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Mention Party - October 11, 2023 - Rokuta

Rokuta - 17:12
Hiii everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes~! I'm coming on today to say thanks~! How's everyone doing today??

Fan - 17:14
Happy birthday, Rokuta ✨✨✨
I was eating some of my favorite chocolate just now!! Do you want to eat some together???
Rokuta - 17:15
I want some~! Is it the sweet kind? Or the bitter kind? I like the sweet kind~!

Fan - 17:14
Rokutaaa‼️‼️‼️ Happy birthday‼️‼️
I really hope you had a happy birthday‼️‼️
I celebrated a toooooooooon yesterday 🥰🥰
Rokuta - 17:16
Yay~! Thanks! I've never received so many happy-birthdays before, so I'm really happy!

Fan - 17:14
Congratulations on your birthday being yesterday~!!
I had a day off today, so I just spent it relaxing~!!
Did you do anything today, Rokuta-kun~??
Rokuta - 17:17
Thanks~! I was resting too! In fact I just woke up from a nap just now~!

Fan - 17:14
Yoohoo, Rokuta-kun 🥹
I was just thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner today~! Rokuta-kun, what are you going to have??
Rokuta - 17:19
Today, hmm? I'll have to ask Itsuki-nii about it later! I wanna have lots of delicious food~!

Fan - 17:19
Rokuta-kun, happy birthday ✨
You looked so cute with your cheeks stuffed full of karaage 🥰
Today I had some Baumkuchen for a snack~
I want to have an exclusive sweets party with you sometime 😊
Rokuta - 19:21
Itsuki-nii told me I had to eat vegetables too, so I ate a bunch of vegetables! It was great!
A sweets party would be great! But let's not have it be exclusive, let's invite everyone~!

Fan- 17:21
Rokuta-kun, happy birthday! Did you get anything from Kei-kun and Itsuki-kun yesterday?
Rokuta - 17:22
Nah! When they asked if I wanted anything, I told them that eating some delicious karaage together is what makes me happiest, so I asked them to do that! Plus, I'd be sad if I got something and then I broke it!

Fan - 17:22
Seeing Rokuta-kun eating karaage that looks that delicious, it makes me want karaage too (*´艸 `)
Should I make some karaage tonight? ♡
Rokuta - 17:23
That sounds great! I think it'd absolutely be a great idea to do that~!

Fan - 17:22
Rokuta-kun, good evening!
Congratulations on your birthday yesterday 🎉🎂
Did you do anything today~????
Rokuta - 17:25
Thanks for the happy birthday~! Today the weather was really nice, so I went on a really long walk~!

Fan - 17:25
Rokuta-kun, happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂
Apparently, there are tonkatsu-flavored gummies; have you ever tried them?
Rokuta - 17:26
Whaaaat?? That sounds like it'd taste really weird!! Would they be sweet? Would they be salty??

Fan - 17:26
Rokuta! What were the pictures that Kei and Itsuki drew on your omurice yesterday like? I'm really curious about the puppy and the chick!!
Rokuta - 17:27
Kei-chan's drawing was super cute, and Itsuki-nii's was really realistic!

Fan - 17:28
Rokuta-kun, what do you want your fans to call you~?
Rokuta - 17:29
Umm~ Whatever is fine~! I'd be happy if you called me whatever you want! But if you don't wanna come up with anything, just Rokuta is fine!

Fan - 17:29
Can I call you Roku-chan?
Rokuta - 17:30

Fan - 17:29
Is there anything you love more than fried chicken, Rokuta-kun?
I'm dying to know,so please tell me!
Rokuta - 17:32
Itsuki-nii and Kei-chan!

Fan - 17:32
Rokutaaaa! Happy birthday ♡♡♡
Are you still growing, Rokuta?!
You're always eating a lot so I assume that you're still growing taller
You might be over 2m tall one day!!
Rokuta - 17:33
Thanks~! Can I still get bigger? Wouldn't it be great if I could?

Fan - 17:33
I'm going to go make some tamagoyaki now; I like mine sweet!
Rokuta, when it comes to tamagoyaki, do you like yours salty or sweet?
Rokuta - 17:34
Both are good~! I can't possibly decide which is tastier~!

Fan - 17:34
Rokutaaa! Let me start by saying happy birthday ♡🐶
Was your omurice delicious?? ♡
Both Itsuki-kun and Kei-chan seem good at ketchup drawings 🐶🐣
I wish all three of you continued happiness and smiles ♡ You have my support ✊
Rokuta - 17:36
It was super delicious!! And thanks for your support~!

Fan - 17:35
Rokuta, what are you going to have for dinner today ‼️‼️
Rokuta - 17:37
I dunno! Itsuki-nii went shopping while I was in the middle of my nap so I'll have to ask him when he gets back!

Fan - 17:38
I'm exhausted because it's the first day of a testing period, so I wish you could give me headpats~
Can I come join you once I'm done?
Rokuta - 17:39
Sure! But also, what's a testing period? Some kinda festival??

Fan - 17:39
Rokuta!!! Happy birthday 🎊 I couldn't help but smile when I heard that you ate a lot yesterday 😊 I hope you continue to eat a lot. I hope you make lots of great memories on your next birthday, too!! I hope that you're able to continue to celebrate with the rest of 1Nm8 as a trio 🩷 And winter is going to be coming soon, so be sure to take care of yourself! I'm always rooting for you 🥺
I really love you! 🩷
I hope you keep being a lovely puppy, Rokuta 😊 🩷
Rokuta - 17:40
I had a really great birthday!! I'd be really happy if everyone could congratulate me like that again!
But also, I'm not a puppy!!

Fan - 17:40
Eh!? What do you mean Rokuta's not a puppy!?!?!?
Rokuta - 17:41
I'm not~!!

Fan - 17:40
Rokuta, happy birthday ‼️🎂🩷 I looooooooooove you, Rokuta‼️💞💞
I also had some karaage yesterday because it was the birthday of the cutest doggy-like Rokuta ❣️🧚‍♀️
It was really good (˶ᵔ ω ᵔ˶)
Do you like just regular karaage with nothing added, Rokuta? Sometimes I have it with a little lemon, or things like that!
Rokuta - 17:42
Really!? I'm so happy to hear that!! Karaage really is the best!! You have to make sure you thank the person who made it!!
I like it with lemon, or mayonnaise, or just plain is good too!

Fan - 17:42
I'm so happy for the chance to meet Rokuta today!
Rokuta - 17:43
Me too! I'm glad we were able to meet!!

Fan - 17:43

Rokuta, aren't you a super-cute puppy??
Rokuta - 17:44
I'm not a puppy! Why does everyone say I'm like a dog?? Am I really that similar to one?

Fan - 17:44
Rokuta-kun! Happy birthday!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
There's lots of frozen premade karaage that you can pick up at the grocery store, but there's also the karaage that Itsuki and Kei make at home, right!? Which do you think is better?!??? 😍😍😍😍😍
Rokuta - 17:45
Itsuki-nii's! 'Cuz every time he makes it it gets more and more delicious!
Fan - 17:44
Rokuta-kun! Yoohoo!! It's been a while!!
It's been getting chilly lately...
When you go on walks, be sure you stay warm!!! 🍂

Congratulations on your birthday yesterday
I hope this reaches you, Rokuta~~~!!!! ♡
Rokuta - 17:46
Okie dokey! I'll be sure to keep warm!
And thanks for the happy birthday! It makes me really happy!

Fan - 17:46
Waaaah, I also want to eat Itsuki's karaage 😭😭
Be sure to invite me next time you have a part 😭🤍
Rokuta - 17:46
Okie dokey! I'll ask Itsuki-nii about inviting everyone!

Fan - 17:47
I saw Rokuta-kun eating karaage yesterday, so I ate some today too! I made oyakodon with karaage on top 🥚🍳🍚
It was super delicious 😋 The karaage made me really happy! I wonder if it was the same for you yesterday, Rokuta-kun?! I hope you enjoy your dinner today, too! 🩷
[img: photo of the food described above]
Rokuta - 17:48

Fan - 17:48
Do you like sweets, Rokuta?
If you see this comment, I'd love to know the answer
Rokuta - 17:49
I love sweets! 'Cuz when you eat them, they make you feel rea~lly happy!

Fan - 17:48
Hey, Rokuta~!!
Can you see this!?
Rokuta - 17:50
Eh! What? What do you see? What is it, what is it!

Fan - 17:51
Please reply to me~ 😭
Rokuta - 17:51
Okie dokey! Here you go~!

Fan - 17:50
Rokuta, congratulations on your birthday yesterday!!
How did you like the vegetables that you had while you were eating karaage yesterday? Were they delicious?
Rokuta - 17:52
They were like vegetables!

Fan - 17:50
I'm giving up... 🥺
I don't know when the next time Rokuta-kun is going to come onto Paratora, but I hope I get a reply from him then... 🫶🫶
Rokuta - 17:53
Eh!? Then let's talk right now! What'd you do today? What'd you eat? Was it good? I took a really long walk today!!
Fan - 17:53
Rokuta-kun's birthday is my birthday, and my birthday is Rokuta-kun's birthday! Rokuta is happy, so I'm happy!
Rokuta - 17:54
You mean we have the same birthday? That's amazing! We can have double the parties!

Rokuta - 17:55
Ah, Itsuki-nii is back!

Rokuta - 17:55
We're having curry today!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

Rokuta - 17:56
Well then, I gotta go help Itsuki-nii! Thanks everyone for playing with me! See you again~!