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Twitter Archive - June 2023

December 1, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 10:32 PM (22:32)
Toma asked for a few types of hand cream, so I ended up trying some myself too! There are so many types that it's kind of hard for one person to make a decision, lol. If any of you Stellas have a type you like or would recommend, please share! #ByeVISTY

December 2, 2023

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 6:51 PM (18:51)
It gets chilly once it gets dark, doesn't it? We've started offering a new menu at the bar, so please feel free to drop in. I recommend the cocktail made with ginger and dried apple. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, so don't hesitate to ask.

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 7:02 PM (19:02)
That freaking weirdo folded all of our duster cloths into origami cranes.

December 3, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🦋 It seems as though some places are already holding their Christmas markets. Just the thought of spending a wonderful Christmas with my princess is enough to make me happy. What sort of Christmas would my princess like to spend with me? #GoodVISTYMorning

December 4, 2023

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 6:14 PM (18:14)
I'm cold.

December 5, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 4:53 PM (16:53)
Are there seriously still dipshits out there trying to make a name for themselves by picking a fight with me? Ah, well, whatever, it's better than being some loser hater just whining on the internet.

December 6, 2023

Nayuta @czmznyt - 2:38 PM (14:38)
Found some clothes that would look good on Kanata. Bought them immediately.

December 7, 2023

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 1:51 AM (01:51)
Today is bocchama's birthday... everything for the celebration has been prepared, but I feel restless; I cannot keep my heart from dancing.

[Context: Dongha's birthday art was posted at 12:00 noon. Dongha's tweet that follows is a QRT of the picture.]

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 12:23 PM (12:23)
Secretly filming one's master is certainly a choice of hobby.

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 12:30 PM (12:30)
I simply intended to share bocchama's kinder side to all of the AMPRULE heads... but I recognize I so impudently made such a decision on my own. I can only humbly require to be disciplined like the pig that I am...
Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 12:36 PM (12:36)
Don't worry. You wouldn't have needed to ask.

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 12:42 PM (12:42)
What kind of future head of the Yeon family would I be if I could not even unite the lowliest worms beneath me? As such, I am naturally going to look over that which is sent to me.

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 12:51 PM (12:51)
Such that bocchama may have a splendid birthday, I will do my best to make this one even better than usual.

December 8, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 10:52 AM (10:52)
I stopped by a produce store on the way home from the gym and did a little shopping. It's the season for delicious napa cabbage! What kind of dish should I prepare with it tonight? Everyone, please let me know your suggestions!

December 9, 2023

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 5:41 PM (17:41)
Out of cigs. Pain in the ass

December 10, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 I'm awake, but I don't wanna get up yet~ 🥹🥹 Can I just laze around a little longer? Like, it's a day off, right?? Let's all go back to sleep together~! #GoodVISTYMorning

December 11, 2023

Toma @t0malikes2party - 1:32 PM (13:32)
Every day I get super hyped about my skincare advent calendar 🎄✨✨✨ It's so much fun getting to try out things I've never used before 🕺🕺🕺 I've been going to bed early because I always want to open the next day's ASAP, and my skin is loving it too~~~~!

December 12, 2023

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 12:58 AM (00:58)
Honey's been really sleepy lately 🧸 Maybe it's time to hibernate? 🧸🧸Maybe everyone will forget Honey exists if he hibernates 🧸🧸🧸

Allen @irepmyself - 12:11 PM (12:11)
I was able to get my report in on time thanks to Hajun... I should probably do something to thank him, but I'm not sure what?

December 13, 2023

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 6:45 PM (18:45)
I'm just glad Spot is having fun, but he seems to enjoy the packaging more than the toys I buy for him.

Kanata @czmzknt - 7:04 PM (19:04)
should i pick up food at raimentei

Nayuta @czmznyt - 7:06 PM (19:06)
get gyoza and tenshinhan

December 14, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA! Ah, shit! The year's gonna be over soon, isn't it!! Shit!! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 5:47 PM (17:47)
I found some red apples that looked delicious, so I bought them. I honestly wouldn't mind eating them as-is, but that seems a bit improper, lol. How should I prepare them? I'd love if everyone could give me their suggestions.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 5:51 PM (17:51)
How about apple pie? If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to do my best to try making one!

December 15, 2023

Hajun @smileywangja - 5:03 PM (17:03)
The magazine photoshoots are all gearing up for springtime, but back in the real world, it's coming on Christmas. It seems that Anne will be working the day-of; perhaps I should plan a holiday-suitable menu for the three of us for when our days off all coincide.

December 16, 2023

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 1:30 AM (01:30)
We'll be holding an event at CANDY on December 24th and 25th~!! I'm gonna be wearing a really cute dress! We're looking forward to seeing you all there~!

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 1:54 AM (01:54)
Hope everyone's in good spirits! We'll be having a Christmas event at CANDY next week on the 24th and 25th~! We'll be doing special cast champagnes for the event, so come on down and meet the girls~. We also do delivery~!

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 1:41 PM (13:41)
This really big doggy we met at the park really liked Kei-chan!!! I wish I'd taken a picture~!

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 1:58 PM (13:58)
You certainly will meet many different people when out on a walk.

December 17. 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗ Today is a rest day, so I was thinking I'd do a bit of end-of-the-year cleaning! I want to spend New Year's feeling fresh and clean, so I'll be giving the house a good top-to-bottom clean, from under the washing machine to the gap between the fridge and the wall! #Workout #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 11:57 PM (23:57)
wonder if there are any new games worth checking out

December 18, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 It's almost winter break, so I'll do my best🥺🥺 It's been a while since I've been to go see a movie, does anyone have any suggestions~?? #GoodVISTYMorning

Kantaro @imsweeticutie - 12:39 PM (12:39)
Thanks for your recommendations, everyone! I'm gonna check some of these out soon~!!

December 19, 2023

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 11:12 AM (11:12)
I reserved our order of fried chicken for Christmas, but I would like to include some vegetables for a more balanced menu. Perhaps if I get creative with the presentation, Rokuta would be more amenable to eating vegetables.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 11:51 PM (23:51)
Thank you for your continued support of Bar 4/7. We will have a special selection of Christmas cocktails on offer on the 24th and the 25th. From all of us at Bar 4/7, we look forward to sharing a lovely holiday evening with you.

December 20, 2023

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 4:48 PM (16:48)
Today all three of us in BAE are having a bit of an early Christmas party! I'm really looking forward to the special dinner Hajun is making! I'm going with Allen now to pick up the cake!

Allen @irepmyself - 5:22 PM (17:22)
The other day, I got Hajun a present as thanks for helping on my report, but I guess because of the timing it might just look like I got him a Christmas present...? But I got him a separate Christmas present, too, so it's fine.

Hajun @smileywangja - 6:31 PM (18:31)
The two of them certainly are taking their time. Are they trekking to the other side of the world in order to buy that cake?

Hajun @smileywangja - 11:02 PM (23:02)
An earphone case and a seasonal Christmas blend of coffee beans... I had been thinking he'd been taking on a lot of part-time jobs lately, but it turned out to be for gifts. Maybe I'll brew enough for all three of us tomorrow morning.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 11:40 PM (23:40)
Christmas dinner was great!! I'm looking to the Christmas event at work, but I really love these little parties with just the three of us.

Allen @irepmyself - 11:59 PM (23:59)
I'm glad the gifts I got the both of them went over well! I'm going to cherish the gifts the two of them got me, too!

December 21, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 11:41 PM (23:41)
Oh, by the way; the other day I tried making apple pie with the apples that Aoi bought, but it was actually pretty hard! It tasted good, but getting the right golden-brown color was tough. The video made it look so easy, too... lol. I'll have to try again! #ByeVISTY

December 22, 2023

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 3:18 PM (15:18)
It's about that time of year to do some cleaning, isn't it? I'd like to tidy up and end the year with a cleaned-up space, but I'm not sure whether everyone else will cooperate...

Toma @t0malikes2party - 11:03 PM (23:03)
Movie night with everyone was too much 😭 I love it when no matter how many times I see a movie it still manages to make me laugh and cry 🎅 And the soundtrack is great to listen to while it's snowing~!

December 23, 2023

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Tomorrow and the day after, we'll be offering a special Christmas menu at the bar. It comes highly recommended, and I hope everyone will consider giving it a try.

December 24, 2023

Toma @t0malikes2party - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Merry Christmas EveVISTY🎅 It's Christmas Eve and I want to go out somewhere, but everywhere is sure to be packed~~ 😂😂😂 But I wanna go party it up at karaoke 🕺✨✨ #GoodVISTYMorning

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 11:11 AM (11:11)
I hope that Nayuta-kun and Kanata-kun like what I got them.

Nayuta @czmznyt - 1:50 PM (13:50)
@nanashisaboten Thanks for your help earlier. Never gone skating or whatever before but it sounds fun. We can figure out a time later when I'm free.

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 3:24 PM (15:24)
It's just like Zen to take the time to make a proper Christmas cake even when the club is getting slammed, lol

Nayuta @czmznyt - 4:29 PM (16:29)
Kanata gave me a satchet meant to attract reindeer; it reeks like death, but I'm not so sure about this one.

Kanata @czmzknt - 4:31 PM (16:31)
Even bought some extra capturing equipment. That old man's going down.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 5:02 PM (17:02)
Everyone~! Today we're having a Christmas event at CANDY~!! I'm getting dressed and made up now💄 Let's have a fun night together!! See you there~!!

Reo @AKreokunYR - 6:21 PM (18:21)
Everyone~! Do you all have Christmas presents for me? 🥺🥺🥺

Kanata @czmzknt - 8:11 PM (20:11)
No luck catching him. But I'm hungry. Gonna go get something to eat with Nayuta.

Kanata @czmzknt - 10:03 PM (22:03)
ate too much

Nayuta @czmznyt - 10:05 PM (22:05)
It's nice to be able to celebrate by eating as much good food as I want with Kanata. Happy birthday.

Kanata @czmzknt - 10:15 PM (22:15)
Happy birthday to Nayuta too.

Nayuta @czmznyt - 10:30 PM (22:30)
Today I'll spend as much time with Kanata as he wants. Being able to do this, to celebrate together-- nothing makes me happier.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 11:17 PM (23:17)
And we always end up doing the same thing in the end, don't we, lol

December 25, 2023

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 7:03 AM (07:03)
Merry Christmas

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~ 🎅!Merry Christmas!! Just one more day and then it's winter break*~!! 🎄✨ I'll do my best! #GoodVISTYMorning
*Winter break for Japanese schools generally starts on the 26th, but Christmas itself is not a public holiday.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 12:34 PM (12:34)
Christmas has come again this year. Why not pair it with a special song selection from all of us in TCW? May it and the twinkling lights of the city bring a bit of sparkle to your hearts.

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 4:05 PM (16:05)
Report cards don't matter 👊 You decide what your own value is!

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 6:31 PM (18:31)
Hey to all the kitty heads~! Have you made it onto the nice list? If you tweet #ShikkiCaughtRedHandedOnChristmas, you might receive a special gift from Santa Ryu......!? 🦌 There's no way 🥦🥬🐙👾 #ShikkiCaughtRedHandedOnChristmas #AMugfullOfMaster #WithBossOnTheSide #AndThatThingOnTheFloor #NowAcceptingPreorders

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 7:10 PM (19:10)
That time of year again already?

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 7:22 PM (19:22)
So we can get decent food once in a while.

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 7:48 PM (19:48)
Dinner is prepared. Kei and Rokuta will be back from picking up the chicken directly. I hope that Rokuta can control himself until they get home.

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 8:52 PM (20:52)
It's a good feeling when everyone can laugh together. I'm glad.

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 9:03 PM (21:03)
I ate lots of chicken~! And the stew that Itsuki-nii made, where all the vegetables were cut up to look like doggies and kitties was really good too~!! And I had a snack on the way home too so that was really fun and tasty~!

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 10:05 PM (22:05)
I stopped by the Christmas party for a short while, but I was bored out of my mind attempting to curry favor with a bunch of incompetent fools. I would sooner have dinner with Chungsung than waste my time in a place like that.

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 11:01 PM (23:01)
Good eveVISTY 🦋 We had fun on Sunday playing games together and making sweets. Today, we had cake and exchanged gifts. How have all of you Stellas been spending your holiday? #ByeVISTY

December 26, 2023

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 1:17 AM (01:17)
May the world can be filled with gentle sounds.

Allen @irepmyself - 9:41 AM (09:41)
Finished writing up my cards for New Year's without incident!

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 10:03 AM (10:03)
When I woke up this morning there was a present next to my pillow!!! Thanks, Santa-san~!!!

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 3:03 PM (15:03)
I JUST woke up 😂 I got caught up in the moment and drank too much, but I had a great time with everyone who came to CANDY's Christmas event~!! Still four days left in the year, so let's finish strong~!

December 27, 2023

Nayuta @czmznyt - 7:01 PM (19:01)
I'm thinking Raimentei on the 31st. Dunno if they're gonna be open, though.

December 28, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 I'm soooo proud of myself for getting up, even though it's really cold 💮 But when I got up, Aoi was already awake and doing his homework, so he has one up on me 😇 Soooo I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see it🥺🥺 #GoodVISTYMorning

December 29, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 11:02 AM (11:02)
This New Year's, it's time for the whole family to help out with cleaning up! In both lyrics and in cleaning, God dwells in the details. We'll deep clean every corner of this house that we are fortunate enough to live in every day!

Reo @AKreokunYR - 3:21 PM (15:21)
Sacchan's secret stash is a mess w

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 3:25 PM (15:25)
We're sure endin' the year with a nice lively house, ain't we~ This is what "home"'s all about.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 3:37 PM (15:37)
Thank you for your continued support of Bar 4/7. Today is our final day of business for the year. We would like to thank our customers this year for their patronage, and we look forward to serving you again next year. Business will resume starting January 6th.

December 30, 2023

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 4:49 PM (16:49)
Maybe I'll take one last ride to cap off the year.

Allen @irepmyself - 8:18 PM (20:18)
If I don't get this done soon, I'm really not gonna have the time... crap.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 11:01 PM (23:01)
Around this time of year, I always get super nervous trying to figure out if there's anything I've been forgetting to finish up. Even when I really don't have anything that needs doing, lol

December 31, 2023

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 3:33 AM (03:33)
Here's a question. Tomorrow, nefarious gyoza pretending to be tender shrimp dumplings will come down from the sky, but there's no escaping the fact that the last one standing will win. At that time, what will be wrapped in cabbage in Boss's head? #GreatMisoRyukunQuiz #MaybeItdBeEasiestToAnswerWithADrawing"

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 11:46 AM (11:46)
if, for example, if you threw the shitty guard into the station, he'd never make it out alive lmao
I have a golden opportunity here to make a mod
*This is presumably in reference to Exit 8, a horror game that went memetic on social media at the end of 2023.

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 6:59 PM (18:59)
This year's matchups are fuckin' wild! The end of the year is for mixed mbartial arts, after all 👊
*This is presumably in reference to events like RIZIN, a mixed martial arts tournament held on New Years' Eve

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 7:22 PM (19:22)
real close to the end of the year, huh

Reo @AKreokunYR - 8:49 PM (20:49)
Rock-paper-scissors to see who has to go get the mikans; still undefeated ✌️

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 10:05 PM (22:05)
With preparations for the new year finished, there is time to simply listen to the sound of the fireplace. These moments are lovely as well. I wish all of the worms have a happy new year as well.

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 10:37 PM (22:37)
Everyone, thank you very much for this year. I look forward to working with everyone going forward into next year as well. I'll do my best.

Reo @AKreokunYR - 11:50 PM (23:50) Ten minutes left in the year! Let's all count down together~ Next up: Hokusai! @AKyoshiyoshiYR

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 11:51 PM (23:51) Nine minutes. Sleepy. @AKsatsukingYR

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 11:52 PM (23:52) Just eight minutes left!! I'm grateful to all our sixth men this year, too 👊Passin' it off to @/fxxkdaborder

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 11:53 PM (23:53) Something came up, but I'm on it ✌️ Everyone~! Thanks for everything this year! Seven minutes left! Next up, Aoi-kun, if you please! @IOAOI_VISTY

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 11:54 PM (23:54) Six minutes left in the year. I hope you'll have a wonderful time with me next year next year as well. I'll always love you, my princess. You're next, @imsweetiecutie

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 11:55 PM (23:55) Five minutes left! I hope everyone loves me even more next year! All the best~! @sho5gummylife

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 11:56 PM (23:56) The year is coming to an end. I hope I'm able to visit the temple near here at some point.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 11:56 PM (23:56) Four more minutes! All of our Stellas are amazing! Right, @tomalikes2party?

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 11:56 PM (23:56) I was so surprised 😇 Next year will be a good year, I can tell

Toma @t0malikes2party - 11:57 PM (23:57) Locked on with three minutes left~! I super love all you stellas 🤞 Weeeell, next up, Hajun-san, if you don't mind! @smileywangja

Hajun @smileywangja - 11:58 PM (23:58) Two minutes left. I hope everyone has a lovely new year. @irepmyself

Allen @irepmyself - 11:59 PM (23:59) One minute left! Let's make next year amazing, too!