Trauma Button A Paradox Live Fansite
Trauma Button at Phanto.MOE is a fansite for Paradox Live, the anime-styled hip hop franchise created by Gcrest and published by Avex Records. It is run by Jakkal, and features lots of translation work done by Jakkal and his cool friend Carpfish. It is meant to help make getting into and keeping track of this scattershot franchise a little more stable and approachable, using the old-school format of a mid-2000s fansite.

This site is strictly fan-run and unofficial and has no affiliation with Avex or Gcrest, nor any other translation groups.

Please make sure you keep my Terms of Use for my translation work in mind!

03.01.2024 - Changelog
Time for a front-page refresh! Moved all January-February updates to the Old Updates page, and the Twitter archive for February is now up.

Also did some tweaking and recoding of the gallery page (again), so now it allows for multiple filters to be applied at once. Fancy.

I will be doing translations of the ANTHEM songs once they go up! But I'mma be real with you, dawg, there's not really a chance in hell that I'm going to translate the last run of anime-excusive songs any time soon, on virtue of the fact that I prefer thinking about things that don't make me angry. Never say never, but chances are grim for the time being.