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Timeline of Events

This is my non-canon best guess at the timeline of Paradox Live. There are some things that I have to take my best guess at, and things that are ambiguous at present; I have placed these roughly where I figure they might be. These incidents are displayed with a darker background and are generally noted as Exact Timeline Unknown.
This timeline assumes that the first opening show CDs are "the present" and move forward from then.
38 Years Ago
Kuzuryu Chisei born June 21
36 Years Ago
Shingu Haruomi born September 9
34 Years Ago
Saimon Naoakira born September 18
32 Years Ago
Inukai Yuto born August 12
28 Years Ago
Baek Chungsung born February 7
[???] Iori born May 2
Kanbayashi Yohei born August 28
27 Years Ago
Gaho Zen born January 1 to a family of rakugo performers
26 Years Ago
Yuto's (age 6) parents pass away in an accident, and he is taken in by a relative
24 Years Ago
Masaki Hokusai born March 3
Haruomi (age 12) is introduced to hiphop
23 Years Ago
Tosa Ryoga born May 28
22 Years Ago
Kaida Shion born November 11
21 Years Ago
Yeon Hajun born April 8
Sugasano Allen born October 1
Hikage Toma born November 26
Hokusai's (age 3) father is imprisoned for murder
20 Years Ago
Anjin (Anne) Faulkner born June 12
Yamato Shogo born August 20
Haruomi (age 16) debuts as a trackmaker
19 Years Ago
Miyama Kei born January 31
Ito Satsuki born May 15
Yatonokami Kanata and Nayuta are born December 24th and are raised by an abusive mother
Chisei (age 19) debuts as a professional basketball player
Exact Timeline Unknown
Natsume Ryu born somewhere around this time?
18 Years Ago:
Allen (Age 3) begins receiving education for musically-gifted children
17 Years Ago
Itsuki born January 15
Misuji Kantaro born February 14
Maruyama Reo born July 21, and grows up with hiphop thanks to his father's influence
Ando Shiki born August 8
Miyama Rokuta born October 10
Shion (age 5) is abandoned on the front step of an orphanage
16 Years Ago
Kureha Aoi born April 19
Chisei (age 22) retires from basketball and takes up an interest in hiphop
Haruomi's (age 20) father commits suicide, and Haruomi withdraws from trackmaking
Kei (age 3) and Rokuta (age 1) are placed in an orphanage
Exact Timeline Unknown
Yohei spends some amount of time in his youth institutionalized before being picked up by the Suiseki
15 Years Ago
Mikoshiba Kenta born March 20
Kanata and Nayuta (age 4) are taken away from their mother and placed in a facility
Toma (age 5) suffers severe burns on his face
Ryoga (age 8) begins to be bullied for being a poor talker
Shion (age 7) is sold off to a freak show for money
14 Years Ago
Yeon Dongha born December 7; he is raised in a separate house from Hajun
Shiki's (age 3) parents die protecting him in an accident and he is placed in a facility
Iori (age 14) enlists with the Suiksei
Chisei (age 24) and Haruomi (age 22) form Buraikan
Toma's (age 6) parents divorce
Yuto (age 18) graduates from high school and becomes a military mercenary; he is sent overseas
13 Years Ago
Anne (age 7) first develops an interest in clothing
Saimon (age 21) graduates from university one year early and enters graduate school
Yohei (age 15) graduates from junior high, enlists with the Suiseki
Kantaro (age 4) is left in the care of his grandparents in the countryside when his parents are stationed overseas for work
Ryoga (age 10) puts an older kid in the hospital
12 Years Ago
Kanata and Nayuta (age 7) run away from the facility
Aoi (age 4) first begins to admire princes
Itsuki (age 5) is brought to an Alter Trigger facility as a metal test subject
Yuto (age 20) retires from the military and returns to Japan
Shion (age 10) runs away from the freak show and lives in the slums on the street
11 Years Ago
Saimon (age 23) meets Yohei (age 17) and they form XXXX following a Buraikan concert
Iori (age 17) inherits the name Suiseki from the old man
Hokusai faces relentless harassment due to his father's crimes
Chisei (age 27) and Haruomi (age 25) obtain their phantometals
Yuto (age 21) enrolls with a police academy and joins the police force
10 Years Ago
Phantom Lives experience a boom in popularity
Saimon (age 24) and Tsubaki are married
Iori (age 18) graduates highschool and begins overseeing the operation of CANDY
Hokusai's (age 14) mother commits suicide and he is placed in a children's home
Shogo (age 10) makes his show business debut
Ryoga (age 13) begins to command fear and respect for his fighting skill and strength
Exact Timeline Unknown
Haruomi intervenes with Chisei's acute metal erosion
9 Years Ago
Buraikan retire from the public eye and CLUB Paradox disappears
Tsubaki passes away and XXXX disband
Yohei (age 19) has a chance meeting with Ryu (age ???) outside of the hospital, and becomes barmaster of Bar 4/8
Kanata and Nayuta (age 10) begin doing hiphop
Zen (age 18) joins the police force
Hokusai (age 15) is unable to make friends and begins befriending animals
Haruomi (age 27) inherits his family's ramen shop, Raimentei
Kei (age 10) and Rokuta (age 8) learn piano from the staff at the orphanage
8 Years Ago:
Allen (age 13) discovers an interest in hiphop
Hajun (age 13) is sent to Japan alone
Shiki (age 9) falls in love with taking care of plants
Zen (age 19) begins working out
Satsuki's (age 11) home life becomes complicated
Shogo (age 12) is labelled a "second generation talent"
Yuto (age 24) is partnered up with Zen (age 19)
7 Years Ago
Saimon (age 27) and Yohei (age 21) reuinite
Kanata and Nayuta (age 12) win their first prize money
Reo's (age 10) mother vanishes, and his father's debauchery gets worse
Toma (age 14) falls in love with idols
Rokuta (age 10) goes missing, kidnapped by Alter Trigger; he meets Itsuki (age 10) when they share a room at the Alter Trigger facility
Dongha (age 7) has first direct encounter with Hajun (age 14)
Exact Timeline Unknown
Ryu escapes the Alter Trigger facility with help from onii-san
6 Years Ago:
Allen (age 15) and Hajun (age 15) meet
Saimon (age 28) and Yohei (age 22) begin rapping again
Zen (age 21) infiltrates the Suiseki as part of an undercover investigation
Hokusai (age 18) is homeless and gets picked up by Iori (age 22)
Ryoga (age 17) begins hanging out with Satsuki (age 13)
Shion starts going to clubs and takes up an interest in hiphop
5 Years Ago:
Allen's parents burn his records and Allen (age 16) moves in with Hajun (age 16)
Anne's (age 15) parents divorce
Satsuki (age 14) takes the fall for Ryoga (age 18) for a fight, and is sent to a juvenile detention hall in the stead of Ryoga going to jail, because Ryoga's mother's health is beginning to decline
Reo's (age 12) father vanishes, leaving only his debt behind
Shogo (age 15) wins an award for his performance in a movie, but having his success attributed to his father's influence leads him to retire from acting
Toma (age 16) begins working part-time jobs to save up for cosmetic surgery
Shion (age 17) begins making money by gambling and cash prizes in hiphop events
4 Years Ago:
Anne (age 16) moves to Japan, meets Allen (age 17) and Hajun (age 17)
Shiki (age 13) meets Nayuta (age 15)
Zen (age 23) leaves the police force to join the Suiseki, and is violently beaten by Yuto (age 28)
Satsuki (age 15) is released from juvenile detention but has no home to return to, and gets into many fights
Haruomi (age 32) opens Raimentei in its current form
Kantaro (age 13) enters a training school to become an idol, but ends up dropping out
Dongha (age 10) becomes aware that everyone around his is comparing him to Hajun
Ryoga's (age 19) mother passes away, and he becomes a gunman for a gang
3 Years Ago:
Allen (age 18) and Hajun (age 18) enter university
Ryu (age ???) becomes attached to Yohei (age 25), leading to Yohei becoming Ryu's caretaker
Reo (age 14) is saved by Iori (age 25) and joins the Suiseki
Satsuki (age 16) joins the Suiseki
Toma (age 18) has cosmetic surgery
Toma, Shogo (age 17), Kantaro (age 14), and Kei (age 16) are scouted by a talent agency
Aoi's (age 13) relationship with his family begins to become strained
Alter Trigger's experiments intensify, leading to Itsuki (age 14) losing his emotions and Rokuta (age 14) losing his memory
Yuto (age 29) leaves the police force to become a prison guard
Ryoga (age 20) is arrested and imprisoned for large-scale gang violence
2 Years Ago
Anne (age 18) is admitted to university, leaves home, and begins working at CANDY
Nayuta (age 17) begins to experience metal erosion as a result of participating in metal trials, and attempts suicide
Saimon (age 32) becomes a college professor
Shiki (age 15) is picked up by Saimon and begins living at Bar 4/7, and enters high school
All but five members of the Suiseki are killed in a mass shooting
Aoi (age 14) is scouted by a talent agency
VISTY debut (Shogo age 18, Toma age 19, Aoi age 14, Kantaro age 15, Kei age 17)
Dongha (age 12) is shocked to learn that his father thinks more highly of Hajun than of him
Shion (age 20) is arrested for a stabbing incident and is sent to prison
1 Year Ago
Shiki (age 16) begins to get accustomed to Ryu
VISTY (Shogo age 19, Toma age 20, Aoi age 15, Kantaro age 16, Kei age 18) are at the peak of their popularity
Shogo's father passes away
This is purely speculation, but my current best guess is that round 1 takes place over a span of time spanning from approximately November to April/May, there is a time gap in between the rounds, and since then everything from RTL Opening Show onwards has taken place over a couple of months.
Opening Show
Club Paradox reopens; four groups are selected to participate in the Paradox Live
Kanata steals Allen's metal
Iori visits Bar 4/7 and begins to suspect that Ryu may have connections to Alter Trigger
BAE have a heart to heart after an altercation with The Cat's Whiskers
Kanata seeks the help of Akan Yatsura after Nayuta goes missing
Christmas Eve (Fan Book story)
cozmez celebrate their birthday
Springtime(?) (Fan Book stories)
Shiki's school sports festival day
BAE have an incident with Allen's notebook
Zen drinks Ryu's cocktail and pays the price
Exhibition Show
Hokusai, Satsuki, and Reo are tasked with investigating Ryu
Zen eats with Nayuta and Kanata at Raimentei, then notices that Nayuta's food is uneaten
Iori advises Hajun against getting involved with the shady doctor he's seeing for metal erosion
Shiki visits the building where he saw Nayuta jump to his death
Hajun collapses onstage from metal erosion
Kanata wins the Paradox Live, but realizes that he has been creating the Nayuta illusion all this time
Haruomi works behind the scenes to shut down Alter Trigger's involvement with the Paradox Live
Nayuta is released from the Alter Trigger facility at which he has been kept
The others decide the only way to get cozmez to participate in a congratulation party is kidnapping
Shuffle Team
Hijinx ensue
MEMORY Framing Device
The cast variously discuss and reminisce on past events following the events of LIVE but preceding the Buraikan vs. cozmez fight.
Exact Timeline Unclear
Buraikan vs cozmez; Buraikan win
Buraikan announce a second Paradox Live, theoretically free of Alter Trigger's interference
Some form of qualifying rounds are held, leading to the selection of four additional teams that will be participating in the Road to Legend in addition to the four teams from last round.
Exact Timeline Unclear
The shutdown of Alter Trigger facilities leads to the emancipation of Itsuki, Rokuta, and other former human experimentation subjects
Kei resigns from VISTY and reunites with Rokuta, meets Itsuki
Dongha and Chungsung come to Japan
GokuLuck is formed
Road to Legend Opening Show
Road to Legend Opening Show is held
Note that SHOWDOWN indicates that RAGE and FATE take place nearly-simultaneously
BAE are invited to an incredibly passive-aggressive dinner by Dongha
1nm8 approach The Cat's Whiskers to ask them to retire if they lose their stage battle
VISTY are threatened with disbandment if they do not show results in the Paradox Live and have encounter with cozmez
GokuLuck have encounters with Akan Yatsura while doing community service
1 day after the results of RAGE are made public, GokuLuck confront Yuto about why he's doing hiphop with them
~A few days after RAGE results, VISTY go on a driving tour
Less than one week after FATE results, Rokuta collapses from acute metal sickness, then Kei and Rokuta play street piano together. The song causes Rokuta remembers that Kei is his brother. The piano song is filmed and uploaded.
At some point after FATE results, Dongha returns to Korea to interface with his father
The video of Kei and Rokuta playing piano triggers a memory in Ryu, causing him to run away. Yohei and Anne retrieve him
Following a disastrous interview, Iori and Kanata discuss over pudding while Nayuta and the AKYR kids tail Zen as he discusses Yuto with an ex-colleague from the police force
GokuLuck are determined to be the winners of the consolation round.
VISTY discuss going independent from their agency if negotiations do not go well with their company president.
Dongha and Chungsung return to Korea. A last-minute meeting with Hajun inspires Dongha to negotiate with his father regarding AMPRULE's future.
Kei is unsure how to proceed after Itsuki and Rokuta both express a desire to continue doing Phantom Lives following 1Nm8's elimination from Road to Legend.
Anne receives a call from their mother in hospital.
cozmez argue over whether or not Kanata would quit music if anything were to happen to Nayuta.
GokuLuck are called in to meet with the prison district admin.
Buraikan host an afterparty for Road to Legend and celebrate BAE as the new champions.
What about social media?
Social media (twitter interactions etc) confuses the timeline and so is functionally ommitted.

We know that the CDs do not follow real time release schedules (the end of Exhibition show and the start of LOVE happen within minutes of each other; SHOWDOWN's dramas happen within days of the round 1 results and also implies that FATE and RAGE happened closer to each other in time than they did in real life). Not only is all Twitter-based time explicitly anachronistic (the series is set in the near future, not the present day!), but there are oddities such as the fact that the characters do not age in the main dramas despite celebrating their birthdays on social media.

As such, Twitter and Paradox Tribe are treated as generally canonical in terms of content (as in, what the characters reveal about themselves is assumed to be true) but as also as falling outside of the canonical timeline.