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Twitter Archive - September 2023

October 1, 2023

Allen @irepmyself - 5:08 PM (17:08)
Last night's birthday surprise party was really shocking, but I was really happy for the chance to celebrate with so many heads! Hajun and Anne didn't give anything away, I didn't suspect a thing...! I was really happy to be able to share a moment like this with everyone at the concert. BIG shout out to my homies!!!

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 5:18 PM (17:18)
@irepmyself The celebration's not over yet! Hajun's gonna be cooking up a delicious storm, let's keep the excitement up 🥳

Hajun @smileywangja - 5:25 PM (17:25)
@irepmyself I know you're not the type of person who tends to notice surprises in the first place, but even so, what would have been the point if you'd noticed ahead of time?
The surprised expression suited you. Happy birthday to you.

October 2, 2023

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 8:17 PM (20:17)
It's no surprise that tensions are running high with the finals coming up so soon. I'm carrying out my duties with a bit of tense urgency, myself.

Toma @t0malikes2party - 10:55 PM (22:55)
Hold on a sec, isn't Halloween this month?🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 Time flies like an arrow, doesn't it? 🚗 Are y'all the kind of people who already know what kind of costume you want to wear?? Let's have some fun together and get hyyyyype 🕺✨✨✨✨✨ #ByeVISTY

October 3, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning🌟 This coming weekend is a three-day weekend! Do all of you stellas have anything planned? Me, I'm planning to hunt down some giant squid shaped gummies I've been curious about! Let's all do our best this week! #GoodVISTYMorning

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 4:56 PM (16:56)
Gonna keep refining it until the last minute. Can still get the words to level up even more. Gonna go straight over your defenses and smash them in one shot, get ready for that.

October 4, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 Isn't it the best that once the weather starts getting cooler you can start wearing all kinds of different outfits? I'd love for it to be this temperature all the time, please and thank you~ 🥰🥰🥰 #GoodVISTYMorning

Allen @irepmyself - 6:58 PM (18:58)
Gotta run some errands and head home! Looking forward to chatting with all the heads on Paratora when I get back! See you in about an hour! Catch you later 🔥🔥🔥

October 5, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! Dunno why but today I'm feelin' like I could eat an entire huge bowl of fried rice! Or a huge cut of meat! I'm freakin hungryyyyy!!!!! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

October 6, 2023

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 2:10 AM (02:10)
I have to see it through to the end. I'm sure that's what's gonna make me stronger. I've got to just keep my ears open and snap up any skill I can get my hands on. Boo-hoo-poor-Hanitaro's just gotta try harder, waaah

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 5:18 PM (17:18)
It's sooo good! I find myself thinking this every time, but Allen's not just a composer; he's not a slouch at mixing or arranging either! I can't wait for everyone to hear the new song 🔥🔥🔥Expect greatness🔥🥵🔥

October 7, 2023

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 6:45 AM (06:45)
Perhaps it's because of the changing of the seasons and the weather growing cooler, but coffee in the morning is a particular comfort. If anyone has any coffee recommendations to offer, I would love to hear them.

October 8, 2023

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 6:30 PM (18:30)
My goal has remained the same. Now it's just a matter of what I am able to do to achieve it.

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 9:50 PM (21:50)
This is GokuLuck's offering for REVOLUTION. I hope everyone will give it a listen. The finals will be starting soon and we'll be trying our hardest, so your support would be appreciated.

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 9:52 PM (21:52)
Gave it all I've got. This will be what decides it.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 9:55 PM (21:55)
It might be a bit much to handle; it's almost too good to be true.

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 9:56 PM (21:56)
there's no hope for you if you think you can beat us wwwwww

Kanata @czmzknt - 10:02 PM (22:02)
the crowns belong to me and nayuta

Nayuta @czmznyt - 10:03 PM (22:03)
we're going to the top in tandem

Allen @irepmyself - 10:10 PM (22:10)
New shit is out!!! We'll show you who we are with this sound!

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 10:13 PM (22:13)
We're headed to the place we've always wanted to be. We'll get it for sure.

Hajun @smileywangja - 10:15 PM (22:15)
This is a revolution; a song that will establish a new standard. We're always one step ahead, and we'll be the ones sitting on the throne.

October 9, 2023

Toma @t0malikes2party - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 😎 Those new songs are scorching hot! How are any of you heads staying upright in the face of those crushing vibes?? I feel like we speedran the seasons and are right back in summer again ☀️☀️☀️ #GoodVISTYMorning

October 10, 2023

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 3:50 PM (15:50)
Look, look! Itsuki-nii and Kei-chan made tons of karaage for my birthday~! It was really good and I was really happy to be able to eat it with everyone~!

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 4:02 PM (16:02)
It was worth the effort to adjust the recipe for this occasion. That said, please ensure you eat one vegetable for every piece of karaage you eat. Happy birthday, Rokuta.
Kei @1Nm8_07 - 4:10 PM (16:10)
Happy birthday. It makes me happy to see you happy, Rokuta. Let's celebrate as a trio next year as well.

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 9:15 PM (21:15)
We had a big bowl of omurice for dinner~! I asked them to draw something with the ketchup, and Kei-chan drew a dog, and Itsuki-nii drew a chick! Isn't that great~?

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 9:22 PM (21:22)
And thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday, too! Just reading all your comments it made me so happy that I started getting hungry all over again! Let's eat lots of food and play lots tomorrow, too~! I'm looking forward to it~!

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 11:58 PM (23:58)
I will definitely protect this place. Now and in the future.

October 11, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 12:53 PM (12:53)
Waka is hard to wake up. Perhaps it's because he's tired from carrying out his duties from day to day? Maybe it would be a good idea to prepare him some meals that are high in iron and vitamins, like hijiki or reba nira.

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 5:59 PM (17:59)
It would be unfeasible to invite over one hundred people to our home. I wonder, for what purpose did Rokuta want to invite so many people?

October 12, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! You gotta build up those ass muscles if you're gonna sag your pants so I've been doing squats like a mofo!! B-kei's gotta show off not just your style on the outside, but your style on the inside too! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 6:06 PM (18:06)
Huge news, everyone 🥳 We've made a new SWANK line~ 🎉 It's called SWANK HOME!! I've been contemplating making a line of general merchandise for a while now, and now I've been able to make it happen! You should all check it out, okay?😉☛

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 6:09 PM (18:09)
Also, I'm thinking I'll pop onto Paratora to hang out around 9 PM, so I hope you're all free around then 🥰
Let's talk lots 🫰

October 13, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 It's getting to be cold in the morning and the evenings, so I'm gonna start wearing cardigans, but what if the moe sleeves make me TOO cute? 🥺🥺🥺 How am I supposed to handle getting even cuter than I already am? 😇 #GoodVISTYMorning

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 11:10 PM (23:10)
Thank you for your support of Bar 4/7. We regret to inform you that we will not be opening until 23:30 on 10/18. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to patrons who plan to visit the bar, and we appreciate your understanding and your cooperation.

October 14, 2023

Reo @AKreokunYR - 10:31 PM (22:31)
The limited Halloween gacha has begun~~😇 Guess I gotta go grind for gems in the event🥺🥺🥺

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 11:42 PM (23:42)
Good eveVISTY 🦋 It's been getting colder lately, so I've been taking longer baths. Around this time of year, I like using bath salts with fragrances like tea olive and yuzu. #ByeVISTY

October 15, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🌟  This morning, Aoi and I made hot sandwiches together! I made myself a gummi sandwich! I'm really looking forward to getting to eat it! #GoodVISTYMorning

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 6:24 PM (18:24)
GokuLuck are going to be the winners. There's no way we're going to lose to a bunch of fucking scrubs. You're picking a fight with the wrong guys kthx wwww

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 6:54 PM (18:54)
My fists aren't for knocking people out, they're for holding the mic. Soon I'll be able to show the world that.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 7:23 PM (19:23)
It's far too late to turn back or change things now. The night belongs to us. I'm looking forward to it.

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 8:42 PM (20:42)
The finals are just a few days away. I'm sure everyone is well-prepared. We'll be doing our best to take the championship in this tournament, so we thank you in advance for all of your support.

October 16, 2023

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 2:22 PM (14:22)
Don't want to do anything today. Sleepy

Nayuta @czmznyt - 8:33 PM (20:33)
this time I'm bringing Kanata with me

Kanata @czmzknt - 8:35 PM (20:35)
gonna go see the view from the top with Nayuta

October 17, 2023

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 1:37 AM (01:37)
The fragrant olives smell nice again this year. Think I'll treat myself to some daiginjo when I get home.

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗️ Today is a back workout day. After adjusting the menu of food that I prepare for lunch, I feel that waka has been easier to wake up. I'll watch my own diet and continue to work on my body, too! Let's go!!!! #Workout #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

Allen @irepmyself - 5:04 PM (17:04)
We're going to show everyone who we are with this sound that encompasses everything BAE has been up to this point. We're going to make this the greatest show ever!

Hajun @smileywangja - 5:10 PM (17:10)
We've come this far, and the next step is the championship. I'm certain you already know that it is unthinkable that anyone but us will win; so I do hope that everyone will support us.

Anne @irepmyself - 5:16 PM (17:16)
It's thanks to all of the heads that we've been able to make it this far! We're gonna be the ones taking home the win. Once again BAE coming at you 🔥🔥🔥

October 18, 2023

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 2:54 AM (02:54)
better get some practice in licking boots now, because we're gonna make you all kneel before us w

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 06:48 AM (06:48)
What kind of performance will they put on? I'm starting to get excited now.

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 08:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning🦋Today is finally the day of the finals. I wonder if all of our Stellas are going to be there? We'll be there, too, so let's cheer for the teams competing at the venue together. #GoodVISTYMorning

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 09:15 (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! The finals have come!!! Can't wait to see what kind of show we're gonna get to see today!!! Throw a few extra punches for us!!!! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 10:33 AM (10:33)
We've prepared as much as we are able. Please look forward to it.

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 11:03 AM (11:03)
The finals are finally here!! I can't wait to see the show!!!

Toma @t0malikes2party - 12:15 PM (12:15)
I can't wait to see a super explosive performance~~~~ 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 All the stellas who are coming to the venue, get hype with me 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Reo @AKreokunYR - 1:17 PM (13:17)
I can't wait any longer~! 🥹🥹🥹

Allen @irepmyself - 1:25 PM (13:25)
Did rehearsal. Can't believe it's finally the finals. There's no way we can lose.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 2:09 PM (14:09)
I'm getting nervous~~! But it's an amazing feeling! I'm really looking forward to having some fun with everyone! ARE YOU READY TO PARTY? 🔥🔥🔥

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 2:22 PM (14:22)
Who will be the hunter and who will be the hunted? Let's find out.

Hajun @smileywangja - 2:32 PM (14:32)
We'll show you a turning point in history. See you on stage later.

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 2:49 PM (14:49)
Alright, alright, kitty heads, time to go~~~!!! I heard that if you hop on a squid 🛻 and ride on the disco ball 🪩 then you'll get to meet twin aliens at the event venue!!! 👽👽 I'm gonna go looking now 🧭🌋🚨

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 2:54 PM (14:54)
We're all going. I'm really looking forward to the show.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 3:21 PM (15:21)
In a few hours, the finals start. I want to etch their feelings and the sounds of their souls into my own heart.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 4:33 PM (16:33)
We're taking it all. Want to come and fall forever into our sound?

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 4:34 PM (16:34)
The finals are about to start! I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of performance everyone puts on! All of you Stellas, watch it with us!

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 4:52 PM (16:52)
There's nothing you can do to stop us now. We've been off the chain for a long time

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 4:54 PM (16:54)
Heads, are you guys all excited? It starts in just over an hour~~~!

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 5:10 PM (17:10)
The best you shitty scrubs can do is keep your eyes open and get an eyeful of us. It's gonna a public execution, what fun!

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 5:44 PM (17:44)
It's finally time

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 5:50 PM (17:50)
Let's see how this revolution is gonna end.

Kanata @czmzknt - 5:55 PM (17:55)
here we go

Nayuta @czmznyt - 5:57 PM (17:57)
let's do this

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 10:10 PM (22:10)
It was so amazing!! I want this afterglow to never fade 🥺

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 10:16 PM (22:16)
It was a mind-blowing performance. Today's live show is sure to have made some unforgettable memories.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 10:19 (22:19)
Thank you to all the Stellas who camae out to the venue! It was a really exciting show, very fitting of the finals! To be totally honest, I have no idea who's going to win this round. It makes me proud to have participated in this battle.

Toma @t0malikes2party - 10:21 (22:21)
Ch△mp1on was so bomb, it leaves you stumbling away wondering what happened for a solid five minutes~~~!! I got goosebumps before the hook, and by the end I was practically flying!! I'm numb from all the electricity in the audience! There's no way I can sleep 🤩

Reo @AKreokunYR - 10:36 PM (22:36)
The finals were tooooooo awesome 😇 Just watching something like that makes me want to do a show!!!!!!

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 10:39 PM (22:39)
Way too fucking sweeeeeet!! Everyone was going at it so hard that it was impossible to tell who was the VIP!! All the energy was getting me hyped AF too!!

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 10:42 PM (22:42)
Everyone was great. Good job.

Zen @AKbulkupYR  - 10:47 PM (22:47)
The vibes, skill, and stage presence were all top of their class. I was overwhelmed by the determination present from the start of the show to the end of every performance. Starting tomorrow -- no, starting today -- I need to be even more diligent. Let's go.

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 10:48 PM (22:48)
It was a real heated show! I can't get enough of that buzz 'ya get from live performances. Festivals are all about the excitement, yeah?

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 11:01 PM (23:01)
I was overwhelmed by the power of the performance. It made me want to get back on stage even more, so I'll have to keep working hard.

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 11:08 PM (23:08)
I respectfully listened to young master Hajun's performance in the finals. I am pleased that it seemed to rouse the young master's attention as well. I await seeing which team comes out on top.

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 11:09 PM (23:09)
Hold iiit~~~!!! Nobody told Ryu-kun he was going to be so squished flat!?!? If Ryu-kun doesn't get to do a solo show, he's gonna hop up on the stage anyway at his earliest convenience! It'll be fine!! 🍼🐱 🪩

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 11:15 PM (23:15)
Even though it consisted of people who have stood against me, it was a formidable battle. I cannot deny that I am impressed. It will not be long before AMPRULE overthrow the next legend and ascend to the throne. I will not forget the way I feel in this moment.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 11:19 PM (23:19)

It was truly a show worthy of the finals. I feel much the same way as I did the time I saw Buraikan live. I hope that all of us in TCW are able to continue to weave our own sound with pride.

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 11:30 PM (23:30)
Everyone was so cool~! I'm soooo excited!

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 11:41 PM (23:41)
The crowd was more excited than anticipated. The appeal of Phantom Lives seems to be that it continues to introduce novel irregularities for both those on stage and those in the audience.

October 19, 2023

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 2:54 AM (02:54)
It's burned indelibly into my mind. It was like a shimmering flame, one night of overwhelming brilliance.

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 3:11 AM (03:11)
Practically went numb. Was a good show.

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!!!!! I'm still so amped up!!! Think I'm gonna go for a bike ride!!! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 6:05 PM (18:05)
I love all you guys! Let's keep running straight through to the end together! Thank you all for turning out yesterday!!!

Allen @irepmyself - 6:11 PM (18:11)
Thank you to everyone who came to the show yesterday! We put everything we've been up to now into this song. Whether you're a head who's supported BAE from the start or one who's only just found our music, I want to keep running all the way to the end together!

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 6:38 PM (18:38)
Put all your bets down for GokuLuck. Let's get all those shitty scrubs to start to understand. Let's make this last battle an overkill curbstomp.

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 6:44 PM (18:44)

Thank you very much to everyone who came out to the venue to support us. The battle has only just begun, but I believe that our feelings can lead us to victory. Thank you for your continued support until the end.

Kanata @czmzknt - 7:13 PM (19:13)
will let the results do the talking

October 20, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 For some reason I woke up early today! I'm still so excited from the concert that I'm not sleeping well, even though it's been days 🫠🫠 Let's all work hard to get through Friday 🥹🥹🥹 #GoodVISTYMorning

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 11:10 AM (11:10)
Hïïï everyone~! Are you burned out on live music, feeling like sardine dashi with chocolate in it and cotton candy steak?? Are you all alright?? There are people who are waiting for everyone's masterstroke, so now's the time to make your choice! 💄👑🐟

Satsuki - @AKsatsukingYR - 12:05 PM (12:05)
Shiiiiit!! It's getting hot in here! Keep this energy up until the end. Now's the time to step up to the plate 👊

Iori - @AKgokigenYR - 12:16 PM (12:16)
Well, it's already getting interesting, ain't it? Even so, there's no telling the outcome until everything's ready to go. The side that's down at the moment always still aims high.

Kenta - @endbringer_666_ 12:33 PM (12:33)
Haven't curbstomped enough scrubs yet. Burn it all down

Toma - @t0malikes2party - 12:35 PM (12:35)
Isn't this too hot of a development??? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Everyone is way too cool!!! I was like, "whoa, GokuLuck are really stepping up and seizing this chance"! 👏👏👏

Yuto - @mainichiheiwani - 12:36 PM (12:36)
Thank you very much for your support thus far. We will be staying on our toes and keeping our heads up, so please continue to support us.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 12:40 PM (12:40)
Nice. But I'm not satisfied yet

Allen @irepmyself - 12:44 PM (12:44)
Thanks to all of the heads for the support! The Ch△mp1on road isn't going to be an easy one to walk. We're gonna rally here and come back with a vengeance!

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 12:46 PM (12:46)
I'm curious to see what will happen as it unfolds. I wonder if all of the heads feel the same way? Let's see it through to the end together.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 12:47 PM (12:47)
I'm getting all tingly~! But this is the finals, after all; if it weren't like this it would be no fun at all.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 12:57 PM (12:57)
I believe that every team is holding the thoughts of all of their heads in their hearts as they go forward. Even a single voice can be a force to be reckoned with... Please, let your voices be heard.

Nayuta @czmznyt - 1:01 PM (13:01)
Have fun while you can.

Kanata @czmzknt - 1:04 PM (13:04)
We'll turn it around no problem

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 3:13 PM (15:13)
The thoughts and feelings of others are on a scale that it's impossible to imagine. I'm sure that the accumulation of such feelings could have the power to change the future.

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 6:05 PM (18:05)
I got curious, so I looked as soon as I got home from school. It was very surprising, but nobody knows what's going to happen until the very end... so I'll keep an eye on it.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 11:42 PM (23:42)
Oh, by the way: I've had a lot of comments asking me to follow up on what I thought of my gummi sandwich from the other day. I thought it was delicious! All of the gummi bears I added melted all together. Kantaro kind of gave me a funny look, though.... lol #ByeVISTY

October 21, 2023

Hajun @smileywangja - 12:03 PM (12:03)
We've been willing from the very start to take on the blows necessary to start a revolution. I'm already prepared for that. Of course, all of the heads only have their sights set on the throne as well, don't they?

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 1:13 PM (13:13)
 🦵 🦵💨

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 4:58 PM (16:58)
The last one standing is the winner.

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 5:28 PM (17:28)
Out in front of the shop there was a pumpkin set up to look like some kind of gremlin. The fuck's with that.

October 22, 2023

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 1:23 AM (01:23)
Gonna paint it all black. It's not over until we take everything away from you.

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~!🦄 What are all of you guys gonna wear for your Halloween costumes~? There's so many cute costumes out there that it's hard to decide 🥹🥹🥹 #GoodVISTYMorning

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 6:02 PM (18:02)
Looking what everybody has been posting, I know for sure that we're all doing our best and feeling the same thing. Don't worry; we'll fly together until the very end.

Kanata @czmzknt - 8:34 PM (20:34)
give us what you've got. holding out on us now would be some lame-ass shit.

October 23, 2023

Allen @irepmyself - 12:13 PM (12:13)
Every word you guys say is another step we can take forward. We're not far from the victory we've been striving for for so long. Let's go all out with the time we have left!

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 2:05 PM (14:05)
Itsuki made bentos, so we're going on a walk with Rokuta as a trio. Today we'll be taking it easy.

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 3:01 PM (15:01)
Kei-chan found a reaaaally big pinecone~~!!! How cool is that!!

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 3:25 PM (15:25)
I can't be certain, but I felt as though I could see a little bit more happiness in everyone's expressions over lunch. Things are still a bit tense, but... it would be nice to have a little bit more group harmony, even if it's only at mealtimes.

October 24, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗ It's been getting cold in the mornings and evenings, lately. It's season for depressed immune systems, so it's crucial to build up your body! Of course, you'll get sick if you push yourself too hard, so also take it easy and know your limits! #WorkOut #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

Allen @irepmyself - 8:13 PM (20:13)I gave it my all on stage; I really do think that hiphop is the best. With the best teammates and the best music, there's nowhere I can't go. I'll keep running until we take the win!

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 8:31 PM (20:31)
Don't we all look great here!? You don't see Hajun doing that victory-fistpump pose every day. Guess that's just proof of what we were able to accomplish together! I'm getting goosebumps just remembering it. BAE really is the best!

Hajun @smileywangja - 8:36 PM (20:36)
Surely there were other photos you could have used. Well, it's not a horrible picture, at any rate.

October 25, 2023

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 1:33 AM (01:33)
Is it just a me thing to get so nervous at night that I have trouble sleeping??? Or is this something everything has to deal with?? I try not to worry about it, but I keep getting stuck in a feedback loop 🍯🍯🍯🍯

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 6:37 AM (06:37)
I've been hearing feedback from bar patrons about the concert, and it's been something of a private pleasure lately. If you have the chance, please come visit us at BAR 4/7. All of us look forward to seeing you.

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 7:33 AM (07:33)
I cannot take my eyes off of it until the very last moment. The results are completely impossible to predict.

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 10:24 AM (10:24)
I'm so excited! Everyone, do your best 'til the end~~~!!

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 11:43 AM (11:43)
Even though it's not a battle I'm part of, I feel restless. Very odd feeling.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 12:04 PM (12:04)
I have a lot of emotions all mixed up-- I'm having a hard time putting what I want to say into words!! But, these moments where we're all fighting together are the most exciting! Keep going higher and higher together with us. We've still got a ways to go!

Reo @AKreokunYR - 12:05 PM (12:05)
This is really turning out amazing~~!! You really can't take your eyes off it until the very end! 🥺🥺🥺

Hajun @smileywangja - 12:12 PM (12:12)
We have no intentions of slacking off yet. The same should go for all of the heads. Keep running until the very end. You'll be able to keep up, right?

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 12:15 PM (12:15)
I was really surprised... I hope everyone will keep doing their best until the end.

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 12:16 PM (12:16)
Well ain't that funny? We're still gonna crush you.

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 12:22 PM (12:22)
It's only been a few days since the last check-in, but the situation has already changed so much since then... the finals are truly something. I keep getting amazed all over again.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 12:25 PM (12:25)
Since this is the battle to take the finals, you can really feel the passion coming from all of the heads. Even the audience has no time to relax!

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 12:33 PM (12:33)
How lovely. It's not every day that you get to have such a fun experience.

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 12:41 PM (12:41)
The sparks are really flying!!! This is one hell of a battle!!!!

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 12:41 PM (12:41)
We'll win and shut everyone up.

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 12:50 PM (12:50)
He who pursues victory the most covetously will be the one to take the throne. Let's see who will turn out to be the winner.

Nayuta @czmznyt - 1:01 PM (13:01)
it's a song that Kanata made. no contest.

Kanata @czmzknt - 1:05 PM (13:05)
do you really think we're the kind of people who'd stop here

October 26, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY Morning 🦋 I bought a new scarf recently, but I think it's still a bit too early to wear it. I'm sure that wrapping up in it together in a cold park with my princess would warm me to my very core. #GoodVISTYMorning

Allen @irepmyself - 12:10 PM (12:10)
Thank you all for your support! I really am getting a lot of strength from all the heads. I'll keep running for the finish line while keeping everyone's feelings in mind. We'll fly BAE's flag high!

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 12:36 PM (12:36)
Thank you very much for your continued support of GokuLuck. We will do our best to accept the current results as they are, and do our best to recover. We feel the same as all of you. We have no intention of giving up until the very end.

Kanata @czmzknt - 8:22 PM (20:22)
we're the ones who are going to see the view from the top

Nayuta @czmznyt - 8:25 PM (20:25)
with kanata, I can go anywhere

October 27, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! Zen-nii's planning on cooking some sort'a pumpkin dish, so he bought a bunch yesterday! So there's these huge orange pumpkins just sittin' around; I bet they'd be great for kettle squats! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Hajun @smileywangja - 4:11 PM (16:11)
There is no time to relax. The outcome of the battle will not be secured until the end, you see. If we are going to do something, we are going to do it right.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 6:02 PM (18:02)
Let's have a bit more fun. Come make it hotter with me, until it's hot enough to make you melt.

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 6:58 PM (18:58)
Having way too much fun taking tally of all of the trash who keep changing their minds trying to make a salty runback from here www

October 28, 2023

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 6:02 AM (06:02)
There was a hungry cat lurkin' around the neighborhood, so I thought I might try and feed it something, but it just hissed at me. Animals really don't like me, do they, lol. Well, whatever. I'm going to bed.

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 10:05 AM (10:05)
It's getting more exciting by the day over here, too! People are coming up with all kinds of hashtags, and I've been keeping an eye on everyone's posts 🥹🥹🥹

Reo @AKreokunYR - 12:42 PM (12:43)
I love playing games and all, but nothing compares to how fun these battles are!

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 2:01 PM (14:01)
The cat that always comes around doesn't seem to be hungry today. I wonder if it got fed somewhere else.

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 8:05 PM (20:05)
It was a great show. The sound that's gonna mow everyone down still hasn't stopped ringin'.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 8:11 PM (20:11)
I really felt like I was about to tip over the edge during the concert.

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 8:14 PM (20:14)
Did what we could. Now we've got to win.

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 8:27 PM (20:27)
Everyone looks great. I'll be sure to treasure this photo. But that said, that expression on my face...

October 29, 2023

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 12:23 AM (00:23)
When it all comes to an end, I wonder whether I might see something that I wasn't able to before.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 12:32 PM (12:32)
I stopped by a convenience store on the way back from the gym, and while they didn't have any new gummies, I found and bought some pumpkin potage flavored ice cream! I think I'll give it a try later!

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 5:04 PM (17:04)
Thank you all for the words of support you give us every day❤️‍🔥Just a little bit more to go, let's keep running until the finish line with no regrets!

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 5:39 PM (17:39)
Y'know, kinda feels like we've been having more people talking about music at the bar lately.

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 6:32 PM (18:32)
let's get this over with already.

Kanata @czmzknt - 10:27 PM (22:27)
rap is what got us this far. so there's no way we're going to lose now.

October 30, 2023

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 2:54 AM (02:54)
it's the end. watch your six.

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 7:03 AM (07:03)
Firefly squiddies! Are you all breathing through your gills and staying in good shape up on dry land~~? It's getting about time to bombard the ramen restaurant with pumpkins and enjoy some soup without the noodles 🍥🥢🍥🥢

Kantaro @imsweeticutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~!🦄 Tomorrow is Halloween! But I'm almost too busy stressing about the battle~~ 😭😭 I wish I could take a couple days off from school 🥹🥹🥹 #GoodVISTYMorning

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 9:43 (09:43)
It seemed to me that Dongha-bocchama was more restless than usual today... certainly, there can be only one reason for such a thing. I believe I will take a look at the state of things, myself, after delivering lunch to bocchama.

Toma @tomalikes2party - 11:56 AM (11:56)
This battle's shaping up to be a big one; I can't be the only one who's so restless I'm getting the jelly legs, right 😎😎😎

Allen @irepmyself - 12:11 PM (12:11)
Nothing is more exciting than this battle is turning out to be! You never know when things might get turned on their head, so we can't let our guard down. I want to give it our all and take a decisive victory! Please keep supporting us!

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 12:13 PM (12:13)
Hmmmmm, I really don't know how it's going to turn out in the end! Good luck, everybody~!!

Hajun @smileywangja - 12:15 PM (12:15)
Of course, I will not allow myself to relax for even a moment. I've no intention of letting up; we will be relentless. The throne belongs to BAE.

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 12:17 PM (12:17)
If you let your guard down, it's all over

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 12:22 PM (12:22)
I can see the top now. The kingslayer always turns out to be the Joker in the end.

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 12:24 PM (12:24)
Everybody, thank you for the support you've shown us so far. The day to day updates have brought me both joy and sorrow, but I believe that slow and steady accumulation will show results in the end.

Kantaro @imsweeticutie - 12:26 PM (12:26)
I'm so curious that I keep looking at it over and over again 🥺🥺🥺

Kanata @czmzknt - 12:40 PM (12:40)
we're going to win in the end. nothing but the final results matter.

Nayuta @czmznyt - 12:49 PM (12:49)
i made up my mind that I was going to bring him with me to the top. we're going to turn things on their head at the very end.

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 12:51 PM (12:51)
We don't know how it's going to end, so it's hard to look away, isn't it? Let's keep an eye on it! The final stretch is all about that fighting spirit!!!!!!

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 12:55 PM (12:55)
I hope that everyone does their best so that they'll have no regrets afterwards.

October 31, 2023

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 12:33 AM (00:33)
The battle certainly appears to be getting quite heated, but the rest of the world will likely continue to busy itself with Halloween. I need not concern myself with candy nor pranks, but I wonder if the same goes for all of you?

Aoi @IOAOI _VISTY - 10:34 AM (10:34)
Good VISTY morning 🦋 Is everyone on school break? Kantaro is almost impossible to wake up on days off from school... if you're tired, it's alright to sleep in a little longer today. #GoodVISTYMorning

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie -  11:26 AM (11:26)
Aoi, it's just our school that's on break today and tomorrow 🥹
Aoi @IOAOI _VISTY - 11:29 AM (11:29)
Ah, that's right...! I'm sorry for any confusion I may have caused everyone, I'm terribly embarrassed...
Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 11:30 AM (11:30)
Mistakes happen 😂😂😂

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 2:52 PM (14:52)
Today, as part of our service to the community, we handed out candy to kids. They climbed up my body like playground equipment, which I was happy to let them do! Playing with little kids is a lot of fun.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 4:03 PM (16:03)
It's time for the climax. Everyone, let's go for the win.

Toma @tomalikes2party - 4:04 PM (16:04)
We decided to have a halloween party together, so I bought a lot of stuff for it! Wonder what I'll be dressed up as~? Guess what everyone else will be, too 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

Poll options:

  • VISTY Sentai Squad (24.4%)
  • VISTY Combo Meal (6.1%)
  • VISTY Aquarium (10.1%)
  • VISTY Horror Night (59.4%)

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 5:25 PM (17:25)
We'll win. Don't need anything else.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 6:03 PM (18:03)
Let's fall together, as deep as we can go. You'll give me everything you've got, right?

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 6:38 PM (18:38)
I didn't know they made karaage costumes~! That's amazing~!

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 9:01 PM (21:01)
We're having a Halloween party~~! And what could answer to the question that Toma posed be~~~~? 🔍🔍🔍
Sho-chin → Soft Serve Ice Cream
Toma → Hotdog
Aoi → Drink
Me → French Fries

This time it was a VISTY combo meal~! How many of you got it~?? 🍦🌭🥤🍟