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Mention Party - August 28, 2023 - Yohei

Ryu - 18:05
Ahoy there, everyone! How's everyone doing?? If you don't know what day it is, Ryu-kun's Atomic Special and the baby turtle wasabi are here to help! 😄💦

Ryu - 18:07
Yep, yep, that's right! August 28th is Sweat Day, right? 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

Ryu - 18:09
And so, let's give it up for the person who most exemplifies Sweat Day 👴🏾👴🏾👴🏾👴🏾👴🏾👴🏾👴🏾 PLEASE WELCOME...!!

Ryu - 18:09
The man with the most deeply furrowed brow wrinkles that mankind has ever seen 💕 MAAAAAAAAAAAASTERRRRRRRRR

Ryu - 18:10
Catch you later, alligators 🦭🦭🦭🦭🦭

Yohei - 18:12

Yohei - 18:13

Not sure what I'm supposed to be doing here

Fan - 18:14
Yohei-san, hello!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!! Did you have a good time drinking with Kashira????????!!!
Yohei - 18:15
I mean, yeah

Fan - 18:14
Yohei-san, it's been so long since you've been on Paratora, I'm on the brink of tears... 🥹🥹 I've been waiting so long 😂😂😂
Yohei - 18:16
I don't get this kind of stuff. Sorry.

Fan - 18:14
Yohei-san!! Happy birthday to you 🎊
Yohei - 18:18
Yeah, thanks.

Fan - 18:14
Happy birthday to you
Kanbayashi-san, when you're writing songs, it seems like it mostly happens when you're sitting at the piano, but have you ever experienced so-called "bursts of inspiration"?
Yohei - 18:19
I mean, that's more or less the size of it, but I dunno if I'd call it anything fancy like getting inspired or anything.

Fan - 18:19
A very happy birthday to you!
Please allow me to treat you to a drink!!!!!!
Yohei - 18:21
Thanks. Really appreciate it.

Fan - 18:19
What did the other members of TCW get you as presents!!!
Did you maybe perhaps get a stuffed squid from someone 🤔🤔🤔
Yohei - 18:22
Ryu gave me a coupon for a "free shoulder massage" or some dumb shit like that, but Saimon gave me booze and Shiki gave me flowers.

Fan - 18:19
Yohei-san, please let me come celebrate at 4/7.Would you like some champagne?
Yohei - 18:24
The sentiment's more'n enough. I'll just have the same drink as I always do.

Fan - 18:24
Yohei-san, is the bar open today? Please don't overexert yourself T T ♥
Yohei - 18:27
Yeah, s'gonna be open. Oughta be fine.

Fan - 18:24
Shikki gave you flowers... I'm a little surprised, but I suppose it is a very Shikki-like thing to do.
Will the flowers be on display in 4/7?
Yohei - 18:29
They're white dahlias. I just set 'em up in a vase and put it on display.

Fan - 18:30
Kanbayashi-san, congratulations to you
I want to make a toast to you, but I don't do that great with alcohol...
Yohei - 18:31
You ain't gotta make yourself drink alcohol, then. That's what mocktails are for. You can drink whatever you want.

Fan - 18:30
Yohei-san, happy birthday!
I really love TCW's music. I'll keep supporting you from here on out!
Yohei - 18:33
Thanks. We'll keep turning out unshakeable music for you to enjoy.

Fan - 18:33
What kind of alcohol did you receive from Saimon-san?
Yohei - 18:34
It's an Irish single malt whiskey. Something full-bodied and made in sherry barrels seems real Saimon-like, don't it?

Fan - 18:33
Would it be alright if I come celebrate your birthday at 4/7, Yohei-san?
Yohei - 18:36
Sure, knock yourself out

Fan - 18:36
Please, Yohei-san, share with us about your specialty dishes
Yohei - 18:37
I mean, I'm not doing anything special. I'm just makin' the best of what I've got.

Fan - 18:36
What alcohol do you drink aside from whiskey, Yohei-san??
Yohei - 18:39
Most of them

Fan - 18:35
Are you not planning to use the shoulder massage coupon you got from Ryu-kun? 🍸
Yohei - 18:40
I might get around to it

Fan - 18:40
A very happy birthday to you, Yohei-san 🎂
What kinds of place would you like to go on your motorcycle?
Yohei - 18:41
Hard to say. It's kind of in my nature to just go wherever the wind takes me.

Fan - 18:41
Yohei-san, good evening.
Happy birthday to you 🥂✨
I love how your music always keeps evolving without compromising your style. At the heart of the music, there's always that jazzy core and even the more aggressive songs still have a good feeling to them.
I'm going to continue supporting TCW, and Yohei-san in particular, until you're able to make all of your aspirations come true.
Thank you for all of the joy 🐈‍⬛🍸✨
Yohei - 18:43
This guy gets it. Thanks.

Fan - 18:44
I know that I'm a bit belated in saying this, but the song you put forth in WILL has a different, heavier bass than usual, and it's really great 🥹🥹
I wasn't able to reply directly, so I hope you're able to see this message,,,!!
Yohei - 18:46
It was pretty aggressive, yeah. But I don't think that's a bad thing.

Yohei - 18:47
I think I'm done here. If you got the time, come drop by the bar. I'll be waitin'.