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Trauma Button at Phanto.MOE is a fansite for Paradox Live, the anime-styled hip hop franchise created by Gcrest and Avex Records. It is run by Jakkal, and features lots of translation work done by Jakkal and his cool friend Carpfish. It is meant to help make getting into and keeping track of this scattershot franchise a little more stable and approachable, using the old-school format of a mid-2000s fansite.

This site is strictly fan-run and unofficial and has no affiliation with Avex or Gcrest, nor any other translation groups.

Please make sure you keep my Terms of Use for my translation work in mind!

11.26.2023 - Changelog
All seven days of the community Heads Meeting threads have been translated, I've translated the TV-size of Fadeaway, my translation of RISE UP is now full-song, I've finally updated the anime episodes page to reflect all episodes up to present, and I've added both the special illustration from episode 7 and Toma's birthday art to the gallery. Whoof!
11.22.2023 - Changelog
Up to date (up through day 4) on the community heads meeting threads, and also updated my TL of FLY HIGH!!! to be the full version of the song! I need to update the anime episode listing, and that -- together with updating RISE UP and doing the short version of Fadeaway -- is my next priority!
11.20.2023 - Changelog
Have started on the YouTube Communities Heads Meeting comment threads! You can find them under Other Translations, or right here!
11.15.2023 - Changelog
All anniversary commemoration art has been added to the gallery! Sorry about slow updates, I've been really busy IRL, but hopefully things will start clearing up in a few weeks and I can really buckle down on catching up.
11.11.2023 - Changelog
1Nm8's anniversary art and Shion's birthday art have been added to the gallery!
11.10.2023 - Changelog
Anniversary 4 art up through today (Akan Yatsura) is up in the gallery!
11.05.2023 - Changelog
Whoops, sorry about the late update! Sorry, life's been really hectic for me on top of all of the stuff going on with this franchise, so I forgot to type my changelog updates.
The October twitter archives have been up for a few days, and the special birthday merch listing has been updated with Allen, Rokuta, and Saimon's items. Additionally, I've added the new full-cast anime KV to the gallery!
I assume I'll have my work cut out for me in a couple hours when the anniversary proper hits, so stay tuned for that, haha.