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Trauma Button at Phanto.MOE is a fansite for Paradox Live, the anime-styled hip hop franchise created by Gcrest and published by Avex Records. It is run by Jakkal, and features lots of translation work done by Jakkal and his cool friend Carpfish. It is meant to help make getting into and keeping track of this scattershot franchise a little more stable and approachable, using the old-school format of a mid-2000s fansite.

This site is strictly fan-run and unofficial and has no affiliation with Avex or Gcrest, nor any other translation groups.

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07.18.2024 - Changelog
The new SWANK visual featuring Anne and Zen has been added to the gallery, and I've updated the SWANK page to (overdue-ly) include both this and the previous line.
07.01.2024 - Changelog
New month means a new Twitter archive!
I've also added a page for the brief phantom illustration campaign they've been posting over the past couple days on Twitter; see the first section on the "Other Translations" page for that!
Dreamin' 24, from BAE's album, also has had a translation uploaded.
06.26.2024 - Changelog
All of the new phantom illustrations are in the gallery, and two of the new songs from the BAE album (ROCKETEEEERS and Before Anyone Else) have had translations added! The other two songs are soon to follow.
06.17.2024 - Changelog
Just general upkeep; Anne's birthday mini-drama was added to the 2024 birthday page, and I've added the new composited versions of the phantom illustrations (so far only BAE and TCW, but you can count on the others to go up when they're posted) to the gallery! When the new groups get their phantom art posted, those will of course follow.
06.01.2024 - Changelog
A new month means that all of May's tweets are up on the social media index! This includes all tweets that I missed while I was on vacation. Also, the new twitter follower milestown art is now in the gallery.
Old updates have been shuffled off to the Past Updates page!

Also, a translation for the new BAE song dropped today (Vroom×3) has been added to the song translations, and the music page has been updated to reflect its MV release and creator credits.