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June 1, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 On days when the rain's making you feel gloomy, I'd love it if you listened to our songs to get yourself hyped up! It might rain this afternoon, so don't forget to take an umbrella~! #GoodVISTYMorning

Rokuta @1nm8_06 - 5:45 PM (17:45)
I~ am~ hun~gry~!

Itsuki @1nm8_05 - 5:50 PM (17:50)
I will be going shopping at 6:10 PM. There are many things that I will need to be getting today, so please assist me.
Rokuta @1nm8_06 - 5:52 (17:52)
Gotcha! I'm on my way home now, then!

June 2, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning! 🌟 Good job getting through the week, everyone! What are everybody's plans for the weekend? #GoodVISTYMorning

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 5:05 PM (17:05)
I'm relieved that I had to submit less paperwork than usual last month. I hope this coming month will be uneventful, too.

Context: cozmez "Trust Nobody" MV drop at 18:00/6:00 PM

Nayuta @czmznyt - 6:11 PM (18:11)
Don't forget where we came from

Kanata @czmzknt - 6:13 PM (18:13)
No matter how far we've come, this is who we are

Allen @irepmyself - 6:19 PM (18:19)
That's really what hiphop is about. I'd expect no less from KANATA...!

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 6:35 PM (18:35)
This really is cozmez, huh... it's very cool, but I feel like I'm being overtaken by a feeling I don't have the words for.

June 3, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🦋 What are my princesses up to today? I'm going out to buy a new umbrella. I think I'll buy a big one, so my princess doesn't get wet while standing under it. With this, even the rain can become a lovely memory. #GoodVISTYMorning"

Context: Akan Yatsura "Kassai - Leave It To Me-" MV drop at 18:00/6:00 PM

Reo @AKreokunYR - 6:07 PM (18:07)
Of course we're not going to let it end here! Akan Yatsura are absolutely number one!!!!!!

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 6:10 PM (18:10)
I've been through enough rough times to make me feel like they might put me down for the count. But I'm a super-cool rapper who can take all of that and put it into song! Get ready, number six, this time we're gonna take the win!

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 6:12 PM (18:12)
I can be strong because my brothers are here. They always have been, and they always will.

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 6:18 PM (18:18)
I'm grateful for the chance to have met waka, my brothers, and all of the sixth men. All the painful experiences I've had to go through have meaning when I think of them as something that led me here. We're aiming for the stars. Let's go!

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 6:21 PM (18:21)
The banquet party doesn't go on forever; the throne is calling our names. Let's show them how strong the chains of our bonds really are. Let's go, sixth men

Allen @irepmyself - 6:24 PM (18:24)
They've always been great, but Akan Yatsura are really pulling out all the stops. The lyrics, the passion they have for one another... I could listen to this on repeat! I'm gonna loop this along with cozmez's song so I can fan over it later with all you Heads!

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 6:42 PM (18:42)
More like MC Smallfry-a.
*He literally says "more like tsubushigaian", presumably a joke about tsubushian (crushed red bean) and GAIA. I really, really wanted to render this as "more like MC Gay-a", but I think that's probably a bad idea, lol.

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 6:45 PM (18:45)

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 11:40 PM (23:40)
Both of them are way too awesome!

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 11:49 PM (23:49)
I've gotta work harder tooooo 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯

June 4, 2023

Kei @1nm8_07 - 12:46 AM (00:46)
Connection, trust, loneliness, pain. The darkness of the heart makes the light shine brighter. It's a very intense sound.

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 3:45 AM (03:45)
Looks like he's still got it, huh.

Toma @t0malikes2party - 12:10 PM (12:10)
Totes to be expected of the teams that made it to the semifinals, but both songs are totally poppin'! 🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧
What he literally uses here is a gyaru slang term that means 'not half-assed', so I could justify rendering this as "they're really putting their whole pussies into it". You're welcome.

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 12:16 PM (12:16)
I feel proud that we were able to take part in a competition alongside such impressive teams. We'll surpass them one day

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 5:33 PM (17:33)
I'm looking forward to the day of the stage battle! It's definitely gonna be a passionate one!

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 9:25 PM (21:25)
The lyrics are nice, aren't they? I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the finals.

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 10:18 PM (22:18)
I have taken the time to listen. As may be expected of the teams that are advancing to the semi-finals, it is hard to choose between the two. It seems that young master Dongha is curious as to how this battle will play out as well.

June 5, 2023

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 12:10 AM (00:10)
It's comin' on Anne-chan's birthday! We're goin' all out on a birthday event for our top earning hostess here at CANDY, so cancel all your plans and come visit CANDY with a full wallet~!

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! The battle sure ain't slackin', and neither will my workout motivation 👊 Let's fucking go! #workout #musclesdontlie #akanyatsura

Reo @AKreokunYR - 1:09 PM (13:09)
I'm super tired because I was up late practicing last night 😇

June 6, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Zen here❗️ Starting from today, I'll be undertaking a new training regimen in preparation for the upcoming battle! I have to be up to the challenge of carrying the entire continent on my back! #MuscleTraining #SurpassYourLimits #AkanYatsura

June 7, 2023

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 12:22 AM (00:42)
Can it hurry up and be our turn already? I want the chance to curbstomp them

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 6:55 PM (18:55)
Perhaps I'll buy some flowers for the shop before heading to 4/7.

Context: Shion held a mention party on Paratora, wherein his connection faltered a bit

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 8:46 PM (20:46)
horndog was using up all the bandwidth lmao

June 8, 2023

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 12:50 AM (00:50)
I'm very glad that Master is gradually starting to entrust me with more responsibilities. I'll try my hardest to do all I can. Good night.

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 4:54 AM (04:54)
Were it up to Magician☆Ryu-kun, we would all have 10 billion cookies and infinite silvervine~~~!!! Wouldn't that be perfect for the season where it's getting harder to sleep!?!? #EvenShikkiSmiledAtThis #BoingBoingGrowingFromMicrocosmToCosmpolitanNeapolitan

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 7:13 AM (07:13)
There are a bunch of stuffed animals piled up on my pillow... I wonder if Ryu-kun put them there.

June 9, 2023

Hajun @smileywangja - 7:15 PM (19:15)
I'm sure they will be drinking too much on the day-of, so perhaps I should prepare some samgye-tang in advance.

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 11:33 PM (23:33)
I'm suuuper worn out from lessons today~~~!! I wish I didn't have to do it so much, because I have to stay on the ball and so have like no time to check my phone~~! All you Stellas all totally get what I mean, right? 🥺 #ByeVISTY

June 10, 2023

Dongha @lastjeoldaeja - 11:33 PM (23:33)
It's not enough. Not yet.

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 3:30 PM (15:30)
Everyone's so fired up. I won't lose either.

Allen @irepmyself - 6:25 PM (18:25)
I don't know what I should get them for a present. I'll have to ask Hajun if he has any ideas.

June 11, 2023

Reo @AKreokunYR - 2:10 PM (14:10)
We're all gonna be practicing together today~~!! So Aniki will praise me a lot, and I'll get lots of headpats from Hokusai~!

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 10:45 PM (22:45)
No matter how many times I rewrite this happy-birthday message, it just doesn't feel right! I just have a lot I want to tell them...

June 12, 2023

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 12:02 AM (00:02)
Thanks so much for celebrating my birthday! The night's just getting started, so there's still plenty of time to come to CANDY right now~ I'll be waiting~!

Allen @irepmyself - 12:05 AM (00:05)
Anne, your creative ideas always take BAE's shows to the next level. Thanks for always bringing the best lyrics and performance to our stages! Hope you have a great one! Big shout out to anZ!!!
Hajun @smileywangja - 12:08 AM (00:08)
Happy birthday, Anne. As you blaze ahead with your apparel brand as well as your music, know you've always got my support. This year as well, keep spreading your wings in your own unique style.
Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR- 12:12 AM (00:12)
Make this year a good one. If you ever got troubles, I'm all ears.
Zen @AKbulkupYR - 12:16 AM (00:16)
Happy birthday, Anne-kun! I'll always be supporting you from the behind the scenes!! Let's celebrate and keep the good vibes going today!
Iori @AKgokigenYR - 12:20 AM (00:20)
Happiest of birthdays to you, Anne-chan! Every table in the club's the hottest they've been all year-- ain't that a cheerful sight? I already said this in person, but thanks again for all your hard work~!
Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 12:25 AM (00:25)
Happy birthday! Anne-sama's words and actions always give me strength!! I'll keep working hard so that I can some day become as splendid a person as you! May you have the best of years! I'll be supporting you all the way!! I hope we get the chance to talk again sometime soon!

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 12:31 AM (00:31)

Context: SWANK A/W 2023 announced on official Paradox Live account at 7:00 PM

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 7:00 PM (19:00)
Sorry to keep you waiting! SWANK is announcing a new line~! The motif we're going for this time is a campus look, with the theme "ANTI BIAS". I want people to be able to express their own style without getting caught up in prejudice, and to have fun without worrying what other people may think.✌ Check it out on Insta, too 🥰

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 11:51 PM (23:51) I want to thank everyone for all of the well-wishes and gifts I received today~! I read every last message I received! I had a really great birthday-- I love all you guys~! Thank you again, and into the future as well! xoxo

June 13, 2023

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 2:40 PM (14:40)
I saw some hydrangeas~! And there was a snail, too!! It's super awesome that it's able to carry its entire house on its back~ Do you think snails are also super strong, like me?

June 14, 2023

Kei @1Nm8_07 - 2:40 AM (02:40)
On days with nice weather like this, it may be nice to spend some time together.

June 15, 2023

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 7:10 AM (07:10)
Been a hot minute since anyone else cooked a meal for me. Guess this ain't half bad once in a while.

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 8:30 AM (08:30)
I'm so glad he liked it.

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 12:30 PM (12:30)
I finally found it!! Yakiniku flavored gummy candy!! It's got all 3 flavors of beef tongue, offal, and galbi in it, what a steal~! A perfect snack for when you wanna work hard!

June 16, 2023

Allen @irepmyself - 5:10 PM (17:10)
I really want a chance to talk about hiphop with all of the heads, but my schedule is full...! Maybe I can free up some time on Wednesday night?

June 17, 2023

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 3:22 PM (15:22)
We encountered a wild Fuu-chan, so Ryu-kun and Shikki cheered him on!!!!! Now Fuu-chan is 500 times faster than he was before! #GetBiiigger #ExplosiveGrowthGrandPrixChampionshipSeries

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 3:27 PM (15:27)
I'll do my best in the battle round.

June 18, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (9:15)
wassup? It's ya boy GAIA!! We're already all fired up and ready to go, but what about all of you sixth men?? Let's kick it into high gear today!! #workout #musclesdontlie #akanyatsura

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 11:02 PM (23:02)
Thanks for another great day! Stellas, did you do anything interesting today? For my part, I went shopping with Kantaro and the others. Let's do our best again tomorrow! #ByeVISTY

June 19, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 It's been getting humid lately and it's already super uncomf, but I bought a hand fan yesterday and it's already getting put to good use~~ #GoodVISTYMorning

Reo @AKreokunYR - 10:18 PM (22:18)
We've been practicing tons, and it's all really coming together! I wonder if it's really okay to be this cool. 🥺

June 20, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🦋 I checked, and it seems that the end of firefly season is almost here. Were I able to sneak out in the middle of the night to see them with my princesses before they're gone, I'm sure that would be a lot of fun. #GoodVISTYMorning

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 5:11 PM (17:11)
Starting today, I've got my work cut out for me. I'll do my best~!

June 21, 2023

Allen @irepmyself - 12:00 AM (00:00)
@_BURAIKAN_ Happy birthday, Yasha-san!! BAE are going to take the championship this time in the Road to Legend! Please keep your eye on us! RESPECT!!!

June 22, 2023

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 6:44 PM (18:44) The doorknob is gone.

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 9:06 PM (21:06) Since all of the paperwork has been dealt with, I might be able to take it easy tonight.

June 23, 2023

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🌟 Good job on getting through another week! There may have been some rough-weather days, but we all still did our best. Just one more day until the weekend! Let's go for it! #GoodVISTYMorning

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 1:16 PM (13:16)
Itsuki-nii fixed the doorknob~! It's amazing, there's nothing he can't do! When I tried to fix it, it just came straight off!

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 10:45 PM (22:45)
Watching Shiki and Ryu become more dependable by the day, I truly feel that that I will cherish these irreplaceable moments.

June 24, 2023

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 12:09 PM (12:09)
I think I'm gonna go get some shaved ice~! It's all fluffy and colorful~!! What're you guys' favorite flavors?

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 3:24 PM (15:24)
Hair's getting long.

June 25, 2023

Toma @t0malikes2party - 9:58 AM (09:58)
Good VISTY morning 😎 My makeup application is totally on point today 🌞🌞🌞 Getting enough sleep is suuuuper important~ ✨✨✨✨✨ #goodVISTYmorning

June 26, 2023

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 12:43 AM (00:43)
It's so humid it's making my hair curl! Why do I look like a teddy bear that's been been put through the dryer!?

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning~! 🦄 Have you guys made any plans for your summer vacations? It's getting to be about the time I'm gonna need to start making a plan for places to check out~! If you Stellas have any reccs, lemme know~! 🏖 #goodVISTYmorning

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 1:09 PM (13:09)
The battle's already starting the day after tomorrow!! We're taking our 6th members along to the finals!! As long as we're with you guys, ain't no stormy sea we can't make it across!!

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 2:10 PM (14:10)
I can tell y'all are chomping at the bit, but hold on just a bit longer. Day after tomorrow, we'll blow everyone away.

Reo @AKreokunYR - 4:30 PM (16:30)
Can it hurry up and be battle time already~! This time, we're taking no prisoners. Look forward to it! 👿

June 27, 2023

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
So it's finally happening tomorrow. My muscles and vibes are as ready as they're ever going to be! Akan Yatsura will carry our mikoshi like a dreadnought together as a family!

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 1:09 PM (13:09)
We'll eat them whole

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 8:40 PM (20:40)
Whichever one ends up being on the menu, I'm looking forward to it either way

Kanata @czmzknt - 11:05 PM (23:05)
We ain't changed yet. We ain't changing now.

Nayuta @czmznyt - 11:07 PM (23:07)
we're invincible

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 11:13 PM (23:13)
We've been stepping it up for this moment. We're ready to take at the top. We're goin' all out.

June 28, 2023

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 9:15 AM (09:15)
Our day has come! Zen-nii has been pushing me forward, so I'm pulling everyone along for the ride! You ready for this!?

Toma @t0malikes2party - 12:37 PM (12:37)
I've thought it was gonna be a good one ever since they announced the matchup, but now that it 's time, I'm suuuper excited!😎😎😎 Lemme get the heads and myself all signed up for the super-hyped All-Access Premium Plan to get our vibes amped up 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

Reo @AKreokunYR - 1:47 PM (13:47)
Rehearsal time~! Everyone is super pumped. See you soon, everyone!

Zen @AKbulkupYR - 2:19 PM (14:19)
We'll go up on stage to show what we've been building together since the day we met. I take heart in being able to fight alongside our sixth men once again. You have my thanks.

Hokusai @AKyoshiyoshiYR - 3:24 PM (15:24)
We'll give it our all. Anything else would be impolite.

Shion @smokinwhitedog - 4:44 PM (16:44)
I wonder which of the two will satisfy?

Yuto @mainichiheiwani - 5:09 PM (17:09)
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of performance we'll get to see.

Kanata @czmzknt - 5:50 PM (17:50)
We'll show you on stage

Nayuta @czmznyt - 5:53 PM (17:53)
take a good look at how strong cozmez are

Iori @czmznyt - 5:55 PM (17:55)
Let's go. Time for a festival.

Context: TRUST voting round began at 18:00, implied to be the in-universe time the performances happen

Allen @irepmyself - 10:02 PM (22:02)
With Trust Nobody, the basic sound is still the same, of course, but I feel like it has a totally different atmosphere when it's performed live. The water that it drags you down into is colder and deeper. It's like looking up at a distant moon from under the surface of a lonely lake. The bass swells and tangles itself around your legs, and the way their voices are so clean makes the water feel all the clearer. There's this feeling of wanting to resign yourself to the sad warmth of it all, but the strength of it keeps you from closing your eyes. They've got natural talent, but the skill with which they can spin an atmosphere has gone way up. I'd love a chance to go up against the current cozmez. That's what that performance made me think.

Allen @irepmyself - 10:10 PM (22:10)
No matter how many times I listen to Kassai, it's just got this bright coolness that makes it incredibly inviting. It's got this foundation, like the rings of a huge tree, that you just can't make overnight. And like a tree growing rings, those layers bear a lot of scars that they've accumulated as they've grown. You can tell that years of experience have created a thick outer layer that protects those wounds, making them stronger and bigger than they were before. They overcome adversity and continue to reach for the sun with integrity and intentionality. No matter how many times you see it performed, it's amazing to see. I think the point of hiphop is to turn your past into a weapon through your music, and Akan Yatsura are a team that really embodies that philosophy.

Anne @fxxkdaborder - 10:14 PM (22:14)
That show was like all of summer condensed into a single moment. Scorching and fun, but you leave it with a tightness in your chest. I don't even know what to call this feeling. All I know is it was an incredible performance from both teams.

Hajun @smileywangja - 10:16 PM (22:16)
Truly, I expected nothing less. I'm excited for the finals.

Kantaro @imsweetiecutie - 10:32 PM (22:23)
Everything from the track, the lyrics, and of course the phantom illusions, the lighting, the staging, all of it was totally perfect! I had goosebumps from beginning to end! It makes me really really wanna perform on stage again! There's sooooo much more I still wanna do, let me bathe in that spotlight too! So I'm gonna make way more songs now!

Shogo @sho5gummylife - 10:44 PM (22:44)
A performance so awesome it defies description. Our music's a different genre, but the fire inside is the same. I want to rise higher, I want to keep getting stronger. That's all I can think and feel right now.

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 10:48 PM (22:48)
It was really on another level. I have no doubt that we'll reach even greater heights one day. I'm really looking forward to that moment. We just have to keep moving forward.

Saimon @kotonoha0918 - 10:53 PM (22:53)
Superb performances from both teams. Their words took shape, as though projecting the images of their lived histories into my very eyes. I sincerely hope TCW will be able to meet them in the finals.

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 11:10 PM (23:10)
Get on with it, already. Don't wanna wait another second to beat their asses.

Ryoga @orega_ryouga - 11:21 PM (23:21)
Feels like getting socked in the face. Next time I'll be the one throwing punches. Just you wait.

Chungsung @battler4dongha - 11:35 PM (23:35)
Once again, we were able to behold this round live at the venue. Both teams delivered splendid, heavy-hitting performances. It seems to have been an inspiring experience for Dongha-bocchama; my delight knows no bounds.

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 11:40 PM (23:40)
They both put on amazing performances. It makes me want to take part in another stage battle, too.

June 29, 2023

Rokuta @1Nm8_06 - 12:11 AM (00:11)
It was really super cool!!! And awesome!!

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 12:28 AM (00:28)
I had a fun time, but the more I think about it, the more jealous I get. I'm not doing nearly enough yet-- I want to get even bigger. I kind of hope I can hold onto these feelings forever. I know it's pathetic and petty of me, but I know they'll light a fire under me. Next time, I'm not going to be an onlooker anymore. I'm going to be the one everyone's looking at.

Ryu @ryukunkawaii - 12:45 AM (00:46)

Kei @1Nm8_ 07 - 1:58 AM (01:58)
I was met with a clearer view than I would have expected. What I saw flowed in and ensnared me and wouldn't let go.

Yohei @godsummer0828 - 2:36 AM (02:36)
Killed it. Next time we meet, it'll be on stage.

Itsuki @1Nm8_05 - 12:44 PM (12:44)
I was able to feel an unexpected amount of enthusiasm from both the competing teams and from the audience. It would never have occurred to me to regard such irregularity as beautiful.

Satsuki - @AKsatsukingYR - 4:45 PM (16:58)
Yesterday was fuckin' sweet!! We really went all out! Together with the sixth mens' vibes we cranked the performance up to 300%!!! Y'all aren't just providing a bit of cover fire anymore, it's more like everyone's got fuckin' rocket launchers!! Keep it up!!!

Zen - @AKbulkupYR - 5:55 PM (17:55)
This festival is just getting started. Let's get these flames so hot that nobody has any shot of cooling them down. Akan Yatsura will burn so bright that even the summer sun pales in comparison!! Let's join forces and keep pushing forward!! Let's go!!!

Iori - @AKgokigenYR - 6:10 PM (18:10)
Ain't we just too damn cool? We're Akan Yatsura, after all. We have no intention of losing.

Kanata - @czmzknt - 11:10 PM (23:10)
sorry but the winner is gonna be us

June 30, 2023

Aoi @IOAOI_VISTY - 8:30 AM (08:30)
Good VISTY morning 🦋 I went for a short walk yesterday, and it was still lovely come nightfall. Every time the evening breeze blew, it was as though my princess was stroking my hair, which made me quite happy. 🦋 #GoodVISTYMorning"

context: First preliminary voting results for TRUST voting released at 12:00 PM. cozmez were trailing at 2.6m, AKYR leading at 3.2m.

Iori @AKgokigenYR - 12:07 PM (12:07)
What a show of spirit! Thanks for your show of support! Don't count any chickens before they're hatched, though. There's just one thing our family in Akan Yatsura has to focus on: makin' some noise and getting this festival even more hyped!

Satsuki @AKsatsukingYR - 12:15 PM (12:15)
You guys ain't done yet, right?! Let's go balls to the wall, sixth men!! #KeepCheeringAkanYatsuraOn

Allen @irepmyself - 12:21 PM (12:21)
It's getting hot!! Both teams put on a great showing. I hope they keep fighting it out to the very end with no regrets!

Shiki @nanashisaboten - 12:36 PM (12:36)
I wish you all the best of luck.

Toma @t0malikes2party - 12:41 PM (12:41)
There's no telling what's gonna happen~~! Hey, do any of our stellas happen to be able to see the future~~~~~?

Nayuta @czmznyt - 12:51 PM (12:51)
we'll show you that cozmez are the real deal. this doesn't mean anything yet

Reo @AKreokunYR - 1:09 PM (13:09)
Thanks for your support so far, everyone!! We'll keep on making it more and more excitiiing!

Kenta @endbringer_666_ - 1:15 PM (13:15)
well isn't that interesting

"Hanitaro" @pppieeeeeen - 11:33PM (23:33)
I wanna soak in allllll this inspiration and make something real good~~~ 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯 Go Honey go!