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Mention Party - October 13, 2023 - Ryoga

Ryoga - 19:59
We're supposed to meet here or something?

Ryoga - 19:59
Lot of people here

Fan - 20:00
Tosa-kun, have you eaten dinner yet??
Ryoga - 20:01
just ate

Fan - 20:00
Tosa Ryoga, what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Ryoga - 20:03
brush my teeth and have a smoke

Fan - 20:03
Tosa Ryoga!! Did you get a haircut recently!? You should cut your bangs!
Ryoga - 20:04
even if I did there wouldn't be a point

Fan - 20:04
Ryoga-kun, it's been getting cold recently; do you handle the cold well?
Ryoga - 20:05
I don't have a problem with it

Fan - 20:04
Tosa-kun, what tar weight of cigarette do you smoke?
Ryoga - 20:06
*I don't smoke so idk what the exact phrase for this is, but they're asking what the tar weight of the cigarettes he smokes is; 1-6mg are ultra lights, 6-15 are lights, and more than 15 are regular/"full flavor", so his brand are in the mid-range of lights

Fan - 20:07
Who smokes the most out of everyone in GokuLuck?
Ryoga - 20:08
probably me or shion

Fan - 20:08
I'm so glad you came onto Paratora, Ryoga!
The new song was great!!!
Ryoga - 20:09

Ryoga - 20:10
why do you guys want to know stuff like that?

Fan - 20:10
If you don' give me a reply, I'm gonna go and cry in the bathroom
Ryoga - 20:11
if you have to go shouldn't you just go?

Fan - 20:12
Ryoga-kun, what do you do when you're tired?
Ryoga - 20:12
Go to sleep

Fan - 20:12
Be sure you win the next battle!!
Because if you don't win, I won't give you a carton of cigarettes!!!!

Okay, that was a lie. I believe you can win, you're determined to win, and you will win‼️
Do your best!!!
Ryoga - 20:13
I'm sure we'll win

Fan - 20:14
Ryoga-kun, tell me how to work out!
Ryoga - 20:15
pushups and pull-ups

Fan - 20:15
Tosa Ryoga-san, do you prefer your yakitori with sauce? Or do you like it with salt?
Ryoga - 20:16
as long as it tastes good it doesn't matter

Fan - 20:15
I won't ask for a drink, but I'd like to have tea with you sometime... I'll wait for you as long as it takes!
Ryoga - 20:17
don't do that

Fan - 20:18
Is your motorcycle an American build?
A naked bike?
A racer replica?
An off-roader?
Ryoga - 20:19
it's an American

Fan - 20:19
Tosa-kun, you strike me as the kind of guy who'd get your ramen piled up super high with extra pork on top and then devour it in seconds... how do you order your ramen?*
Ryoga - 20:20
you should get what you want to eat, right?
*This is kind of hard to explain succinctly but basically what they're talking about a style of ramen with an almost comical amount of stuff piled on top of it

Fan - 20:21
Tosa-kun, I loved how your your part in S.W.A.G. contained shoutouts to previous GokuLuck songs 🔥🔥🔥
I'm really looking forward to hearing it on the day-of!
Ryoga - 20:22
we'll blow you away with our sound

Fan - 20:22
Ryoga-kun, who do you spend the most time with?
I'm thinking maybe Kaida-kun, since you'd spend so much time in smoking areas with him?
Ryoga - 20:23
sure, I guess
Fan - 20:22

Tosa-kun, are you good at fighting?
Ryoga - 20:23
I've never lost one

Fan - 20:24
Please tell me the secret to getting stronger in fights...
Ryoga - 20:25
it's not all about physical strength

Fan - 20:25
Are the prison-issue beds long enough to fit you, Ryoga?
Ryoga - 20:26
they're fucking tiny

Fan - 20:26
Ryoga-kun!!! I'm really rooting for you in this battle!!! Please win!!!!!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Ryoga - 20:27
count on it

Fan - 20:27
Tosa-kun, if you were to go on vacation, would you go to the mountains or the sea?
Ryoga - 20:28

Ryoga - 20:30
huh? one of my replies disappeared

Ryoga - 20:31
the fuck is going on

Ryoga - 20:32
did the person i was replying to delete their post? don't delete

Fan - 20:34
Are you not good with technology, Ryoga-kun?
Ryoga - 20:34
I'm so-so

Fan - 20:35
Tosa-kun, you're so cute!!!!!!
If I foot the bill, will you go out drinking with me??!!
Ryoga - 20:35
I don't go out with people I don't know

Fan - 20:35
Ryoga-chama, don't get sulky!
Ryoga - 20:36
I ain't sulking

Fan - 20:37
Tosa-kun, do you dislike insects?
I'm imagining you running away from them 🤔
Ryoga - 20:38
scared of insects? I'll crush them with my bare hands

Fan - 20:38
Ryoga-kun, I really want to go on a date with you
Then I can die happy
Ryoga - 20:39
don't be a dumbass and just say you're gonna die so frivolously

Fan - 20:39
I've been really busy at work!!!! It's hard having no money!!!!!!! But I'm looking forward to the finals, so please, Ryoga-kun, give me some words to help me do my best...!!! 😭😭😭
Ryoga - 20:40
as long as you're walking free, there's nothing better than that

Fan - 20:41
Tosa-kun... I'm sulking... I want to talk to you...
Ryoga - 20:41
what have you got to sulk about? knock it off

Fan - 20:41
Ryoga-kun, is it alright if I call you Ryo-chan?
Ryoga - 20:42
do whatever you want

Fan - 20:42
Tosa-kun, have you ever been called cute?/
Ryoga - 20:43
what do you think?

Fan - 20:42
I don't want to go to my part-time job 💦
I want you to give me some words of support, Tosa-kun 🥺
Ryoga - 20:44
don't act spoiled

Ryoga - 20:45
why'd my message disappear again? i thought they wanted me to reply? i don't get it

Fan - 20:46
Don't get sulky, Ryoga-chama
Ryoga - 20:46
I already said I ain't sulking

Ryoga - 20:47
I think that's enough for now. we're done here. later.