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Small trivia videos about the members of the advancing teams, presented in the leadup to REVOLUTION.

BAE | cozmez | GokuLuck



A young man who loves hiphop more than anyone else, Sugasano Allen:
  • Loves hiphop way too much, and has trouble stopping himself once he starts talking about it
  • Often annoys other people with his passion; he has been blocked by Kanata from cozmez on social media because of this.
  • He was born to classical musician parents, and is a quarter Russian.
  • Is awful at cleaning up and his room is often littered in sheet music; he often gets scolded for this by Anne and Hajun.


Called "the smiling young nobleman", Yeon Hajun:
  • Is the heir of the family at the head of one of Korea's largest conglomerates, and so is extremely wealthy
  • Looks and acts handsome, and so has many female fans, but he has a sharp tongue and a sadistic true personality.
  • Has a younger half-brother, Yeon Dongha from AMPRULE, who hates him very much.
  • Is actually really bad at dealing with insects


A borderless rapper unrestrained by gender, Anne Faulkner:
  • Is the number-one earning hostess at the cabaret club CLUB CANDY, and is quite the heavy drinker
  • Thinks very highly of their driving skills; they employed these skills to kidnap the members of cozmez for a surprise party
  • Gets very angry when their teammate, Hajun, refers to them by their legal name, Anjin
  • Owns a pet sparrow named "Tamago".



The older brother of the Yatonokami twins, Yatonokami Kanata:
  • Acts very hostile towards other people, but is extremely sweet to his younger twin brother, Nayuta.
  • Was born in a slum; does not know who his father is and his mother may as well have vanished.
  • Is good at skateboarding, and tends to use it as his main means of getting around.
  • Still believes in Santa Claus, and has gone out hunting for Santa with Nayuta.


The younger brother of the Yatonokami twins, Yatonokami Nayuta:
  • Has been sickly since he was born, and has been taken care of by his older brother, Kanata.
  • Thinks Kanata is the cooler of the two of them, even though they're twins and have the exact same face.
  • Has had a low standard of living all his life, and so now refers to the microwave as a "magic box".
  • Likes to do miniature fashion shows with Kanata; he likes clothes so much that he sometimes spends all the money that Kanata earns on buying clothes.


Inukai Yuto

A 32 year old who is a mercenary prison guard by day, and is usually mild-mannered, Inukai Yuto:
  • Has a split personality, and his secret personality is extremely brutal. This personality comes to the forefront when he's rapping on stage.
  • Used to be partners with Zen from Akan Yatsura a long time ago, when they were both police officers. Due to a particular incident, Zen is now unilaterally keeping his distance.
  • Wrecked his own living quarters to cope with the stress of losing a battle round.
  • Likes to watch travel shows while drinking green tea and eating senbei.

Tosa Ryoga

A mad dog on a chain and the king of the prison, Tosa Ryoga:
  • Used to be a gunman in a violent gang; this is what led to his arrest.
  • Holds the #1 ranking in prison rap, where the strength of your rap determines your ranking
  • Has a very sincere side, though he might not look like it at first glance. While doing community service, he took initiative more than anyone else in picking up trash.
  • Owes Ito Satsuki from Akan Yatsura for taking the fall for him in the past

Kaida Shion

A languid hedonist, Kaida Shion:
  • Doesn't like sunlight, and therefore lives his life with his day and night functionally reversed
  • Is a total playboy, and often hits up SNS to find people to spend his nights with
  • Is a heavy smoker, and so keeping his stock of cigarettes topped up is essential; sometimes he asks the guard, Inukai, to pick them up for him.
  • Looks different from other people, and so tends to attract attention, for better or for worse; he has had trouble with stalkers.

Mikoshiba Kenta

A genius hacker with a knack for poking the bear, Mikoshiba Kenta:
  • Was imprisoned for creating a computer virus that could have brought the world to its knees.
  • Is smack in the middle of a chuunibyou phase, and so sometimes tweets things that he thinks sound very deep.
  • Received the gift of food he didn't want to eat from Tosa and Shion for his birthday.
  • Plays FPS games for a hobby, and he's pretty good at them. His handle is "†Jet Black Criminal†".