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Mention Party - October 25, 2023 - cozmez

Kanata - 19:03
ugh, do we really have to keep doing this every time

Nayuta - 19:03
we don't have a choice. they said we have to "get involved more".

Kanata - 19:04
what's the point? we're rappers, not talkers.

Nayuta - 19:05
for real. they should just listen to the song, that should be enough.

Kanata - 19:07
to make it worse, the only thing anyone ever asks on here is boring bullshit

Nayuta - 19:07
let's just get this over with

Fan - 19:09
I've followed you forever, so believe me when I say... there are so many heads supporting you....
Kanata - 19:10
are you fucking kidding? you'd have to be crazy to not be behind us after hearing our songs

Fan - 19:10
Do you prefer eating meat? Or do you prefer fish?
Nayuta - 19:12
even if i told you, what's it to you? kanata was right about you people

Kanata - 19:12
anyway, i'm hungry

Nayuta - 19:13
mood. after this is done let's go get something to eat

Kanata - 19:13
then let's wrap it up

Nayuta - 19:14
that should be enough, right?