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March 2024

03.31.2024 - Changelog
The character daily schedules from the second fan book have been added and updated! Also, character image colors have been updated (some that used to be speculation/approximate are now exact, but some old ones actually changed VERY slightly), and I've went ahead and added the team image colors to the character index page as well. I've also added the one-line blurbs about everyone's phantometals to their profiles.
Furthermore, I've added the short team backstory/context blurbs to the team listings on the character page in addition to their unit profiles!
03.29.2024 - Changelog
New info from the fanbook means updates! Character timelines have been added to all 29 profiles as well as a fully-updated holistic timeline. Additionally, the new floor plans have been added! No updates to BAE, TCW, or Akan Yatsura's, but cozmez have an updated floor plan, and Buraikan (read: Haruomi), VISTY, AMPRULE, 1Nm8, and GokuLuck have had theirs added for the first time! These are under "Other Translations" if you need to find them.
03.27.2024 - Changelog
Still technically release day, so I'm still on the ball. :P
Translations for all 5 ANTHEM voice dramas are up! Stay tuned for Fanbook material when the fanbook drops in a couple days, too. :'3
03.23.2024 - Changelog
Kenta's birthday mini-voice-drama was added on his birthday, and the art commemorating Paradox Tribe's second anniversary has been added to the gallery! It's under the 'other' heading, if you need help finding it.
03.17.2024 - Changelog
Translations for Get It Back, Akan Taikou -This Is How We Roll-, and Let It Heat are up! This means all nine of the ANTHEM songs have had their translations (by me!) added, and the music page has been updated to reflect all information about the MV releases etc! Hopefully I shouldn't need to add any big things (except for Kenta's BD mini-voice-drama) between now and the release of ANTHEM, but knock on wood, haha. :'3
03.13.2024 - Changelog
CD page has been updated to reflect new information about BAE's solo album reward for winning RtL (updates to follow as we learn more, like song titles), and the anime's BD volume 5 art has been added to the gallery!
03.11.2024 - Changelog
The ANTHEM songs up through this round (so: P△RTY N1GHT, EGOlution, Catharsis, Gotta Believe, Make it, and NEVER END) are up on the song translations, as well as notes on the music page updated to account for their MV release dates and thumbnails! I do keep these up to date every day, but don't want to have to do a separate changelog note for them.
Only three left next weekend and then ANTHEM and the fanbook at the end of this month will keep me right busy, lol.
03.01.2024 - Changelog
Time for a front-page refresh! Moved all January-February updates to the Old Updates page, and the Twitter archive for February is now up.

Also did some tweaking and recoding of the gallery page (again), so now it allows for multiple filters to be applied at once. Fancy.

I will be doing translations of the ANTHEM songs once they go up! But I'mma be real with you, dawg, there's not really a chance in hell that I'm going to translate the last run of anime-excusive songs any time soon, on virtue of the fact that I prefer thinking about things that don't make me angry. Never say never, but chances are grim for the time being.

January-February 2024

02.25.2024 - Changelog
After tweaking the gallery the other day, I realized I wasn't super happy with its current form, so I... re-did the entire thing. Now it has filtering for character as well as image source! I don't know why I did this but I sure did!
I also updated it to add a few things that I felt had been conspicuously absent, since as long as I was re-doing the entire thing I may as well fill in those gaps. Enjoy!
02.23.2024 - Changelog
All of the individual group art released for Dope Show 2024 has been added to the gallery, which is now paginated in a slightly more digestible way to make it a little easier to locate what you want to find!
I've also translated and added the short Bar 4/7 ASMR video posted today-- check that out under "Other Translations", grouped in with the other pre-ANTHEM materials.
02.16.2024 - Changelog
The messages from the Valentine's campaign are up, as are the translations of the pre-ANTHEM pickup videos! You'll find both under "Other Translations".
02.15.2024 - Changelog
Kantaro's birthday mini-voice-drama is up on the 2024 Birthday campaign page, and I've added the Dope Show 2024 key visual to the gallery page!
02.10.2024 - Changelog
Chungsung's birthday mini-voice-drama was uploaded on his birthday on the 7th (so this is a slightly post-hoc announcement, but generally, I get them up within ~15 minutes of posting ww), and I've also added the new Lunar New Year art of Haruomi to the gallery! (It's in the section at the very bottom.)
02.01.2024 - Changelog
January Twitter archives are up! Find them under the Social Media translations.

(Because I didn't update much in January I'm just going to leave the January updates on the page until March, www.)

01.31.2024 - Changelog
Kei's birthday mini-voice-drama, featuring Itsuki, has been added to the Birthday 2024 page! I've also added both the image of and a transcription of the ANTHEM pre-release calendar sugoroku board; you'll find that under "Other Translations".
01.29.2024 - Changelog
Art for ANTHEM (including all of the individual team illustrations) has been added to the gallery, as well as CD information about ANTHEM (on the "CDs" page) and credits for the songs (on the "Music") page have been added!
01.07.2024 - Changelog
Some minor cleanup changes around the site, and I finally (after getting tired of fielding the same question a lot LMAO) put up a page explaining what's going on with Chisei. You'll find it linked in the footnotes of LIVE pt4, on Chisei's profile, and a few other places, or you can just jump right to it and find it under the "Other Stuff" page. I may write up more meta/explanation pages in the future, we'll see.

Also updated the Stageplay page to reflect Stagefes 23-24 and the news of the new live show, tweaked some info on the Reading Order page (nothing important, just finally updated for REVOLUTION results, haha). Planning to add the anime-exclusive songs/LPs to the music listing and CD pages, just because I feel like I probably should. For completion's sake, if nothing else.

01.01.2024 - Changelog
With a new month comes the clearing of the old updates to the Past Updates page, the Twitter archives being updated with December's tweets now being available, and -- in this case -- Zen's birthday message (featuring Satsuki) has been translated as well!

(This is a reminder to myself to update the stageplay page, since we got a new (all-cast) live show announced at Stagefes last night!)

December 2023

12.28.2023 - Changelog
Well, as we all try our best to toss the anime right down the memory hole, I bring to you the Outfit of the Day translations, as were requested of me a hot minute back; they're under Other Translations, specifically the "in-universe press" heading!
In the same category, you'll also now find the SWANK AW 2022 crosstalks featuring Hajun and Toma/Anne and Aoi!

Woof. Let it just be on the record that I... profoundly disagree with many of the choices the anime made, lol. It is what it is.

12.24.2023 - Changelog
Added a new page for the 2024 birthday campaign shorts starting with cozmez! They'll be under Other Translations, or you can jump the link right here.
12.10.2023 - Changelog
Have updated the merch page with everyone's special birthday merch and a note about the very cute Birthday Bear nuis that were announced!
Also, updated both Every Day Every Night and Fadeaway's translations, so they're now both full-song and not just the TV-size! Please enjoy!
12.7.2023 - Changelog
Have added the 400k YouTube Subscribers illustration and Dongha's birthday illustration to the gallery!

With Dongha, this now means that this entire set of birthday illustrations is done! We'll have to see on the 24th what, if any, campaign the franchise will be doing for the next rotation of birthdays.

12.2.2023 - Changelog
Brushed all the November updates to the old updates page, and have had the November Twitter archive put up for a hot minute now!
I know I have a lot backlogged, but I swear, I'll have free time again in about a week and I will buckle down and get shit done then, lol. Just for the record, some of what's on my docket right now:
  • A bunch of menpas since October
  • The Outfit of the Day "maganize" text
  • The Heads Consultation Meetings from the end of the premium stream version of the anime
  • This month's Spoon.2di interviews
  • And more!

November 2023

11.26.2023 - Changelog
All seven days of the community Heads Meeting threads have been translated, I've translated the TV-size of Fadeaway, my translation of RISE UP is now full-song, I've finally updated the anime episodes page to reflect all episodes up to present, and I've added both the special illustration from episode 7 and Toma's birthday art to the gallery. Whoof!
11.22.2023 - Changelog
Up to date (up through day 4) on the community heads meeting threads, and also updated my TL of FLY HIGH!!! to be the full version of the song! I need to update the anime episode listing, and that -- together with updating RISE UP and doing the short version of Fadeaway -- is my next priority!
11.20.2023 - Changelog
Have started on the YouTube Communities Heads Meeting comment threads! You can find them under Other Translations, or right here!
11.15.2023 - Changelog
All anniversary commemoration art has been added to the gallery! Sorry about slow updates, I've been really busy IRL, but hopefully things will start clearing up in a few weeks and I can really buckle down on catching up.
11.11.2023 - Changelog
1Nm8's anniversary art and Shion's birthday art have been added to the gallery!
11.10.2023 - Changelog
Anniversary 4 art up through today (Akan Yatsura) is up in the gallery!
11.05.2023 - Changelog
Whoops, sorry about the late update! Sorry, life's been really hectic for me on top of all of the stuff going on with this franchise, so I forgot to type my changelog updates.
The October twitter archives have been up for a few days, and the special birthday merch listing has been updated with Allen, Rokuta, and Saimon's items. Additionally, I've added the new full-cast anime KV to the gallery!
I assume I'll have my work cut out for me in a couple hours when the anniversary proper hits, so stay tuned for that, haha.

October 2023

10.29.2023 - Changelog
Got the GokuLuck backstage image added to the gallery, and knocked out two short menpas-- Ryoga's from the 13th, and cozmez's from the 25th! (Sorry, cozmez bias is hard to overcome, especially when their menpas take like five minutes to translate, haha.)
I will be getting to them, I promise! I'm just trying to make dents where I can, lol.
10.26.2023 - Changelog
General updates: Updated the Anime Episode listing page for PRIDE, and added the BAE and cozmez backstage illustrations. GokuLuck to be added when it's posted!

I am very behind on menpas right now, but I am trying to keep a list of which ones I still need to do. Please be patient. I have a day job and that day job takes a lot out of me when menpas are already probably my least favorite thing to translate, so they will be forthcoming, I just... there's so many this month. There's so many and so many tweets. There is so much to translate. Send help. (I'm kidding, probably.)

10.22.2023 - Changelog
Some general updates-- wrote up my summary for episode 3 of the anime, added the Rise Up LP art to the gallery, and am keeping a running tally of all of the mention parties I need to get to. I know they're getting backlogged, but there have been so many this month and I just... I'm one guy with a day job, lol. They will be coming, I promise!
10.20.2023 - Changelog
The REVOLUTION dramas are up.
I'm very tired. I will write more of an update later. Goodnight.
10.15.2023 - Changelog
Added the SWANK Home goods line to the SWANK page, and updated the anime episode listing with official screenshots from Episode 2. (I'm trying to only use screenshots either posted on the official Twitter account or via official press outlets!)
Also, created a more robust Reading Order page for new fans who are confused about what they need to get into the franchise! Please feel free to share it and the New To Paradox Live? page around for people who may be trying to dive in after getting interested in the first few episodes of the anime!

Counting down to the release of REVOLUTION and trying to get everything I can get sorted ahead of time sorted, haha. It's gonna be a long day for me but I'm very excited!!

10.14.2023 - Changelog
Got Kenta's menpa from the 8th, cozmez's "menpa" from the 9th, and Rokuta's menpa from the 11th up!
Also updated the gallery page with Rokuta's birthday art, and updated the anime episodes page with a belated summary of DESIRE! Screenshots to come, I just wanted to get it updated before too much more time had passed.
Planning to update the SWANK page with the new line of goods soon, just hold tight.
10.08.2023 - Changelog
Have updated the music page to reflect the MV releases for the REVOLUTION songs... and me being the cozmez oshi I am, I already put up a personal TL of Two Crowns! The other songs will follow, I promise.
Also got Shion's mention party from the 6th uploaded!
10.07.2023 - Changelog
Added two things: one, a translation of Murase Ayumu's BAE floorplan meltdown on Twitter, as requested! That's under 'other tl', since I didn't know where else to put it, lol.
Second, the 300k Official Bilibili followers illustration of Yuto has been added to the gallery!
10.06.2023 - Changelong
Allen's menpa from 10/04 is up! Shion's from earlier today will come ASAP. There are a lot of planned menpas so I'm just trying to not go insane, lol.
10.03.2023 - Changelog
Zen's menpa from late September is finally up, sorry about the delay!
Also, a bunch of anime-related news; I've revamped the anime page to redirect to both a "prerelease information" page and also an episode guide, with the ep1 summary based on my recollections of the pre-screening event. It will likely update with time!
Also-also, the anime release commemorative illustration has been added to the gallery.
Also-also-also, I've translated and mirrored the official oshi shindan (basically a quizlet)! You can find it on the anime index page, since it specifically deals with the anime.
10.01.2023 - Changelog
Uploaded the September Twitter archives, and updated the gallery with Allen's birthday art! Moved all of last month's changelogs to the old updates page linked below, and I'm sure I'll have plenty to update over the next few days, so sit tight!

Furthermore, it's October now, so the B's Log interview from the October 2023 issue is no longer password locked, as promised!

September 2023

09.29.2023 - Changelog
Updated the anime page with new information from the past couple days! Also added details about the birthday merch items for Shogo, Yohei, and Haruomi to the "Merch" page, since those were revealed as well.
09.24.2023 - Changelog
Added cozmez's trivia shorts to the pre-REVOLUTION trivia page!
09.23.2023 - Changelog
Added Toma's menpa from a few days ago, as well as an ongoing page for the YouTube shorts sharing trivia about the members of the teams advancing to REVOLUTION! cozmez will be added tomorrow when their videos come out. These are in the SNS and Other Translations pages, respectively.
Also-also translated an old magazine mini-interview from the June 2021 issue of Animedia!

Also, those with access to it (and in the case that Twitter finally eats shit for real), Phanto.MOE is now on BlueSky at! At the moment I will just be crossposting announcements about site updates (I am not insane enough to try and crosspost all tweet translations), but that is now a place where you can find updates and information about my translations.

09.17.2023 - Changelog
The gallery has been updated to include Saimon's birthday art, and the Anime page has been updated to reflect recent announcements and news!
09.17.2023 - Changelog
Both cozmez and GokuLuck's pre-REVOLUTION recap trailers are up! Same page as the BAE ones, since they're short enough that I didn't want to bloat the page count. Enjoy!
09.15.2023 - Changelog
Added a translation of BAE's pre-REVOLUTION recap trailer! It's over on the Other Translations page (look for "pre-REVOLUTION recaps"), and it will be joined by the other teams' trailers once they release.
09.12.2023 - Changelog
Created a new page for Paradox Tribe Premium to better reflect the knowledge we have now, and since I had the liberty of more space on a separate page, I added my speculation about the character ID numbers as well!
09.09.2023 - Changelog
Added a bit about Paradox Tribe Premium to the Paratora page and updated the gallery to include Haruomi's birthday art!
09.02.2023 - Changelog
This is just a quick note about site functionality!
I've been (gradually) working on adding belated alt text to a lot of images on the site, which should help in the case of a loading spinout. This is mostly invisible, but I wanted to note it.

I've been debating switching hosting services to something a little more robust (and, more importantly, a service that supports server-end includes...), especially as the anime draws nearer, but that's a matter that's -- again -- entirely on my end. Just a heads up!

09.01.2023 - Changelog
Moved all of last month's updates to a new page so that things don't get super unwieldy; also, updated the SNS page so that the Twitter archives for August are now up!

August 2023

08.31.2023 - Changelog
Have added information about REVOLUTION to the CDs and music page to reflect the release of the cover and song titles/info, and added the art to the gallery! At the moment, the full art is only in really small resolution, so expect that to be updated with something a little bigger when I can get my paws on it.

Also added a note about the October 2023 issue of Animedia, which is featuring Paradox Live: The Animation, and a note about the new character profiles that have been added to the anime's site on the page about the anime!

08.26.2023 - Changelog
Yohei's birthday art is up in the gallery, and his birthday mention party is up in the social media section!
08.26.2023 - Changelog
Yesterday the post-SHOWDOWN AMPRULE mini-drama translation went up, and today I managed to smack the 1Nm8 one up too! They're both on the dramas index!
08.24.2023 - Changelog
Two big updates: Shogo's post-birthday mention party has been added to the Social Media translations, and the VISTY post-SHOWDOWN mini-drama has been added to the Dramas! For the sake of simplicity I'm choosing to number these as full dramas and place them in release order.
I will be tackling the AMPRULE and 1Nm8 dramas tomorrow and the next day, as they come out!
08.22.2023 - Changelog
Updated the gallery with Shogo's birthday art from the other day, and also updated the magazines page with a translation of the seiyuu interviews of the October 2023 issue of B's Log!
Also: preemptively added a section to the audio dramas section for the After-SHOWDOWN mini-dramas that are set to be released via YouTube in a couple days. I will be translating these (even if there ends up being an official translation), so stay tuned for that!
08.18.2023 - Changelog
Put up Yuto's mention party (featuring a special guest) from yesterday evening! It, as with all menpas, under the Social Media translations.
08.13.2023 - Changelog
Guess what? Update time. This time it's the post-RTL-round-2 "magazine" interviews for the TCW and AKYR interviews posted on Twitter earlier tonight. These are under Other Translations!
08.12.2023 - Changelog
Some updaaates.
  • Yuto's birthday art added to the gallery page!
  • The Road to Legend Winning Manifestos have been added! Translations for these short videos can be found under Other Translations!
08.09.2023 - Changelog
A handful of updates:
  • Shiki's birthday art and the new anime team visuals have been added to the gallery page!
  • A note about said new visuals has been added to the anime page.
  • I added a quick note about the two recurring named cats, Luna and Kurobuchi Maou DX, to the "Glossary" page, under 'People & Entities'! I figured I should add them because I have seen some confusion about which cat is which.
  • And, the biggest one: the character schedules have been added! They are under Other Translations! These include both the original schedules posted in 2020 for the original four teams, and the updated schedules posted in 2022 for all main eight groups.
08.06.2023 - Changelog
CD page updated to reflect results of WILL and TRUST!

Still working on some other stuff (the character schedules are about ~30% done).

08.04.2023 - Changelog
A few new minor resources; character lists (which lists characters by birthday, height, and age, so you can have all of that information in one place instead of having to compare profiles) and a timeline of canon events have both been added to the Other Stuff page!

I will be working on new translations of extra material soon, but right now this stuff is a lot less work, so bear with me! My current to-do list, in no particular order, is to continue working on the Merch page; to expand the manga page with full chapter summaries; and to translate the character schedules from both the Fan Book and social media.

08.02.2023 - Changelog
Some minor changes; there was a missing line of code in some page headers, such that song translations weren't displaying correctly on mobile, which should now be fixed, plus a handful of small typographical errors have been rectified.

Also: new illustration added to the official art gallery, under follower milestones; this one is for 10k followers on the official English Facebook page!

Also-also: I've added the Favorite Character Sorter and Favorite Song Picker, since I figure these are resources that people generally like having on-hand. These are both located on the Other Stuff page under the 'Other' heading, since they're not translations but they may be useful or entertaining!

08.01.2023 - Phanto.Moe Launch
Trauma Button at Phanto.MOE is live! Don't worry, updates to my translations will still go up on Twitter (as long as it lasts) and DreamWidth (for the forseeable future), but I just really wanted a place that was truly mine and truly customizable to host my work. The goal is to not just be a resource for people who are already into Paradox Live and want to catch up, but to be an approachable, comprehensible way for a total newbie to figure out what's going on and where to start.

Some pages (merch, magazines, other translations) are a little bit empty now, but they should hopefully provide at least some useful information, even if that information is "I plan to write more about this as it becomes feasible".

Some pages are relatively straightforward in terms of information, but for some -- especially the anime and mobile game pages -- they will, in future, become far more robust mini-directories as more about these respective adaptations comes to be known.
From the jump, though, some notes:

  • All of my drama and novel translations, and all of my and Carp's song translations, are live! All of our social media translations (Twitter and Paratora) are mirrored, as well.
  • Every character profile is complete and features extra information where that information is canonically available, and the character index includes the short blurbs about the units as presented on the official site.
  • The official art gallery, while not complete, is fully functional. Do take a minute to let the thumbnails load, though!
  • The CDs page lists a brief summary of the drama tracks (where relevant) and includes full track listings and the results of the CDs that had voting rounds.
  • The Glossary page defines not just terms, but useful lists of locations and characters and entities who do not have full profiles!
  • The Music page provides an overview of every song, its composers, and the release date of its MV (where applicable)!
  • And more!