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Mention Party - August 17, 2023 - Yuto

Yuto - 21:06
Good evening. I'd like to thank everybody for all for the well-wishes on my birthday the other day.

Yuto - 21:08
I may have to split my attention to an eye on Kaida-kun and Mikoshiba-kun, but today seems like it might be something of a slow day, so I
would love to take the chance to speak with all of you. I apologize for taking up a little bit of your time if you happen to be in the middle of something else.

Fan - 21:09
I'm so happy 😭✨
Inukai-san, do you usually smoke a lot...???
Do you have a favorite brand of cigarette?
Yuto - 21:11
I don't think I smoke all that much. It varies a bit depending on how I'm feeling that day, but I'll generally smoke between five and ten cigarettes a day.
I picked one brand a long time ago, and have basically never strayed from it.

Fan - 21:13

Inukai-san, good evening 💙
First of all, I want to wish you a happy birthday once again ✨🚨 I was already really exhausted from working six days in a row and I was working even on my day off, but then Inukai-san arrived, and all of my exhaustion was blown away just like that!!!!!! You said you received presents from the members of GokuLuck, but did they do anything else for you?? The next battle is fast approaching, and even if I can only give a little bit, I plan on giving every last bit I can to support GokuLuck and intend to keep doing so forever 📣🔥 I hope you have a happy year ahead of you, Inukai-san 💭 I love you 🫶
Yuto - 21:16
Good evening. We'll be in your care-- and is that so? Thank you for all of your hard work as well. No, they didn't do anything in particular, but I was very happy that they went out of their way to give me cigarettes and a soft drink. Thank you very much for all of your support. We'll continue to do our best from here on out.

Fan - 21:16
To Inukai-kun,
It's raining where I am. What's the weather like where you are now?
Yuto - 21:17
It's clear skies here. I hope the rain clears up for you soon.

Fan - 21:17
Happy birthday to you 🎉
As a fan of GokuLuck I will continue to give all my support to GokuLuck from here on out ♪
Inukai-san, did you get yourself anything for your birthday?
I would be very happy to hear back from you 😌✨
Yuto - 21:20
Thank you very much for your kind words of congratulations. No, I didn't get myself anything, I just watched an episode of my favorite travel program that I had recorded ahead of time. I received presents from the other members of GokuLuck, so I don't really need anything else.
Thank you for your support. I hope you continue to support us in the future.

Fan - 21:20
Inukai-san, the other day you mentioned eating mizuyokan; does that mean you prefer Japanese-style sweets?
Yuto - 21:21
I like Japanese-style sweets, yes. I find something about them very soothing.

Fan - 21:21
Inukai-san~~ 😢 Did you eat dinner? You ate dinner, right? Did you eat dinner?
Yuto - 21:22

Yes. I ate at 19:00, as I always do.

Fan - 21:23
Inukai-san, good evening!
First of all, happy birthday to you 🎂🎉
By any chance do you happen to like manjuu?? It's just that in your birthday picture, I saw there were a red and a white manjuu... As for me, I really love both manjuu and oyaki! They're really delicious!
Yuto - 21:24
Thank you very much. I appreciate your words of congratulations a lot. Buns are delicious, aren't they? They're soft and with just the right amount of subtle sweetness. They go very well with green tea and tobacco.

Fan - 21:24
Inukai-san, here's my birthday present to you!!!!
🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶BIG LOVE 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶 🫶
Yuto - 21:26
Thank you very much. I'm very flattered.

Fan - 21:26
Inukai-san, thank you for all of your hard work! Did Kaida-kun and the others quietly turn off the lights at 9 o'clock?
Yuto - 21:28
Yes! I finished up the roll call earlier, and the night ended without incident.

Fan - 21:28
Inukai-san, I would be very happy if you could figure out some travel plans for me for my next trip. Something relaxing would be ideal, sorry for the imposition 💦
Yuto - 21:30
Travel really is lovely, isn't it? I like to take the local express trains and watch the scenery pass by through the large windows. How about visiting a hot spring town close to you? Even if it's not far, just going somewhere with a different atmosphere from usual can make you feel like you're taking a big trip.

Yuto - 21:32

It seems that a message I replied to has disappeared. I wonder what could have happened...? I'm very sorry for the inconvenience if my reply to someone has gone missing.

Fan - 21:32
The theme of the upcoming finals was announced to be "REVOLUTION", and I can't help but feel like this ia perfect theme for GokuLuck, since they're coming out of a prison...! Please let me know what if anything you're looking forward to in the finals!
Yuto - 21:34
I think it's a theme very fitting of the finals. I'll be sure to take it in my stride and do the best I can. I think if we win here, then it would be a great step in the right direction for our rehabilitation program. I think this is a really wonderful opportuntiy for the members of GokuLuck, and I'll do everything in my power to support them.

Fan - 21:34
It's too funny, I want to see more and more replies! Even just replies like "oh" or "ah"! Or kaomoji would be good too! I want to see Inukau-san use kaomoji!
Yuto - 21:36
Kaomoji, is it? I've never used them before, so I'm not sure how to employ them. I am sorry for disappointing you. I'll make sure to study up for next time.

Fan - 21:36
Inukai-san, good evening 😊🌙
The finals are coming up...!! What are your feelings about it?!
(,,> ᴗ <,,)
Yuto - 21:38
Good evening. I apologize for coming on so late at night. I'm feeling a little bit nervous, but I think we can take on the battle fair and square. I think it's more than possible for us, and when we go on stage, I hope that we'll continue to carry on the spirit of the other teams that we've gone up against before.

Fan - 21:39
Inukai-san, thank you for all your hard work today too 😊
What time do you usually go to sleep?
Yuto - 21:40
Thank you for your hard work as well. I usually go to sleep around the time that the date changes over.

Fan - 21:40
Inukai-san, good evening!! Happy birthday to you!!
I've been having a really rough time because I've been taking a bunch of exams, so I'm really happy to see Inukai-san coming online 🥹🥹
I'll be sure to study hard, so please support me,,
I'll make sure that GokuLuck win their next battle 🤜🤛❤️‍🔥
I'll work to support you too‼️‼️
Let's work hard!!!
Yuto - 21:42
Good evening. Thank you for your congratulations. Thank you for doing your best with studying. I know it can be very difficult, but make sure not to overexert yourself. Please try to make sure you make it to bed at the same time every day. Thank you for your support; I'll do my best as well to make it happen.

Fan - 21:42
Inukai-san, when it comes to Japanese-style sweets, do you prefer koshian or tsubuan?
Personally, I prefer the texture of tsubuan, but I like both!
Yuto - 21:44
Both are hard to turn down, but if I had to make a choice, I'd say I prefer koshian. I'm fond of the smooth texture.
*These are different textures of azuki red bean paste; koshian is smoother, tsubuan is more chunky.

Fan - 21:44
Happy birthday, Inukai-san 🎉
I have one question for you: is there any cooling equipment in the prefab you're lodging in? I wonder if the temperature control is handled entirely remotely by the higher-ups. Please take care of yourselves as the heat wave continues to be intense.
Yuto - 21:47
Thank you for your congratulations.
We do have some cooling equipment installed, such as an aircon unit. However, it's as you said; the temperature at which the room is to be kept is dictated by the higher-ups, so I need to get approved to set it to anything lower than that point. It's been really hot these days, so I submitted an application for their consideration the other day.
I hope that all of the heads are able to take care of themselves and their physical condition in this heat. Please be careful.

Fan - 21:47
Which do you prefer, the sea or the mountains...?
Yuto - 21:48
I love the sight of the sea as viewed from a train, but I find the mountains to be more relaxing.

Fan - 21:49
Good evening Inukai-san!!
I'm always rooting for you! I love you 🤍

Inukai-san, you seem to be quite muscular, so do you work out? If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know!

I won't be able to sleep until I get an answer from Inukai-san 😭💞
Yuto - 21:50
Good evening. Thank you for support; we'll be in your care.
Am I muscular...? I do a little bit of working out so that I can handle any problems that might come up, but I certainly don't do muscle training as much as Tosa-kun does.
Does that suffice as an answer to your question?

Fan - 21:50
When you working late nights, do you have anything to eat or drink, Inukai-san??
I hope you're taking care of yourself 😭
Yuto - 21:52
I usually drink green tea, but in the winter I like to have hojicha. Sometimes I still get sleepy, so in those cases I try to brew it a little stronger. I apologize for making you worry; thank you for your concern.

Fan - 21:53
Thank you for all of your hard work, Inukai-san 🍵🍙🚬
Have you gone anywhere recently? Or, is there anywhere you'd like to go?
Yuto - 21:53
Thank you for your hard work. I haven't been out much at all lately. Once everything settles down, I'd like to take a trip to a hot spring, but I feel like I've been saying that for years without the time ever coming.

"Yuto" - 21:54
uwu 🤘🥺🤘

"Yuto" - 21:55
what's with the useless prison guard getting all chummy in the replies instead of doing his fucking job

"Yuto" - 21:56
from here on out is the Inukai Special Reply Show

"Yuto" - 21:56
party time you fucking scrubs

"Yuto" - 21:57
also this app sucks its way too easy to hack into lmaoooo

Fan - 21:56
Curse me out, Inukai-san ♡♡
"Yuto" - 21:57
give up on this life and hope you reincarnate and do better next time, scrub

Fan - 21:57
Inukai-san, let's play❕
"Yuto" - 21:58
go play tag with your own ass shithead w

Fan- 21:57
Give me a reply pleaaase, Mikoshiba-kun 🤲
"Yuto" - 21:58
groveling for a reply, pathetic

Fan - 21:58
If Inukai-san catches you, don't you think you're going to get grounded (-⩊-') Pfft
"Yuto" - 21:58
oh yeah im reaaal scared. fucking scrub

Fan - 21:58
Mikoshiba-kun, he's going to get angry again 😇
"Yuto" - 21:59
don't caaaare

Fan - 21:58
Mikoshiba-kun, I love you deeply 🫶 🫶
"Yuto" - 21:58
Hello Yes This Is Inukai Speaking

Fan - 21:58
In order to protect the world that Inukai-san lives in, it's my job to separate out the garbage
"Yuto" - 21:59
you're gonna have to throw yourself out with the rest of the trash tho lmao

Fan - 21:58
You do all this, but you still have Inukai-san an energy drink for his birthday, didn't you?
You're sooo cute
"Yuto" - 22:00
and that fucking idiot called it a soft drink or whatever

Fan - 21:59
I won't lose out when it comes to typing speed
Shibaken, wanna compete with me?
"Yuto" - 22:01
no fucking way some fucking scrub like you is gonna beat me. try again after practicing for a hundred years or so

Fan - 21:59
Inukai-san, please give me a punishment ♡♡
"Yuto" - 22:00
punish punish 💕

Fan - 22:00

Inukai-san must be panicking right about now
"Yuto" - 22:00
i can imagine his stupid face now w

Fan - 22:00
Inukai-san, what does "kurokushika" mean?*
"Yuto" - 22:00
it's obviously "pitch black" how stupid are you
*this is a reference to a tweet that Kenta made the day before, where he made a very edgyboy tweet using this term. The real question is how to read the kanji 漆黒く and then he spells it out in kana, but this is the best I can do for translating it, lol.

Fan - 22:01
Inukai-saaan‼️‼️‼️🐶💚 Please go "woof"‼️ Like wittle puppy Mikochiba*--- ⁉️⁉️🐶
"Yuto" - 22:02
woof woof wwwwww bow wow bow wow wwwww
*this is a pretty common fandom cutesification of Mikoshiba

Fan - 21:01
Inukai-san, can you see me?? 🥺
"Yuto" - 22:01
i can see you just fine~ you fucking scrubs are so whiny~

Fan - 22:01
I wonder if Mikochiba is interested in smoking?
"Yuto" - 22:02
hey smoker shitheads fuck off

Fan - 22:02
Inukai-san! 🐶
Please praise me and say something nice‼️
Be nice‼️ Please‼️
"Yuto" - 22:02
fuck off and die

Fan - 22:02
Mikoshiba-kun, do you drink alcohol?
"Yuto" - 22:03
if you drink it inhibits your senses and turns you into a dumbass so why the fuck would i

Fan - 22:02
Please reply, Inukai-san 🥹
"Yuto" - 22:03
noooo~ wwwwwww

Fan - 22:02
Please tell me to get my ass to work!
"Yuto" - 22:03
do your best to be a cog in society's machine scrub

Fan - 22:03
"Yuto" - 22:03
the fuck do you get off saying to go to sleep if you're awake too

Fan - 22:03
If you don't go to sleep you'll never get any taller, Mikoshiba-kun! You'll stay small!
"Yuto" - 22:04
bet i'm taller than you motherfucker

Fan - 22:04
Tell me what kind of souveniers you'd like to receive, Mikochi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Yuto" - 22:04
a video of you panicking, you fucking scrub

Fan - 22:04
I can't finish this assignment, so give me some words of encouragement!
"Yuto" - 22:05
if you don't have the skills you're just gonna sit around wasting time forever, and time's up, scrub

Fan - 22:05
I want to hear Inukai-san go "moe moe kyu~n"‼️‼️ 😌
"Yuto" - 22:06
moe moe punishment time 👨‍🦳👨‍🦳👨‍🦳👨‍🦳👨‍🦳👨‍🦳

Fan - 22:06
I'm waiting to get a reply from Mikoshiba-kun, but I'm dying, please save me, Mikoshiba-kun 🥹🥹🥹🥹
"Yuto" - 22:06
feel free to die, the exit's that way

Fan - 22:06
Mikoshiba-kun, tell me to keep living today as well 🥹🥹🥹
"Yuto" - 22:07
go tell it to the mirror until morning

Fan - 22:07
I can't send messages when I'm outside because I'm scared of hitting my data limit!!! Please reply
"Yuto" - 22:07
sure hope it was worth spending the data on this

Fan - 22:07
Inukai-san I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you
"Yuto" - 22:07
gross. you have a problem

"Yuto" - 22:08
well it's about time to go. I'm eeeever soooooooooo sorry for dropping in on you like this wwwwwwwww get ready for the finals you fucking scrubs

Yuto - 22:12
I realy thought nothing would happen today.. I'm so sorry, everyone. I'm going to have to have a talk with Mikoshiba-kun, so please excuse me. Thank you all very much for your time.