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Murase Ayumu's BAE Floorplan Madness

Following the official premiere of the Paradox Live anime, Murase Ayumu (Hajun's voice actor) went on a several tweet long madness spiral about BAE's floor plan. He posted a video about it. This is that video.
We got asked to translate this, so we did! (Carp did the work.)

So I watched the Pararai anime, and I was amazed by BAE's apartment, so let me just explain my thoughts on BAE's BFF three-person apartment.

This may be a little rough, but-- so here's the entrance. You enter from the door here, and there's an entryway that immediately turns a corner[1]. If you look at the floorplan, the rooms are laid out with this corner, so for any service or delivery workers that come, when they're looking straight ahead, all they see is this wall and they can't look into the living room or anything. That's a pretty good layout, I think.

But the best thing about this apartment, of course, is the wide span of the layout. Here you've got the perfect view- ah, I lost my train of thought- you get an amazing view from this whole side of the unit, while every one of the rooms can get fresh air from the balcony here.

Well, the one downside of all three rooms being lined up next to one another like this is, well, the lack of privacy, I guess, since the walls seem pretty thin. That might be a bit of a cause for concern.

But the nice thing about this floorplan is that, since it's a corner apartment, you don't have to worry so much about the building's support pillars here eating into the usable area. And this bathroom here, you can enter it from the hallway, but also from the open kitchen over here. Oh, let's give them a cupboard here as well. A cupboard, right here. C-u-p-b-o-a-r-d, there we go.

So if you're cooking in the kitchen, you can enter the washroom from here as well. And if you want to take a bath, you can go in from that way. It's a double entry washroom, so you can do whichever way you like. For the glass here, since this is the ideal dream apartment with a view, so I made this an open kitchen, and put a glass partition here so that it's not cut off by a wall. Yeah, I was thinking a glass kitchen would be really nice here.

So, I think if we really wanted- oh oops. These glico supplements I always use got in the shot haha. Anyways, I think if we really wanted to-- ah, where should I put it, here I guess-- we could put a spiral staircase here, and have it lead to a second floor, or a mezzanine or something. Make the ceiling a bit higher, and have a mezzanine here that they use as a studio, or somewhere they can gather and relax. And from that second floor, you can get to that huge full balcony.

I think that'd be the best layout for them. Yeah, that seems good. Mmm, if that's the case, their ceiling really have to be quite high....

And that's my vision of BAE's ultimate apartment layout.

[1] referred to as a "crank-in" (クランクイン), which basically just means the kind of entryway that turns in on a corner like this one