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cozmez - December 24, 2023

Kanata: Omurice, hamburger and fries... is that gonna be enough? This is hard.
Nayuta: Eh, let's just buy more, then. It's our birthday, after all. Wanna get takeout from somewhere around here?
Kanata: ... hey, Nayuta. Look at that.
Nayuta: Sup? ... "chicken[1] and cake"...? Sounds good. What size of cake we gonna get?
Kanata: Do you have to ask? The biggest one they've got.
Nayuta: [laughs] Awesome. But are you gonna be able to carry it?

[1] It's a big cultural thing in Japan to eat fried chicken on Christmas, and since their birthday is December 24th, I feel this is important context.

Zen - January 1, 2024

Satsuki: Zen-nii! Do the thing again this year! It's your birthday, after all, so you've GOTTA do the thing!
Zen: Leave it to me! That's right... this year, why don't you do it with me, too, Satsuki-kun!
Satsuki: Whoa-hoah! For real!? Well, if you say so, then I've got no choice but to do it too!
Zen: Well, then let's get to it! One, two, and...!
Zen and Satsuki: [extreme flexing noises]
Zen: [panting] Satsuki-kun... from biceps to traps, you were able to craft a fine mountain range of muscles!

Itsuki - January 15, 2024

Rokuta: Itsuki-nii! Happy birthday~! Here, for you! It's a present!
Itsuki: Hm? This is... a bookmark?
Rokuta: Uh-huh! I made it with Kei-chan! I was thinkin' you'd be happy to have something like that to use when you're reading a book!
Itsuki: ... I see. Thank you. I will treasure it. I'll have to thank Kei later as well.

Kei - January 31, 2024

Kei: Welcome home, Itsuki. It certainly looks like you bought a lot of food today.
Itsuki: Yes, on account of it being your birthday, Kei. Having discussed the matter with Rokuta, I am planning to make a more extravagant dinner than usual.
Kei: Well, that being the case, I'll have to ensure I'm hungry by nightfall.
Kei: Please do so. I am planning to serve cake after the meal.
Kei: Thank you. I'll look forward to it.

Chungsung - February 7, 2024

Dongha: What's that look for?
Chungsung: Nothing at all.
Dongha: You're distracting me. Go back to your own room or wherever.
Chungsung: Understood. However, if I may be of use to you for anything else, feel free to call upon me again.
Dongha: ... Ah. I left a package on your desk. You'd better inspect it.
Chungsung: Bocchama...! Please allow me to humbly express my extreme delight.

Kantaro - February 14, 2024

Aoi: Happy birthday, Kantaro. This cake is a present from all of us.
Kantaro: Ah! Thank you~! ... hold on, this is from that super popular store! How'd you guys manage to get this?
Aoi: Shogo went to get it first thing in the morning. He thought you might want to try it.
Kantaro: Good work, Shogo! Never cutting corners with the sweets reconnaissance!
Aoi: We've got another present for you, too. You should open it after we all have a chance to have some cake.
Kantaro: Ah, I'm really looking forward to all of it~! Thank you so much, everyone!

Hokusai - March 3, 2024

Ryu: Happy Birthday to My Friend Fuu-chan!
Hokusai: Thank you, Ryu.
Ryu: Today I've prepared you a special drink! Here you go! Aahahaha!
Hokusai: Amazing. This is the first time I've ever seen a drink this color.
Ryu: Ahem! For Fuu-chan, who loves kitties: tuna, and bonito, and chicken, and then a bunch of other stuff, all blended up~!
Hokusai: You really got creative for my sake, didn't you? I wonder how it tastes. I look forward to trying it.

Kenta - March 20, 2024

Yuto: Mikoshiba-kun, a very happy birthday to you.
Kenta: What's so happy about it. ... ah?
Yuto: It's not much, but I prepared some cake. Here you go.
Kenta: My my, aren't you breaking the shitty little rules, you shitty little prison guard?
Yuto: We'll keep it a secret. Please eat it before anyone else sees.
Kenta: ... ... you think that's gonna be enough!? Get me pizza and cola, too!

Ryu - April 1, 2024

Yohei: Oi, Ryu. It's your birthday, right? What do you wanna have to eat?
Ryu: Eh! Is that so~? So it is, it's Ryu-kun's birthday!
Yohei: ... so? What d'ya want?
Ryu: I don't care~! There's nothing Ryu-kun looks forward to more than it just being Ryu-kun's birthday!
Yohei: I see. Then I don't gotta put any effort in, right?
Ryu: I changed my mind! I want cream puffs with minced meat, al dente style, and Shikki's shins!!

Hajun - April 8, 2024

Toma: H-Hajun-san! Happy birthday!
Hajun: Thank you very much, Toma-kun.
Toma: I bet that someone who's on your level probably rents out a super lux hotel for your birthday and have an all-night party or something like that, right, Hajun-san?
Hajun: By no means. I simply have a small celebration at home with my teammates.
Toma: Oh, VISTY do kinda the same thing! Having a party at home is fun, right?
Hajun: Indeed. It's not a bad way to celebrate, I think.