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Road to Legend Winning Manifestos

In July and August of 2022, short (between 1-3 minutes each) videos were released with audio of each unit's leader talking about their philosophy and intentions for if they were to win Road to Legend. These were split into the FATE groups (BAE, AMPRULE, The Cat's Whiskers, and 1Nm8) and the RAGE groups (cozmez, VISTY, Akan Yatsura, and GokuLuck).
These manifestos have been translated and transcribed here!

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Hey there, all of you heads! What's up? This is SUZAKU from BAE. Whenever I think about the battle coming up, I get so excited I can't stop shaking. I mean, the winner gets to organize a Paradox Live, you know? I can't keep it all to myself, so I thought it'd be a good idea to put my feelings right now on the record.

If BAE were given the chance to organize a Paradox Live, I can imagine doing so many things! Like creating a hip-hop city like Buraikan did ten years ago, and hosting a festival the likes of which nobody has ever seen before! If BAE are able to become as legendary as Buraikan, our names would be carved into history!

As BAE, our goal has always been to show the world who we are through our music. We want to make it a reality, no matter what. We want to expand the entire hip-hop scene, not just spread our own name and glory. We want to show the world our cool sides and the things in our lives that we love, through our hiphop. We think that maybe if we can do that, we could make the world a better place. That's what we're aiming to do, and why we came here to win. It slipped through our fingers last time, but I'm not going to let that chance get away from us again. That's why we need all of our heads' support. We want to take the top and bask in the glory with everyone. So: please give us your support!

The Cat's Whiskers

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Good afternoon, everyone. The Road to Legend battle will be beginning very soon, but I would like to take this chance to tell you once again, through this recording, what our beliefs are.

We plan to win this event. The focal point around, which we have established ourselves in the music community, and with Phantom Lives... is a little difficult to describe in just a few words, but I will do my best to put it simply. We seek to create a place for wayward souls.

As TCW, we continue to believe that music brings people together. Up to the present day, both I and the other members of this group have been inspired by our connection to music. Yohei, Shiki, and Ryu... All of us were able to meet and become a family because of a song that led us to one another. This brought meaning and color to my life, and made it all the richer. I want the entire world to be able to experience the wonderful connections that can be woven by music. Just the same as you would walk into Bar 4/7, you can meet new people, you can talk, and expand your friend group and your horizons... I would like to think CLUB Paradox could be something like that. As long as we believe in that as our motivation to strive forward in the competition, the flames in our hearts will continue to burn bright, and it will drive us to keep taking steps forward.

Yohei and I still remember seeing Buraikan ten years ago, as if it's the afterimage of staring at the sun burned into our eyes. If TCW were able to burn as bright as Buraikan did then... just imagining it makes me feel giddy like a child. I would never have thought I would say something like this on the eve of battle.
We'll seize this victory, and I will keep my word to create a place for those lost souls. I'd drink to that. See you in the future.


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Victory is ours. We've already won once before, so there's no point wasting my breath on talking about it.

We're going to keep winning, and the world will know how strong cozmez are. Everyone's talking about how you'll be able to be in charge of the Paradox Live if you win, but if we were to make it ours... we'd hold more concerts. Nayuta and I used hiphop to make it this far. Our music was our secret weapon against this shitty world. I don't really know what other people have going on, but I'm sure there's other people out there who are going through similar stuff to what we did. I want to see more people rise up. We'll use the money we've made to give people living in poverty a fair shot. Where you were born, and how you were raised... you can turn that all on its head with hiphop. We'll make a better world. That's the least we can do.

It'll all be ours.

Akan Yatsura

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Yo! Are all y'all in good spirits?

Sounds like the winner's gonna take control of CLUB Paradox, which seems to me like it'd be good for business. So, here's our proposal: if Akan Yatsura take the top in Road to Legend, then CLUB Paradox is gonna be a home for our Akan Yatsura family. I'm sure you already know by now that we're not related by blood or anything of the sort; our iron-clad bond as a group has been forged by music.

There's other people in the world who don't have a place to go. People who don't know what to do with themselves, or have nobody to turn to when they gotta cry. Everyone's got their own shit to deal with. We want to make a home for that kind'a people to come back to. A place to immerse yourself in music, make some connections, relax to your heart's content... don't sound half bad, does it? It'd make the hip hop scene and the world at large a more interesting place to be! If everyone could be in high spirits, there's nothing to complain about, yeah?

And this time, we'll get our shit in order and make the Suiseki clan even bigger. That's what the old man was tryin' to do... whatever I say I'm gonna do, I follow through on it. We're gonna bring you along as our sixth men. Ain't nothin' else to it.


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Hello to all of our Stellas! It's me, VISTY's big brother, Shogo!

Before we head into our first Road to Legend battle round, I wanted to record this to make our mission clear. If we win this competition, we plan to set up an office to operate our own agency. Ever since we became idols, we've always had things we could stand to improve upon. It's all thanks to your support that we've been able to make it as far as we have. That's why we want to win, to show off what we can really do!

To be totally honest, if we win, we intend to make CLUB Paradox our home base. If that comes true, we'd hold festivals and events at CLUB Paradox, and we could even do fan meetings and the like! We'd even like to eventually organize auditions. We want to make a wonderful place for people who love idols, and to help sponsor and promote new and upcoming artists. ... I know that we've got our work cut out for us, but we're going to prove we really have what it takes to make it in this competition. To all of our Stellas: please keep cheering us on!


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This is lil EMPERA of AMPRULE speaking. Listen well; let this serve as a proclamation to all of you worms before we march into battle.

The state of the world troubles me. All of the lowly worms these days lack any sense of courtesy or refinement and allow themselves to get swept up in passing societal fads. It's as though they don't have any will of their own. If victory should be bestowed upon me, I will give all of the lowly worms a proper education, until you are worthy of listening to AMPRULE's music.

In the pursuit of raising your cultural standards, all of you worms will learn proper table manners, participate in afternoon tea, and adhere to the preordained dress codes necessary to participate in grand live events held at CLUB Paradox. With that done, don't you agree it would be preferable for CLUB Paradox to be remodeled and repurposed for exclusive VIP use for live concerts? It could become a dominant force not just economically, but in the landscape of the entertainment world as well. This will be the new standard that AMPRULE -- that I -- will codify. I will not permit anything unruly or vile to exist in my world.

The entire world will be dyed by the overwhelming virtue, refiniement, and grace that I have hand-selected. You worms don't need to say anything further. Just follow my lead.


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Hello. As 1Nm8, we intend to win the Paradox Live and abolish the use of phantometal. Phantometal has adverse effects on the mind and body of those who use it. In fact, just within our own number: Rokuta has memory loss, and Itsuki cannot express emotion. It's so regretable... why do innocent people have to be at the mercy of something as harmful as phantometal? It should never have been allowed to happen. If it weren't for the phantometal, Rokuta would know who I... ...

There are many people in the world who are victims of phantometal. We intend to take the stage in this tournament as a team seeking to help those people. We have to win, because we don't want anyone else to go through what we have. We want our rap music to be beautiful, and genuine. If we are given control of CLUB Paradox, our first act would be to ban phantometal. I think many people would come together and approve of this change. The world has no need for music that brings people down. Let's purify the world of hip-hop together.


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[taking a drag of a cigarette]


Hey. Listen up. GokuLuck are going to be the ones who stand at the top. Take that as a declaration of war.

The world cast us away because we don't fit in neatly with those around us. We remember every moment of resentment that's been flung at us. Those fuckers throw the word "normal" around just to exclude us from it; GokuLuck exists to make them eat their words. We're not doing this for fun. We're taking up the mic to cast away our chains in this dog-eat-dog world. There's a lot of motherfuckers who'll dismiss us as nothing but society's garbage, but if we seize this opportunity and crush the opposition, we'll use our winnings to benefit people like us. So that the bastards who have been hated, violated, and cast away can live a little more freely.

We'll show those assholes how strong we can be. We'll hit them hard with our music, and break away from it all as we take the victory. We'll overthrow their entire world with our voices and our music.

You'll face consequences if you vote for anyone else. Got it?