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Anthem Pickup Voice Trailers

Starting February 10th, 2024, as part of the leadup to ANTHEM's release, short original voice trailers featuring several characters and original dialogue were posted to help recap fans on some important relationships that featured in the Road to Legend dramas. You'll find my translations of them here!

Hajun & DonghaRyu & 1Nm8Zen & YutoSatsuki & Ryoga

Hajun & Dongha

Hajun: Yeon Dongha is my half-brother.
Dongha: The true heir to the Yeon bloodline.
Hajun: I was exiled to Japan--
Dongha: Victory is my birthright.
Hajun: And he is the one who caused it.
Dongha: That's who I am. And yet, there's still one thing missing that keeps me from being perfect.
Hajun: Beating me. That's the entire reason you decided to take up doing phantom lives, no?
Dongha: I'll lay waste to everything you love! I'll be sure to remind you just how vast the difference between us is!
Hajun: Well, then shall we settle this on stage?

Ryu & 1Nm8

Rokuta: I wonder if Zero is happy now.
Kei: The Alter Trigger company--
Itsuki: How did it seem to you, Rokuta?
Kei: -- gathered children without families--
Ryu: Ryu-kun is...
Kei: And continued their experiments with the metal in secret.
Ryu: The same as everyone else.
Itsuki: From here on out, we have no choice but to keep living like this.
Rokuta: If the two of us work together, I'm sure we can do anything.
Ryu: ... there's no one left. I wonder where everyone went.
Rokuta: Everything about the outside world is so new!
Itsuki: We're no longer being controlled by somebody else.
Ryu: I wonder who Ryu-kun really is after all? AHAHAHA!

Zen & Yuto

Zen: Inukai Yuto is a former colleague of mine from my days in the police force. He was my partner.
Yuto: Gaho-kun! It's a pleasure to run into you here.
Zen: Somewhere inside of him is... the person who attacked me.
Yuto: In my dreams I'm like a whole different, violent person. It's like I'm beating up somebody very important to me.
Zen: My betrayal was the thing that caused him to snap.
Yuto: This time I'm going to kill him. I'll make him pay the price for betrayal.
Zen: I'm not going to lose to you.

Satsuki & Ryoga

Ryoga: I was the one who started that fight. You were the one who took the fall for it. Just because my mom was sick.
Satsuki: Well, my parents had already given up on me.
Ryoga: You got me a second chance, and I blew it.
Satsuki: Just let me hit you one time.
Ryoga: I'm so angry I can't see anything else through it.
Satsuki: Rap's the only thing we need to vent our anger.