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ANTHEM - Part 5

Haruomi: Paradox Live -Road to Legend-.
Chisei: The birth of a new legend!
[sfx: Various characters reacting with mild surprise]
Haruomi: Once more, we here present the victors.
Chisei: The winners are right over here!
[sfx: Road to Legend cutting out, CH△MP1ON bg cutting in, spotlights turning on]
Allen: --!
Haruomi: If you'd like to say a few words.
Allen: ...!
Chisei: Come on up, hurry now.
Allen: Y-yes!!
[sfx: footsteps]
Chisei: Congratulations, BAE.
Haruomi: The crown belongs to you.
Chisei: Heh. What a surprise. You just came right out the gate from the start and declared you'd be the champions. Can't believe you'd make such a claim so frivolously.
Allen: Eh-- uh, eh--
Chisei: [laughs] Don't make that face. I'm congratulating you. It's about that strong will and desire to win at any cost. You found that something you were missing, huh?
Haruomi: But at the same time, we could also feel the respect you had for the opponents you went up against. A field of vision that encompasses the entirety of Phantom Lives is necessary to become the champions.
Chisei: It's important to have that passion, huh?
Allen: Y-yes!
Haruomi: You were unafraid to evolve and to change, to change your style of music from one song to the next; your lyrics served as affirmation of who you are-- you believed in that, and you made it through. You put on a fantastic stage where music and soul become one entity.
Chisei: You really made an impact, didn't 'ya!
Allen: Uh-- um...
Anne: Come on, Allen. You've gotta stay on the ball! This is supposed to be an interview with the winners!
Allen: But! This is Buraikan! That Buraikan! They're giving me compliments, oh my g--
Hajun: Thank you very much. Compliments from two legends such as yourself are very much appreciated. We are very honored. ... however, BAE are not content to merely stop here and be satisfied with this.
Allen: W-- Hajun!
Hajun: Am I wrong? Allen, you weren't saying anything, so I merely spoke on your behalf.
Allen: Y-you're not wrong, but...
Anne: So, then, go ahead, say what you wanna say.
Allen: Um... ... first of all, thank you to everyone here. We all have different styles and different attitudes, but we all share the same passion for performing and for music. We set our souls on fire to create our own sounds. We convey the things we want, our anger, our hopes, our principles, and our love through music. It's how we overcome the people we used to be.
Anne: ...
Allen: ... you know it when you hear it. I can feel everyone's vibes. It's what keeps me going. It's what says not to give in, to be strong, to keep doing more. All of you have that power. So... we've fought our way to this point. It's thanks to all of you. And to all of the Heads, for all of their support. Because there's someone out there who thinks that BAE's music is good. That's what makes me... that's what makes us stronger.
Hajun: Allen...
Allen: That's right, isn't it, Hajun?
Hajun: Heh. It certainly is. It is thanks to all of your support that we are standing here now. You have my most heartfelt thanks.
Anne: All of the Heads... accepted me for who I am. That's why I can be my fabulous true self, here and now. ... Thank you.
Allen: BAE is going to keep showing the world who we are through our music. We won't stop evolving. We'll get there before anyone else, faster than anyone else. And one day...
Haruomi: You will surpass us?
Allen: Yes!
Chisei: No take-backsies. You've got that real sparkle in your eyes. What do you think, Haruomi?
Haruomi: Mm.
Chisei: Well, for our part, we're not gonna be able to retire just yet, huh?
Haruomi: Who said anything about retiring?
Chisei: Oh? And here I was thinking you were gonna go back to being a regular old ramen shop guy.
Haruomi: Would I be able to? Look out at the floor.
Chisei: Ooh, how scary.
Haruomi: It's not just BAE. Everyone here is willing to pick a fight with us. Why would I want to stop doing something so entertaining?
Chisei: Right?
Haruomi: Mm.
Chisei: Now that's what I'm talking about. Now all of you, are you ready for this!?
Haruomi: The crown only means anything for as long as you can keep it on your own head.
Chisei: And take it from us, that's easier said than done. If you're willing to take that on, then speak up. You're gonna be walking a thorny path, wielding your own sound as a weapon, wounded and bleeding all the way. If you can brave that...
Haruomi: Then you'll find the greatest music waiting for you there. So. Who's going to be the first to see the view from the top?
Allen: It's going to be us!
Anne: As expected!
Hajun: Naturally.
Kanata: Hah? What kind of bullshit is that!? It's gonna be us.
Nayuta: Don't get cocky. Kanata and I are the greatest. We'll prove it to you.
Yuto: Ah-- um! Sorry, but, may I nominate us as a candidate--
Kenta: Don't try getting involved now, you spineless stuffed-shirt!!
Yuto: Yes, my apologies...
Ryoga: We're gonna eat you alive.
Shion: [sigh] Well, I guess it's fine.
Iori: Well! This is gettin' real fun now, ain't it? 'Course, this game's gonna be Akan Yatsura's for the takin'. Ain't it, Zen?
Zen: Yes! Akan Yatsura are going to take number one in this competition!
Hokusai: I'll protect my family. We'll get you back.
Satsuki: Oi! This is gonna be a good one!
Reo: Of course, we're gonna be the best this time~
Saimon: [chuckles] And what about this family, Yohei?
Yohei: It goes without saying.
Saimon: Music is what connects people to each other. TCW's dream isn't over yet.
Ryu: Yahoo! Ryu-kun reporting for duty!!
Shiki: Me, too... I'll fight too.
Dongha: Hmph! Who's afraid of a path full of thorns? I'll be the one to reign over the new world. With AMPRULE! Isn't that right, Chungsung?
Chungsung: Indeed.
Kei: 1Nm8 will change the world with our music. We'll make a gentler, more beautiful world.
Itsuki: I will be accompanying you on that journey.
Rokuta: Me too! 'Cause I think Kei-chan's music is the nicest and prettiest thing in the world!
Toma: What do you think, Shogo? I dunno about you, but it seems like everyone's getting hyped.
Shogo: We can't lose either. I'm determined.
Kantaro: We wouldn't have left the agency if we weren't ready to do it, yeah?
Aoi: That's true. We already made our decision to go down that thorny path.
Toma: Well, then it sounds like we've got no choice but to set our sights on the top!
VISTY: [laugh]
Allen: Alright! Hajun! Anne! I wanna start working on a new song!
Hajun: All of a sudden?
Allen: Yeah! I can just feel a bolt of inspiration right now! Hmm...
Anne: He's a dangerous one.
Hajun: I do not like the look he's giving that tablecloth.
Anne: Allen!
Allen: Huh?
Anne: Let's focus on the party for tonight, okay? So none of that! I'm enacting a songwriting ban.
Allen: Uh... ahaha!
Hajun: Let's exchange that pen for a round of celebratory drinks. Here you go.
Allen: Yeah! Thanks!
Anne: Well, then! Here's to BAE's victory!
Hajun: To us.
Allen: To music!
BAE: Cheers!
Everyone: Cheers!
[overlapping chatter]

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