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Mention Party - August 22, 2023 - Shogo

Shogo - 22:34
All of you Stellas! Good eve-VISTY! 🌟 I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday the other day!! I really was so happy!! It's been a long time since I've hopped onto Paratora to hang out. How is everyone doing?

Fan - 22:35
Wait, hold on!! Shogo-kun 😭😭 I'm so happy you're here 😭😭 Thank you!! Happy birthday!!!!
Shogo - 22:35
I should be the one to thank you!! It's thanks to you that I'm going to have a great year ahead of me!

Fan - 22:25
Good eve-VISTY 🌟
Sho-chin, happy birthday to you 🎉
Thank you for celebrating with us on stream 💙 Was your gummy cake delicious?
Shogo - 22:37
Good eve-VISTY 🌟 Thank you! The gummy gake was amazing! When I think of all the effort everyone went to make it for me, it's hard to contain how happy it makes me! The richness of the whipped cream and the softness of the cake sponge combined with the chewy gelatin of the gummies was super delicious! After all, sweets are the best, you know?

Fan - 23:27
Shogo-san, happy birthday! Let us hear any resolutions you have for the year ahead of you~~~!! 🎂🎂
Shogo - 22:39
Thank you! I think my resolution might be to foster a strong state of mind! I know it's inevitable that I still have areas I'm weak in, so I want to experience a lot of things with the other members of VISTY and all of our Stellas and work on improving them! I'll do my best, so please keep watching over me! 🌟

Fan - 23:27
Shogo-kun, good eve-VISTY 🌟😎🦋🦄
It seemed like you were having a lot of fun when the other members of VISTY dropped in to surprise you on your birthday ✨🎶
Did everyone have a super exciting time??
Shogo - 22:40
I was really shocked at first because it happened while I was in the middle of streaming, lol
But as time went on I started getting into it and I got really excited too! It was certainly a stream to remember 🌟
I was really happy that I received so many messages from all of our Stellas! Thank all of you so much!

Fan - 22:40
Just the fact that Yamato Shogo is here makes me so happy
Shogo - 22:41
It's been a while, so I'm really excited for the opportunity to talk with everyone! I can always feel the warmth being conveyed by all of the Stellas. As always, thank you! And thank you for sharing your comment 🌟

Fan - 22:40
Shogo-kun, good eve-VISTY 🌟
Happy birthday 🎉
Just the other day, I happened to find some light blue gummies that were shaped like seashells!! I thought they would suit you perfectly, Shogo-kun, so I wanted to give them to you as a birthday present 🎁
If you'll accept it, that is,,,
Shogo - 22:43
Good eve-VISTY 🌟 Ah! I get the same feeling from those gummies! They have that kind of oily coating and that snappy texture when you put them in your mouth! It's really a shame they don't come in bigger packages, but I love the look and taste of them so much that I buy them whenever I see them, lol
Thank you so much just for taking the time to think of me! I'll make sure to treasure them as I eat them!

Fan - 22:44
Shogooo! 😥 You're finally here! I wish I could give you lots of gummies! Happy birthday 🌟
Shogo - 22:45
It's been a while! Gummies are the greatest gift you could give!!!! Thank you for your well-wishing!! I'll do my best from here on out too!!

Fan - 22:44
I logged into Paratora after a long time too in order to celebrate Shogo-kun's birthday 🙌
A belated 8/20 happy birthday to Shogo-kun!! 🧸🩵
I love both the Shogo-kun with a sparkling smile, and the Shogo-kun who earnestly keeps moving forward! 🙌
I'm always struck by the intense gap moe between your "big brother" role as the leader of VISTY and the cute, gummy-loving person you are in your everyday life.
To celebrate your birthday, I hope you will at least accept a cake-shaped gummy from me, one of your Stellas! 🎂💙
Please accept my support from here on out!
I wish VISTY and Shogo-kun in particular the brightest year yet ahead of you... 🌟
Shogo - 22:47
Is that so! Well, thank you! And thank you for the birthday wishes! I still feel like I'm not that much of a leader, but I'll do my best to be a person who can help push everyone forward! A cake-shaped gummy would be great!!!! I wonder if they make candle-shaped gummies, too? I'll do my best to live up to your support!

Fan - 22:46
Shogo-kun, happy birthday!! What other presents did you get from the members of VISTY?? I'm so curious!! 😆
Shogo - 22:48
Thank you! Toma gave me some concealer, Kantaro gave me an assortment of gummies, and Aoi gave me a new set of clothes to use during practice! I was really touched that everyone put thought into getting presents for my sake!

Fan - 22:48
Good evening, Shogo-kun!! 🌟
The other day, a friend gave me a gummi shaped like an octopus, and I couldn't help but think of you, Shogo-kun 🫶🫶
Shogo-kun, have you had any exceptionally-shaped gummies recently?
Shogo - 22:50
Good eve-VISTY 🌟 An octopus-shaped gummi! What flavor was it? Depending on the color, maybe cola or acerola flavored...? Recently, I found some tonkatsu gummies, and I was really excited about that!

Fan - 22:50
💙To Shogo-kun-sama💙
Once again, a very happy birthday to you!!
The picture from the birthday livestream was amazing
I will always support VISTY, from the bottom of my heart
It's been a little while at this point, but I gave every last point I had to support VISTY back during SHOWDOWN
I will continue to cheer for VISTY until the day that their tears of regret will turn into tears of joy and they smile like a flower in bloom, so please let me continue to support you
I love everything about VISTY, and I'm so glad I was able to become familiar with them
Shogo-kun-sama, thank you for being born
I hope these feelings are able to reach you🌟
Shogo - 22:52
Thank you for your kind words! I'm very happy to receive such a heartfelt message! All of us in VISTY hope to one day be able to make all of our Stellas smile wholeheartedly! I'll do my best to fill the audience with faces smiling like blooming flowers, so please keep your eye on me! Thank you very much! I hope to see you again soon 🌟

Fan - 22:53
Shogo-kun! Good eve-VISTY 🌟
Did you have a nice day on your birthday? Seeing your lovely smiling face put me in a good mood too! I'm happy so many people were giving you birthday wishes 💕 I'll continue to support you from here on out 🩵🌟
Shogo - 22:55
Good eve-VISTY 🌟 Thanks to everyone, I had a really wonderful birthday! I'm glad that it seems like everyone enjoyed the livestream! I've received so much support, I really hope that one day I can repay everyone's kindness! I'll do my best!

Fan - 22:54
Shogo-kun~!! Good eve-VISTY 💫💫
A very happy birthday to you!!!
From now on, I'll always hold dear every precious little thing about Shogo-kun 💗
As a Stella, I'll support you for life!!

Today I had a club activity meet and I worked really hard!
I wasn't able to compete due to an injury and didn't win any prizes, but I still worked really hard and would love to be told I did a good job!

I hope my thoughts reach you, Shogo-kun~!!!!!
Shogo - 22:57
Good eve-VISTY 🌟 It's a little embarrassing to be told everything about me is precious... lol
Good job with your club activities! No matter what the results are, there's no doubt you shone your brightest! You really must have really worked hard to be able to say you did your best! Thank you for all your hard work! You did a great job!

Fan - 22:59
Do you think you'll be getting an offer to host a gummi show soon!?!?!?
Shogo - 23:00
If that happened, it'd really be the greatest thing that could happen!! I want to rack up lots of achievements so that one day we can be able to release a line of gummies with our names on the package!!

Fan - 23:00
I want to go to a VISTY-only concert.
I want to completely saturate myself in VISTY for a while.
Shogo - 23:01
I want to do a VISTY-only concert, too!! I'd be really happy if everyone were able to sing and dance to their heart's content 🌟

Fan - 23:00
Shogo-saaan!!!!! There are so many things I want to tell you, but the thing I want to tell you most of all is that I really love yoooou!!!
Happy birthday to yooou!!!!!
Shogo - 23:02
Your awesome love has been received! It's only because of all of our Stellas shining bright that I've been able to make it as far as I have 🌟 Thank you for your kind words! I hope to be able to meet everyone on stream again!

Fan - 23:02
Shogo-kun, good eve-VISTY 🌟
Happy birthday! I was so excited to be able to celebrate your birthday that I was a little bit nervous the entire day before, but I was so happy to be able to see Shogo-kun's beautiful smile 🩵
I have a big test next month so I'm studying hard, but seeing Shogo-kun's smiling face gives me tons of energy! I feel like I can keep doing my best!
I will always support VISTY from here on out 🫶
Shogo - 23:04
Good eve-VISTY 🌟Thank you for keeping my birthday in mind like that! It makes me really happy to hear that!! You have a test next month? If studying is getting tough for you, listen to our music! We'll always be there for our Stellas when they need us 🌟 Even if things get hard, as long as we're together, nothing is impossible!

Fan - 23:04
Once again, happy birthday, Shogo-kun 🩵
Even if things get tough, it's thanks to you that I can do my best every day, Shogo-kun!
Shogo-kun and VISTY's presence gives me energy every day! You're my source of life
I'll keep supporting you from here on out‼️ I love you 💕💕💕
Shogo - 23:06
Thank you for your birthday wishes! I'm really happy if we're able to give you that as our present to you! All of you Stellas are my source of life in return! I'm going to keep trying to do my best for the sake of our Stellas' smiles!! Really, thank you so much 🌟 Please take care of us going forward!

Fan- 23:04
Shogo-kun, good eve-VISTY 🌟
I have an interview for my job hunt coming up soon, so please give me some support 💙
Of course, I'll be supporting Shogo-kun's activities from here on out too!!
Shogo - 23:08
Good eve-VISTY 🌟 Interviews are always nerve-wracking, huh... they really are a pain...! I think it may be a bit easier to let yourself speak while admitting that you're nervous! I think the same holds true for idols, because in the end it's all about finding the right match; so I think it might be a bit weird to hear it from me, but relax and just let yourself speak! I'm rooting for you!

Fan - 23:08
Shogo-kun, good evening‼️ Happy birthday to you🌟
It's thanks to Shogo-kun's sparkling✨smiling face that I'm able to study hard for my exams every day; thank you so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭

My exams are really tough, but because you're doing your best, I can do my best too! In between studying, I'll eat the gummies you recommend 💖
I'd study myself to death if you gave the word
I'll keep supporting you from now on!! I love you ⭐
Shogo - 23:11
Good eve-VISTY 🌟Thank you for your congratulations! You're taking exams! That's a really rough time. I think gummies would be perfect while you're studying, too! The physical act of chewing activates your brain, and the glucose would give you a boost of energy too!

Study hard for your exams! But don't forget to take breaks, too! We'll be by your side even when it gets tough!

Fan - 23:11
🤍happy birthday🤍
I'm so happy that Shogo is VISTY's leader 😥❤️❤️ You're a wonderful leader! Happy birthday once again, VISTY are my absolute favorite, I'm your number one fan 👊‼️‼️‼️ Thank you always for making all of us Stellas happy and giving us energy!! ✨✨
Shogo - 23:13
Thank you for your kind words 🌟 A wonderful leader, huh...! I'll do my best until I can say that myself with my whole chest!!! Every one of our stellas feels like our number one fan. I want to be everybody's number one star in the sky, and give them all the gift of smiles and happiness! Thank you always! It makes me feel amazing 🌟 Please continue to support us!

Fan - 23:13
Yamato-kun, happy birthday!
Every one of us Stellas is one of Yamato-kun's candles ⭐
Any wish you have will come true ✨
Shogo - 23:15
Thank you for your birthday wish! When you put it like that... I feel like all of the Stellas are my greatest treasure! But I don't want any wish to just be granted, I want to make them come true myself together with the rest of VISTY and our Stellas! I'll definitely become a top idol, so please stay with us going forward!

Fan - 23:15
A very happy birthday to you, Shogo 🩵
I have a question for you!

How on earth do you maintain your figure with as many sweets as you eat? And your skin is so clear! How!?
With as many sweets as you can put away!? Please tell me how you maintain your figure and skin!
Shogo - 23:17
Thank you for your congratulations! Aoi said something similar the other day, that he was surprised at my physique, lol
I think it's maybe because I like to keep active; out of everyone in VISTY, I'm probably the one who likes to be in motion the most? I burn off all of those calories from the sweets in exercise, probably 🌟

Fan - 23:17
A very happy birthday to you!!
Shogo-kun, you looked so happy during the stream that it made me happy, too...!
I really love it how Shogo-kun shines when he's with the rest of VISTY, after all ✨
Shogo - 23:19
Thank you for your congratulations! I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my birthday than with my precious Stellas and my precious group members!
And thank you for your comments during stream! Every single message made me very happy, it makes me want to redouble my efforts to be with everyone 🌟

Fan - 23:17
Shogo-kun, do you like being an idol?
Shogo - 23:20
It's a lot of fun! Of course, I would be lying if I said there were never any times that it's hard, but more than that, I've been able to meet all of our Stellas, as well as getting to know Shogo, Aoi, and Kantaro, and that's more than worth its weight in gold to me! That's why I want to try my best not to lose this treasure I've found, so I can continue to cherish it even more!

Fan - 23:20
Sho-chin, happy birthday!!! Who was the first person to congratulate you on your birthday??
Shogo - 23:21
Since it was on stream, it must have been our Stellas!

Fan - 23:21
Shogo-kun! Did you get gummies as a birthday present?
Shogo - 23:22
I did! I'm really happy that so many Stellas sent in so many treats for me 🌟 I'll be sure to savor them!

Fan - 23:22
🩵🩵🩵 Shogo-kun, happy birthday 🩵🩵🩵
Seeing you always do your best makes me want to be positive and try to do my best, too,,!!!!
Please keep being VISTY's big brother ❕❕
Shogo - 23:23
Thank you for your congratulations 🌟It makes me really happy to hear that! I'll keep doing my best as an idol and a big brother into the future, for both VISTY and for our Stellas!! Thank you so much for your support as always!!

Fan - 23:23
I'm so happy that everyone was celebrating Shogo-kun (>_<)
My oshi's happiness truly is the best thing
Shogo - 23:25
I was really happy to have so many Stellas celebrating me, too! 🌟
Thank you so much for always supporting me. I hope I never disappoint you, and I'd be happy if I were able to bring more smiles to your faces! Thank you always for your support!!

Fan - 23:25
Shogo-kun, happy birthday!!
Thank you for always giving me so much happiness!!
From here on out, Shogo-kun will always be the number one star in the sky, and I hope my feelings of love will reach you 🥺🫰
Shogo - 23:27
Thank you for your congratulations! And thank you for thinking of me as the number one star 🌟 I receive so much happiness from everyone! Your feelings of love have definitely been received!! I love all of our Stellas! Let's stay together from here on out!

Fan - 23:27
I often feel depressed at work every day, but when I listen to VISTY's music, I find myself thinking, "I'll do my best today, too" 😥😥🌟
I have to work again tomorrow, so I'd love for Shogo-kun to give me some support...... (;__;)
Shogo - 23:28
Whenever one of our Stellas is having a hard time, we'll be there in a hurry! You're doing your best, and I think that's really amazing! It can be really hard to keep up with everything from day to day. I hope something wonderful happens to you tomorrow! Do your best to work hard! I'll do the samae!!

Shogo - 23:32
Everyone, thank you again for today! Every time I come onto Paratora, I'm overwhelmed by just how big of a presence our Stellas have. 🌟 I feel like I want to cherish our Stellas and the other members of VISTY more than ever now! Thank you all for always watching our streams and leaving comments on our SNS! I'm really sorry that I can't answer everyone, but no comment goes unread! Please continue to support VISTY!
Stellas, whether you have school or work tomorrow, do your best! We're always by your side. I'll try my hardest to do my best every day, too!
I'll come again! Thank you so much for today 🌟 I truly love all of our Stellas, with my whole heart 🌟🌟🌟
That's it for now! Bye VISTY! 🌟 Good night!