
The official Twitter List compiling the character twitters can be found here!
Please note that one account, Hanitaro tweeting at @pppieeeeeen, is widely understood to be Kantaro's secret vent account, and is not included on the official list.

Twitter posts are organized by month; any Paradox Tribe posts that are cross-posted to Twitter are counted in the Twitter archives.

(Please note that Paradox Tribe has really awful archiving, and I cannot at the moment access any mention parties that preceding the ones I have posted. Sorry! I'll see what I can do about finding external archives to translate. I do plan to eventually get around to doing the Twitter backlog!)

Paradox Tribe Mention Parties