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Characters In Order

A page to house, at a glance, quick character comparisons-- ages, birthdays, heights, etc.! I find myself wanting this information all in one place with remarkable frequency, so hopefully someone else will get some use out of it.

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Characters By Age
14 Years Old Dongha
15 Years Old Kenta
16 Years Old Aoi
17 Years Old Shiki, Reo, Kantaro, Itsuki, Rokuta
?? Years Old Ryu
19 Years Old Kanata, Nayuta, Satsuki, Kei
20 Years Old Anne, Shogo
21 Years Old Allen, Hajun, Toma
22 Years Old Shion
23 Years Old Ryoga
24 Years Old Hokusai
27 Years Old Zen
28 Years Old Yohei, Iori, Chungsung
32 Years Old Yuto
34 Years Old Saimon
36 Years Old Haruomi
28/38 Years Old Chisei*
*Chisei's age is not listed on the website. A piece of official merchandise gives his age as 28; for various reasons, this is assumed to be a fake number. See this page for more information.
Character Birthdays (In Order)
January 1 Zen
January 15 Itsuki
January 31 Kei
February 7 Chungsung
February 14 Kantaro
March 3 Hokusai
March 20 Kenta
April 1 Ryu
April 8 Hajun
April 19 Aoi
May 2 Iori
May 15 Satsuki
May 28 Ryoga
June 12 Anne
June 21 Chisei
July 21 Reo
August 8 Shiki
August 12 Yuto
August 20 Shogo
August 28 Yohei
September 9 Haruomi
September 18 Saimon
October 1 Allen
October 10 Rokuta
November 11 Shion
November 26 Toma
December 7 Dongha
December 24 Kanata & Nayuta
Characters By Height
157cm (~5'2") Dongha
160cm (~5'3") Kantaro
162cm (~5'4") Reo
163cm (~5'4") Nayuta
165cm (~5'5") Kanata*
166cm (~5'5") Shiki
170cm (~5'7") Satsuki*, Aoi, Yuto
172cm (~5'8") Kenta
???**cm (~5'8") Ryu
175cm (~5'9") Anne, Iori, Itsuki
176cm (~5'9") Yohei
177cm (~5'10") Kei
178cm (~5'10") Allen, Chisei, Toma
180cm (~5'11") Haruomi, Shogo, Shion
182cm (~6'0") Rokuta
183cm (~6'0") Saimon
185cm (~6'1") Hajun, Chungsung
188cm (~6'2") Zen
193cm (~6'4") Hokusai
195cm (~6'5") Ryoga
Heights in imperial units are (hopefully obviously) approximate.
*Publicly, implied to be an exaggeration for the sake of ego.
**A piece of flavor text at a popup shop exhibition in 2022 indicates Ryu is 173cm tall, hence his placement here.
Characters By Blood Type
Characters in Japanese media often have their blood type listed; the belief that blood type and personality are correlated is a popular superstition, not unlike star signs. This is generally hokum and doesn't really mean anything (and uh, is often touted by eugenicists, so that's not great), but for the sake of curiosity, I've grouped them up here!
Fun(?) fact: most Japanese people's blood (an estimated 99% of the population) is Rh+, meaning that there is generally no distinguishing between a positive and negative blood type, so all characters can be assumed to be (type)+.

Type A Zen, Satsuki, Haruomi, Shogo, Toma, Aoi, Itsuki
Type B Kanata, Nayuta, Reo, Dongha, Ryoga
Type AB Allen, Hajun, Shiki, Iori, Hokusai, Chisei, Chungsung, Kei, Yuto, Kenta
Type O Yohei, Kantaro, Rokuta, Shion
??? Ryu