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Other Stuff

This page is the dumping ground for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else!
Official Stuff and Information
Cast & Crew Listing
A quick roundup of cast and crew on the franchise; this information is scattered around the site, but this page may be useful for if you want a quick reference!
Timeline of Events
A rough timeline of canonical events (with a little bit of conjecture, but mostly sourced from canonical text!)
Character Information Lists
If you want a quick reference for characters by birthday, height, or age without having to open a dozen profiles and taking notes: that's right here!
Oshi Picker Quizlet
A mini-quizlet released during the prerelease promotion for the anime aimed at helping people determine what character (appearing in the anime, so the first four groups and Buraikan) they might like! I translated and mirrored its functionality here!
Meta, Explanations, and Observations
Recommended Reading Order
A guide to canonical reading order, and other information that may be helpful to people coming in late who may need a quick reference of what songs go with which drama tracks, et al.
What's The Deal with Chisei?
A quick explainer page going over what the deal with Chisei (and Buraikan's backstory) is, as this is one of the things I find tends to be the most confusing for new fans coming across the dramas for the first time. Unmarked spoilers.
Original Resources and Widgets Guide
A quick guide to buying Japanese ebooks and digital magazines on Bookwalker, which I personally find to be the most convenient and simple way to stay above-board when dealing with ebooks, manga, and magazines.
Favorite Character Picker
Based on the universal picker code developed by Bathkame, this is a quick and easy way to order your favorite characters by picking between which of a pair you like the most.
Favorite Song Picker
Based on Butterfree's Favorite Pokémon Picker code, this is a quick and easy way to sort your favorite songs in the franchise- without having to do a million 1v1 matchups like you would for the character picker!