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4th Anniversary YouTube Community Heads Meeting

As one of the campaigns for the fourth anniversary, "heads meetings" were held via YouTube Communities, with two characters at a time responding to fan comments, either directly or by taking prompts for what to talk about. Because of the nature of how they are archived, it's way too much of a pain to timestamp these, so the character interactions are front-loaded, with any fan comments below. (You'll get it, don't worry.)

Day 1 Saimon & Yohei, Shogo & Toma, Kei & Itsuki
Day 2 Kenta & Yuto, Anne & Aoi
Day 3 Kanata & Nayuta, Hokusai & Shion, Iori & Yohei
Day 4 Kenta & Reo, Ryu & Rokuta, Dongha & Hajun
Day 5 Satsuki & Zen, Shiki & Nayuta
Day 6 Chungsung & Allen, Shion & Ryoga, Kantaro & Aoi
Day 7 Anne & Saimon, Haruomi & Chisei

Day 1 (Nov 19)Day 2 (Nov 20)Day 3 (Nov 21)Day 4 (Nov 22)Day 5 (Nov 23)Day 6 (Nov 24)Day 7 (Nov 25)