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Paralive Song Picker

A Paradox Live favorite song picker that operates using Butterfree's Favorite Pokemon Picker code so you don't have to do 50,000 1v1 matchups. (You'll still do some 1v1s, but significantly fewer.)

Pick your favorite(s) out of the array you are given and select "pick" (you can also double click/double tap if you are only choosing one song). Keep picking out of each batch, and eventually your faves will start coming up on the right/below. You can stop after a top 5/10/20/whatever, or continue sorting until you rank every song. You can check out some notes on how it works underneath the sorter, or read the actual creator's explanation on the original sorter at the link above.

There is no functionality for ties, but if you think something has gotten out of order in your results, you can drag and drop to manually rearrange the results.

Tracklist currently updated up through ANTHEM.

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