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Trauma Button at Phanto.MOE is a fansite for Paradox Live, the anime-styled hip hop franchise created by Gcrest and published by Avex Records. It is run by Jakkal, and features lots of translation work done by Jakkal and his cool friend Carpfish. It is meant to help make getting into and keeping track of this scattershot franchise a little more stable and approachable, using the old-school format of a mid-2000s fansite.

This site is strictly fan-run and unofficial and has no affiliation with Avex or Gcrest, nor any other translation groups.

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05.28.2024 - Changelog
Ryoga's birthday voice message has been added to the 2024 birthday page!
05.23.2024 - Changelog
The birthday mini-dramas (Iori and Satsuki) that I'd missed while I was on vacation are now up on the BD 2024 voice messages page, and the April 2024 tweets are up as well! I'll probably spruce up the concerts page in the near future to account for information from DS24, but since we know so little about the two-man show project right now I'm not going to worry too much about it, haha. I'm also not 100% on what I want to do for the seasonal show stuff, since I don't really do "news" here on this site, but it feels important enough that I should probably mention it...? I'm unsure.

There's some other stuff I probably need to get to, so if you can think of anything I've missed and that I should get around to, feel free to drop me a line on a Twitter or via Retrospring!

05.21.2024 - Changelog
As you may have noticed, I've been AFK for a while! I was on vacation IRL and frankly this site was not my priority while I was out of the country, but I do want to reassure everyone who may be checking here (who doesn't check my TL twitter) that everything is alright! I'm back home now and once I rest up, I will resume working on Paralive content.
I will be getting to the backlog of content (tweets, birthday mini-dramas, general news updates) in the next couple of days, so look forward to it!
04.22.2024 - Changelog
Whoops, haven't updated the changelog in a second! Both birthday mini-dramas that have been uploaded since last update (Hajun and Aoi) have been added, and the new SWANK visuals are in the gallery.
04.05.2024 - Changelog
Added the new artwork for the BAE solo CD to the gallery (and CD listing) page, and also added some translations and images from the fanbooks featuring back artwork and design notes! You can find those under the "Fanbook Outfit Details" page listed on "Other Translations".
04.01.2024 - Changelog
New month means all of last month's updates are on the Past Updates page and the March twitter archive is now up!

Today's additions are Ryu's birthday mini voice drama and a page for this year's April Fools' joke, Paraneko! You'll find a link to both the birthday mini-dramas and the April Fools' page on the "other translations" page! There are a few things I still need to finish up for the Paraneko page but it should be done pretty quick.