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Mention Party - October 4, 2023 - Allen

Allen - 20:05
My bad! I'm running a little late!

Allen - 20:06
How's everyone doing?

Allen - 20:07
Alright, there we go! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I had a great day thanks to all of you!! I hope I can keep these vibes rolling into the future 🔥🔥🔥

Fan - 20:07
I'm doing great~! Since Allen is here, I'm doing amazing!!!!
How's the new song coming along? If you don't make sure to clean your room up, Hajun will get mad with you!
Allen - 20:09
I'm putting the finishing touches on the new song!! This time around I'm trying to make a sound that's like a culmination of everything BAE has been up until now!!
And my room is... ... I'll worry about that after the battle is over!!

Fan - 20:09
I'm so excited for Ch△mp1on to drop ✨
I'd love to know any "please pay attention to this part ☝️" things you'd like for people to pay attention to!!!!!
Allen - 20:12
I'm being particular about the intonation of the song as a whole; the introduction is meant to evoke approaching the throne, and then from there the rhythm picks up and begins to develop until it makes you want to get up and dance!
From there, I hope you can imagine the tension getting higher and higher right until the hook hits! I tried to give the hook a sort of passionate feeling because it gives it this explosive power, and then

Allen - 20:12
That's right, I forgot there's a character limit...

Fan - 20:12
It's truly fantastic that Allen-kun is here 💕
You're always so cool!!
I'll keep getting getting my vibes up and cheering you on all the way through the finals 🔥🔥🔥
I'm looking forward to seeing BAE shine bright in the finals 🚩🚩🚩
Allen - 20:14
Thanks! We're getting more and more excited for the finals too!! I think it'd be amazing if we can manage to win at an event hosted by Buraikan themselves! We've got to keep our spirits up and keep moving forward so we can become the next legends! I'll do my best to shine bright 🔥🔥🔥

Fan - 20:15
Good evening, Allen-kun!
I've got a question about the new song. The last one had a sort of space theme; is there any kind of motif for this one???
I love how all of BAE's songs put me in a good mood! I'm really looking forward to the new song too 🥹
Good luck going into the finals ✊✊✊
Allen - 20:15
This time I was going for something like a march towards victory! Since the goal is to become the new legends, I made the track with the idea of casting off our past selves and aiming to take the top with confidence! We've packed in even more gimmicks and tricks than we ever have before, so please look forward to it!

Fan - 20:17
Happy birthday, Allen-kun! 🎂🎂
I'm really looking forward to the new song!
You'll definitely win in the finals 🏆
I'm always rooting for BAE 🔥🔥🔥
Please make sure to let Hajun and Anne-chan know, too ❤️❤️
Allen - 20:19
Thanks for the birthday wishes!! We're definitely gonna win in the finals!
Not just me and Hajun and Anne, but I'm sure all of our heads feel the same as well!
Let's all take the win together!

Fan - 20:19
Allen-kun, good evening!
Happy belated birthday to you!
The finals are only two weeks away 🫣
Does the "1" in Ch△mp1on mean that it's going to take first place?
Please let me know if it means something 💕
With the three of you and all of the BAE heads together, let's wave that flag 🚩🔥
Allen - 20:21
Good evening! And thanks for the birthday wishes!
I can't stop myself from wanting to get on stage and perform the new song right this very second, but I want to make sure I refine it to be the best it can possibly be and show everyone the very best song I can!!
As for the title of the song, the number "1" is exactly what it seems to be! This time, we're aiming to take the #1 spot, which we missed by a narrow margin last time, so this time we're putting it right in the title! Let's all raise BAE's flag and let it fly!!

Fan - 20:19
Good evening, Allen-kun!!!
Before anything else, I want to wish you a happy birthday 😊
I love you, Allen-kun, and the songs you make, and all of BAE as well~‼️
I'm looking forward to seeing the song you make for the finals 𝅘𝅥𝅮
Allen - 20:23
Good evening! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
It's great to hear you say that! This time around we've got some new shit and I think it's gonna be awesome! Please keep looking forward to it!

Fan - 20:23

To SUZAKU-kun:
Congratulations on your victory in the WILL round and your advancing into the finals. In the match against TCW, both songs were so good that I couldn't possibly rank them against each other. Upon the announcement of the results, I burst into tears. I'm not sure why, whether it was out of frustration or relief that the battle was over. However, I know that my feelings of respect for both teams, who created such amazing songs, had only grown even stronger.

Please go on to win the finals. You carry with you the weight of all of the teams you've gone up against up to this point. Please share the greatest view with all of us.
Allen - 20:25
Thank you! TCW showed us an amazing song and an amazing performance with us as well; it was a great battle. We won in the end, but we fully intend to go on stage carrying on the spirit of both TCW's will and AMPRULE's determination. I hope you'll hear all of our thoughts and feelings when we're on the mic. I'll do my best!
Fan - 20:25
On days when I'm feeling down after failing at something, or when my energy is low, I listen to BAE's music and get fired up! I'm always rooting for you! ❤️‍🔥
It's okay if I'm not able to speak with you, I just hope this message happens to catch your eye...
Allen - 20:28
Thanks! We make our songs not just for ourselves, but for all of our heads who are going through similar hardship. So if they help get you energized, then that's awesome! I'm going to keep on working on songs about having the courage to go from nothing to making something of yourself! Thanks for your message!

Fan - 20:27
Happy birthday, Allen 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Your music is so important to me, it's saved me so many times, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the new song! I can hardly wait! 🎶🎶🎶
As far as I'm concerned, everyone in BAE have already "made something" of yourselves, and will continue to make the best music!
And, I want to see the new history of hiphop that you're going to forge with this victory, Allen, and I want to see the "revolution" that you start!
I was able to fall in love with hiphop through what you've introduced me to; you've changed my life and perspective a lot, Allen!
Not only for the span of the REVOLUTION round, but from here on out, I'm going to keep supporting you, Allen 🔥🔥🔥
Allen - 20:30
Thank you for the well-wishes! Just like you said, we're hoping to prove ourselves through our music and turn over a new page in the phantom live scene! Going along with this theme, we want to start a revolution and bring hiphop to more and more people, and help them learn to love phantom lives! We'll definitely win! Thanks for your message!

Fan - 20:30
Good evening, Allen~!! This isn't about music, but...
I really want to know, what birthday presents did you get from Hajun and Anne? (*´Ɐ`)
Allen - 20:34
Good evening! Hajun gave me a voucher for a massage and a vacuum cleaner, and Anne got me a new jacket! I'll be sure to put them to good use after the battle round is wrapped up!

Fan - 20:34
Alleeeen!! Good evening!! What's up??
Happy belated birthday!!!
Can I ask, what are you excited about regarding the upcoming finals!?!
BAE's music always makes me feel like I can hold my head up instead of looking down 😭 I'll continue to support you!!!
Try not to pull too many all-nighters...!!!
Allen - 20:36
Good evening! Thanks for the well-wishes!
Of course, I'm sure we're gonna win in the finals! We've just got to keep looking forward and put the pedal to the metal!
Hajun and Anne told me the same thing the other day about not staying up all night, lol
I'll try to be aware of it! Thanks!

Fan - 20:34
Allen, good evening! Recently I feel like I've been influenced by you, I've started going hunting for records 💭
It's amazing how good you can feel when you get a bargain on something good, huh? 💪🎶
Have you found any good records lately, Allen? I'd love to know 👍
Allen - 20:38
Good evening! Going hunting for records is super fun, right!? There's that feeling of wanting to check each and every one you can find! I've found some good ones by surprise when I've been somewhere for a concert!I've been a bit too busy preparing for the battle to go out hunting lately, but I really want to go out looking again soon!

Fan - 20:41
Allen!! Good evening!!Happy birthday!!
I always feel overwhelmed by your free-spirited lyrics, soulful singing voice, and boundless enthusiasm for music. I also play music, though it's more in the genre of brass band.
Just like you, I place my feelings about music at a high premium and strive to perform it in a way that overwhelms everyone who hears it.
Whenever I feel like I'm in a rut, I listen to BAE's music and feel energized again.
I really, really appreciate it!!
I'll do my best to support you in the final round ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
You'll win for sure!!  🚩🔥🚩🔥🚩🔥
Allen - 20:44
Brass band! Music that's played in a huge band like that is super powerful, too! RESPECT!
I think the same thing goes for hiphop-- that the best way to convey a message is to have someone be able to take it all in firsthand! I think music can express emotion just as much, or even more, than words alone can! I'll do my best, too, to not to let you down by losing! We'll definitely win!

Fan - 20:41
When I listen to G△L△XY∞, I'm grateful that I can hear Allen and the others singing for a freedom that's about more than just winning or losing. I've waited for a long time to thank you for sharing your courage and inspiring people to "let their light shine bright", so I'm gonna take the chance to say that now! I'm sure that Ch△mp1on will be a bright light in all of our lives, too. Keep sharing your view with us! We're gonna have a great time!
Allen - 20:47
I'm really happy to hear that our feelings got across! I think it's really important to decide to be your own shining light instead of waiting for somebody else to shine the light on you!
I think I should be the one saying thank you! Thanks for listening to our music!!!
We'll do our best to keep shining with all of the heads! Hiphop is amazing!!!

Fan - 20:47
Allen-kun, happy belated birthday 🍰 ❤
The finals are about to start; do your best! I'm sure you'll be the winners!
Every new BAE song puts out is amazing, so I'm looking forward to the new track! 🔥 Thank you for always giving me energy with your wonderful songs! I hope this message reaches you
Allen - 20:49
Thank you!! I think this song is going to be awesome, too! There are still some bits I want to polish up a little bit more, but once I get that sorted out, I think it'll be ready to drop!!
I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone on the floor singing and dancing along in the finals!! Thank you for your enthusiasm! I'll be sure to pay it back on stage!!!

Fan - 20:49
I feel like G△L△XY∞ was a particularly special song
Allen - 20:52
I have a lot of memories attached to it! I wanted to try making something that had a sort of nostalgic, almost melancholy feeling in amongst the upbeat sound, and I feel like G△L△XY∞ was the perfect place to try it! The lyrics also have this sense of affirming the people we've been, while also cheering us on as we take a new step forward.

Fan - 20:56
Allen's songs are always the best 👍
Fan - 21:00
Thank you!! That's the greatest compliment!! I want to keep making the best songs going forward, so please keep your eyes on us!

Fan - 21:01
Every day I'm filled with huge RESPECT for Allen's passion for hiphop! ✨✨✨
I have to admit though, I've always been curious-- where does your wide vocabulary come from, Allen...? 👀I never get tired of keeping my eyes on BAE, it's always so exciting! 😚😚😚🫰🫰🫰 I'm rooting for you with my whole heart 🔥🔥🔥
Allen - 21:03
I don't think I have that great of a vocabulary, but when I listen to music, things just spring to mind! When I want to write a song, what happens is I just get the image from the scenery that pops up in my head!
Sometimes I have a bit too much to say, but I'm glad everyone's willing to put up with me, lol

Fan - 21:03
Allen, thank you for always making great songs ❤️‍🔥 Go on and win!!
Allen - 21:05
Thank you! Everyone always checking out what I do is the reason that I can do my best!
We'll be sure to win, so please keep your eyes on us!

Allen - 21:08
Hey, everyone! Thanks to everyone for not only talking to me today, but also for all of the birthday wishes!!! I'm really nervous because it's almost time for the finals, but I can't help but be excited!!! I hope to have an amazing battle on an amazing stage!!! I can already practically see everyone in the audience raising up BAE's flag! This time, we're definitely going to take the championship and show the world who we are. Please hold on just a little while longer until the new song drops! Just a little bit more polishing left to do! So good night! BIG RESPECT to all the heads 🔥🔥🔥