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Twitter Archive - September 2023

September 1, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 5:42 AM (05:42)
it's dooooooooooooooone I'm gonna fuckin pass out

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 School has started again~! Going back after a break is sooo hard 😥😥😥 When's the next break~~? #GoodVISTYMorning

Allen @irepmyself - 3:15 PM (15:15)
The trending subgenres are always changing, aren't they? It's really exciting to see the birth of new kinds of hiphop in real time! It'd be amazing if I could get to the point where I could pioneer my own subgenre!

September 2, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning🦋 It's still really hot out, isn't it? When it gets a little cooler, it would be fun to go leaf-viewing with my princess. I could go anywhere if I were walking through the red fallen leaves together with my princess. #GoodVISTYMorning

September 3, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🌟 Today we're doing an at-home movie night! I've got popcorn and drinks lined up, so I'm all set! We're going to pick what we watch via roulette, so I wonder how that'll turn out? It'd be fun to film some reaction videos! #GoodVISTYMorning

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 11:05 PM (23:05)
Cold-brewed green tea really is delightful. It's hard to believe it's already September.

September 4, 2023

Hajun @smileywangja - 7:05 AM (07:05)
Soon it will be time to break out the autumn wardrobe, won't it?

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! A guy in my class I haven't seen in a while said I had great muscles! Of course I do, I'm staying on that grind!!! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

September 5, 2023

Toma @t0malikes2party - 8:50 AM (08:50)
Good VISTY morning 😎 Today, Kantaro woke up screaming because apparently he overslept ⏰ Sho-chin tried to give him gummies for breakfast, and Aoi trying to drag him out the door in his pajamas was a riot 🤣🤣🤣 Just another peaceful day in the VISTY house ✌ #GoodVISTYMorning

September 6, 2023

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 6:55 AM (06:55)
Too hot to sleep. Still not getting any cooler.

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗ Today's a rest day, so I went shopping. The boys are back to school, so things have calmed down a bit at the house. It feels good to see the food you make disappear, but it's hard to come up with a menu every day. I wonder if it's the same in every household? Everyone, thanks for all of your hard work. #Workout #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

September 7, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 Iiiiii don't wanna to go to schooool~~~! Save me, Stellas~~~!!! #GoodVISTYMorning

September 8, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! I've got a bit of extra money from helping out over break, so I'm gonna go clothes shopping!!! I'm torn between going for a new do-rag or some new white kicks👊 #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 11:30 PM (23:30)
Despite telling Rokuta to go take a bath, he will not get up. I can't move, either, because he is using my legs as a pillow. I am unsure what to do.

September 9, 2023

[Context: Haruomi's birthday illustration dropped at 00:00. Allen's following tweet is a QRT of the post.]

Allen @irepmyself - 12:00 AM (00:00)
Happy birthday, Shura-san!! We'll be giving it our all in the finals and we'll show you that we're going to surpass Buraikan! Please keep an eye on us!

September 10, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~!🦄 Isn't it weird how it suddenly feels like autumn all of a sudden? I'm soooo relieved the heat is finally backing off~✌ #GoodVISTYMorning

Nayuta @czmznyt - 8:15 PM (20:15)
after all, the food I get to eat with Kanata is the best

September 11, 2023

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 12:55 AM (00:55)
I want everyone in the whole world to love Honey!

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🦋 Today is the start of another week. Where shall we go together when this week is over? Just the thought makes my heart start to race. Let's do our best this week as well. #GoodVISTYMorning

September 12, 2023

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 6:50 AM (06:50)
Maybe I should try making breakfast every now and then!

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗ For today's workout, we're focusing on the back! Let's get a good workout and aim for immaculate posture! #Workout #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

September 13, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🌟 I thought the prizes for this convenience store's kuji lottery was going to be gummies, but instead, it turned out to be various goods with a gummi design motif! I'm going to have to collect the entire set! #GoodVISTYMorning

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 2:43 PM (14:43)
Small child playing with a cat was cute. Was very kind to let me join in.

September 14, 2023

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 1:36 AM (01:36)
Using the most cutting-edge in cloning technology, we have successfully developed Boss 2, also known as the Iron Groin Mk.II! From helping to climb the stairs, to finely shredding daikon, to projection mapping-- and if that was all you thought it could do, think again! Look forward to it! #CreamIsTheDevilsFood #SoftHalfCookedGarlic #AndShikkiToo"

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! Ever since I got that new do-rag the other day, I'm getting really pumped to clean up the garden! Gonna round all those weeds up just like the haters in one fell swoop! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura #CleaningTheYardThisTooIsHiphop

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 3:09 AM (15:09)
Kei-chan told me about how the moon is supposed to be reaaaally pretty around the end of this month! I wanna go there on a rocketship with everyone someday~!

September 15, 2023

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 6:20 AM (06:20)
Something really fucking stupid happened and it's making me lose braincells

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 Get through today and then a three day weekend!! Get through today and then a three day weekend!! I love you, three day weekend~! Let's all do our best to power through it, okay~! #GoodVISTYMorning

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 5:10 PM (17:10)
I wonder if it might be better if the cake were a little less sweet?

September 16, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗ It's time to start working out!!! If you're seeing this tweet, why not take the opportunity to start a workout, too? Not only will it help you get in shape and improve your physical state of being, but it will also help with your state of mind! Have some fun working out with me! #Workout #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

September 17, 2023

Toma @t0malikes2party - 10:05 PM (22:05)
It's time for the autumn makeup lines to start debuting~~~ 🍂🕺 The glittery summer lines were rad, but the autumnal dark colors are super turbo sexy too, y'know? 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼 Gotta be on the lookout for all those exclusive Autumn designs~~~~~~~~ #ByeVISTY

Saimon @kotonota0918 - 11:04 PM (23:04)
It seems as though they've run out of limes; I'll pick some up and drop by 4/7.

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 11:19 (23:19)
Sorry 'bout that. Thanks.

September 18, 2023

[Context: Saimon's birthday illustration dropped at 00:00. Saimon's following tweet is a QRT of the post.]

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 12:15 AM (00:15)
I had no idea that they had been preparing a surprise for me. It's perhaps a bit embarrassing, but it's also an honor to be celebrated like this.

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 12:19 AM (00:19)
Happy birthday. If not for you picking me up that day, I wouldn't have been able to lead such a fulfilling life. You have had and will always have my admiration. I will do my best to someday be as kind of a person as you are. Thank you for everything.
Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 12:21 AM (00:21)
Happyhappyhappy birthdaaay! I made a body double of Boss, so be sure to use it every day, because if you don't, it will start to bite!!!!! Please continue to shoot auroras from your glasses 👾🐯🐙🎩🚙🚀🍔🥦 Maybe soon you can make a charged particle beam!?!?!?!? Or we could play hide-and-seek in optical camouflage!
Yohei @godsummer0828 - 12:45 AM (00:45)
I've got the brandy you like prepared, professor.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 12:47 AM (00:57) I would like to thank our patrons for their kind words of congratulations as well. Thank you for your continued support of Bar 4/7.

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 7:38 AM (07:38)
I'm happy that the cake went over well. I'm very thankful that Master helped out, too, even though he isn't a fan of cream.

Saimon @kotonoha - 11:45 PM (23:45)
I received many messages of congratulations today. I'm very grateful to be able to celebrate this milestone with so many people, and the companions who are like family to me. I will continue to work hard to hold dear the connections I have made through music. I hope you will continue to support me as well as TCW.

September 19, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 11:05 PM (23:05)
Good eveVISTY🦋 The sun is starting to set earlier and earlier. I wonder if there might be more lights at night in the near future. It would be fun to go and take in a beautiful night view with my princess. #ByeVISTY

September 20, 2023

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 4:15 PM (16:15)
Been a while since I went to a bento place.

Hajun @smileywangja - 6:54 PM (18:54)
Allen's room has gotten messy. It seems he's been struck by inspiration, but that means that it will be a serious undertaking when it's time to clean up.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 PM (20:30)
Good VISTY Morning🌟 We've got practice all day today!! I bought a Mont Blanc to reward myself with tonight, so I'd better earn it!! All the fall seasonal sweets are coming out now, it's the best! #GoodVISTYMorning

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 10:29 PM (22:29)
Sorry everyone! Lol
I thought I'd draft a post for tomorrow, but turns out I accidentally tweeted it instead! How embarrassing lol
BTW, the Mont Blanc is one that I bought after Kantaro told me it's been trending recently. I guess I just really wanted to eat it already! Lol
I'll do my best tomorrow! Bye VISTY! #ByeVISTY

September 21, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! Today I went for a run after working out! I thought it might be getting cooler, but turns out it sure fuckin' isn't!!!!!! #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Ryoga @oregaryouga - 6:30 PM (18:30)
Gonna work on lyrics after taking a bath

September 22, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
It's about time for new pajamas~! Some fuzzy ones to suit autumn! I wanna do something fun, like a pajama party with everyone~! #GoodVISTYMorning

September 23, 2023

Kanata @czmzknt - 1:21 AM (01:21)

September 24, 2023

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 2:38 PM (14:38)
I'm feelin' like a drink and some sanma tonight. I'll hafta ask Zen about it!

September 25, 2023

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 2:15 AM (02:15)
The more I think about it, the more I feel as though my legs are about to give out underneath me where I stand. How much better might things have gone had I been stronger?

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗️ Today is chest day. I've seen more people out for runs lately; maybe it's because the temperature is finally coming down. It's nice to see like-minded people! My most muscular respect to my fellows in fitness! #WorkOut #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

September 26, 2023

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 4:03 AM (04:03)
Iron peperoncino!

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning🦋 It feels like the weather has been unpredictable lately, what with the sudden rain showers. I'm not one for low pressure weather, but what about all of you? If you've any recommendations on how to handle it, I'd love to hear them. #GoodVISTYMorning

September 27, 2023

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 6:04 AM (06:04)
Last night, it was my utmost privilege and incomparable pleasure to be subjected to a spirited chastising whipping courtesy of Dongha-bocchama until late into the night. I look forward to serving him with whole-hearted devotion today as well.

Toma @t0malikes2party - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 😎 Might it be getting a bit cooler out? I'm sooo jazzed to not have to worry about sweating when I do my makeup 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I'm feelin' that fall~~~~~ 😂😂😂 #GoodVISTYMorning

September 28, 2023

Kantaro @imsweeticutie - 08:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~ 🦄 Aren't there sooo many cute Halloween donuts? They make me wanna try them all 🥹🥹🥹 I'm gonna buy some after school! #GoodVISTYMorning

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 6:10 PM (18:10)
wanna start giving a beatdown already

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 6:25 PM (18:25)
How nice. I can hardly wait.

September 29, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! I had to use my brain in a test I wasn't expecting yesterday, so I'm gonna push my body just as hard with a workout 👊 #Workout #MusclesDontLie #AkanYatsura

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 7:10 PM (19:10)
At Rokuta's request, I have prepared tsukimi dango. It is pleasant to be able to partake in seasonal events such as this.

September 30, 2023

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 7:21 AM (07:21)
I stayed up late last night. I'm very glad I didn't oversleep.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 4:23 PM (16:23)
Pink, red, yellow, orange... h~mm, there are so many colors to pick from! How am I to choose~? And I wanna get something for myself, too~!