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Bar 4/7 ASMR

As part of the pre-release campaign for ANTHEM, on Feburary 23, 2024, a short ASMR video was released from the perspective of Black-Spotted Demon King DX (Kurobuchi Maou DX), the cat that reoccurs in a lot of The Cat's Whisker's material.

Note that because this is an ASMR track, there are a lot of environmental and atmospheric noises. I am translating the dialogue and generally leaving out SFX descriptions for the sake of my own sanity. Paragraph breaks indicate a longer stretch of time without dialogue.
As always, note that I translate the cat's name -- "Kurobuchi Maou DX" and "Kuro" for short -- as "Black-Spotted Demon King DX" and "Spot" for short.

Yohei: [yawn] Where is everyone...

Saimon: I cleaned up outside and got the signboard ready to go, Yohei.
Yohei: Ah, you're early. Gimme a hand here next.
Saimon: Got it.

Saimon: Oh? There, there.
Spot: [meow]
Saimon: You look comfortable. You're making me want to take a nap right along with you.
Yohei: It's always just lounging around. We're not going to be able to get rid of it at this point.
Saimon: [laughing] But he's a good boy. Well, what is it you wanted help with?
Yohei: Wipe down these glasses after I'm done washing them.
Saimon: Got it.

Yohei: Hey, Saimon. Do we have any limes left in the fridge?
Saimon: Don't worry. I've entrusted that task to Shiki and Ryu.
Yohei: Did you now.
Saimon: So how about some music, Yohei?
Yohei: If you're gonna twist my arm like that...

Spot: [meow]

Saimon: There we go.

Saimon: Were you drinking yesterday?
Yohei: Well. Not like I drank a lot, at any rate.
Saimon: You shouldn't stay up too late drinking, you know.
Yohei: Yeah, yeah.

Ryu: Space Cadet Ryu-kun has returned!!
Shiki: Sorry for being late. We're back.
Saimon: Welcome back.
Yohei: Yeah.
Saimon: Thank you very much. It seems like it must be heavy.
Shiki: Not at all. I'll go put what we bought into the fridge.
Saimon: No worries. I'll take it from here.
Shiki: Ah... thank you very much.
Yohei: Nah, s'fine.
Ryu: Ah, I found the Demon King! Were you sleeping? You're cute again today as always~! Your paw pads are so soft and squishy, hehehe~! Hey, Shikki, come over here! Come feel the Demon King's pawpads!
Shiki: Ryu-kun, you shouldn't touch Spot too much, he might get annoyed.
Ryu: Eh? But just look at this cute little creature, isn't he the greatest?
Shiki: He looks a little out of it. ... but he is cute.
Ryu: Ryu-kun loves the Demon King! I wanna eat him!
Yohei: Oi, Ryu. If you got nothing to do then wipe down the tables.
Shiki: Ah-- I'll help, too.
Ryu: I can't, I'm too busy squishing Kurobuchi's cheeks.
Yohei: Just shut up and do it.
Ryu: Ryu-kun is getting bossed around by a man with a big scary monster face, so he's gotta go now.
Yohei: Any time now.
Ryu: We'll play again later. Bye~!
Spot: [meow]
Ryu: Lemme go find the dusting cloths~!

Shiki: [sigh]
Ryu: [humming] Master, look!
Yohei: Stop playing with the dusters!
Ryu: [blandly] Yessir.
Yohei: Shiki. You done over there?
Shiki: Just about. I'm almost done cleaning up.
Saimon: I think we're just about ready.
Yohei: Mm. Just a couple minutes before we open up. You guys want anything?
Saimon: Ah. I'll have a Gin Rickey.
Shiki: I'm sorry, but may I bother you for a Shirley Temple?
Yohei: Got it. Ryu, how about you?
Ryu: [imitating Saimon] I'll take a shot glass full of demi-glace sauce, Yohei.
Yohei: ... you're getting the same as Shiki.

Shiki: Oh. I really enjoyed the book you leant me, Owner. It was really interesting.
Saimon: You did? I'm glad to hear that. If you enjoyed that one, I have some other recommendations for you.
Ryu: I also recommend you read "Ryu-kun's Mysterious Quest"~.
Shiki: [laughs] Thank you, Ryu-kun.
Yohei: Here you go.

Saimon: Thank you, Yohei.
Yohei: Yeah.
Shiki: Thank you very much.
Ryu: Mucho big thank you~

Spot: [meow]
Yohei: You're probably hungry too, huh. Eat up.
Spot: [meow]
Yohei: [laughs] Is that so. Good boy.

Yohei: Well. Counting on everyone for another day. Cheers.
Ryu, Saimon, Shiki: Cheers.
Spot: [meow]