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Mention Party - August 9, 2023 - Shiki

Shiki - 22:03
Good evening. Thank you very much for giving me birthday wishes yesterday. I just wanted to express my gratitude, if I could.

Fan - 22:04
Once again, happy birthday, Shiki-kun 🎂
I hope you have a happy year ahead of you
Shiki - 22:05
Thank you. I'll do my best.

Fan - 22:05
It's Shiki-kun~!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!
Happy birthday~!!
I was so happy to see your cute sleeping face 😌😌
Shiki - 22:06
Thank you very much. I must admit I'm a little embarrassed, because I wasn't expecting to be photographed while I was asleep.

Fan - 22:06
Shiki-kun, happy birthday!!
The octopus plushie was really cute, too 🐙
Shiki -22:07
I'm really happy to think that Ryu-kun picked it out for me. I'm also a little relieved that it wasn't a real octopus.

Fan - 22:05
Shiki-kun, thank you for your hard work in the battle, too. TCW and Shiki-kun in particular are my source of life energy!! I'll keep supporting you from here on out!! Thank you so much!
Shiki - 22:09
Thank you. I'm really happy to hear that. The results were really frustrating, but I think there's a lot to learn even from a loss. I'm going to continue to try to do my best from here on out.

Fan - 22:09
Shiki-kun 😭 You're my favorite in the entire world 😭
Shiki - 22:11
I hardly not the kind of person who wants people to think that way about me, but I'm still happy to hear it. I want to be able to not be embarrassed even if people think of me so highly.

Fan - 22:11
I was so happy to see so many messages on your smartphone lock screen, Shiki-kun 😭 Were you able to hang out a lot with everyone?
Shiki - 22:12
Yes! I had a wonderful birthday thanks to everyone.

Fan - 22:10
I really felt the kindness overflowing from Shiki's tweets on the day-of 🥹
It was a really happy day!
Shiki - 22:14
I feel like there are still a lot of things where I have room to grow, so I want to be able to do more things, like the Owner and Master are.

Fan - 22:14
Thank you for doing your best in the battle.
Following this last battle round, my love of TCW and TCW's music has been renewed all over again 🐈💙 I'm so glad that I was able to become familiar with TCW and you, Shikki! Thank you so, so much!! I can't thank you enough 😭✨
I'll keep supporting you forever and ever from here on out 🐈🍸🌵💙
Shiki - 22:16
Thank you very much for your words of support. I think TCW have been able to grow more than ever before thanks to the support of all the heads. I don't think I can ever thank you enough. I want to be able to show huge results one day. I'll do my best.

Fan - 22:15
I want to know what the stuffed octopus is named 🐙
Shiki - 22:17
I haven't decided on a name yet. Do you have any suggestions for one? I think it might be a good idea to let the heads decide on that.

Fan - 22:15
Happy birthday, Shiki-kun! 🤍
I admire you for being a hard worker who always tries his best but who is also always very kind and gentle, Shiki-kun 😭🧡
I'll keep supporting you in the future 🍸
Shiki - 22:19
Thank you for your well-wishes. In the past, I couldn't have ever imagined that so many people would congratulate me on my birthday. I think there are still more things that I'll be able to do with TCW. I'd like to try my best to experiment more with different modes of expression. I'll keep doing my best.

Fan - 22:19
Shikkiiii!!!!! I would be so happy if you told me that I've been doing a good job 😭😭😭😭
Shiki - 22:20
Is that so? Then thank you very much for all of your hard work today. I truly wish you could stop by for some tea or coffee at 4/7. There are still hot days ahead of us, so please don't overexert yourself.

Fan - 22:20
Shiki-kun, yesterday was Octopus Day, so I wonder if that's why Ryu-kun got you a stuffed octopus... 🤔
What did you get from Saimon-sensei and Yohei-san?
Shiki - 22:23
Is August 8th "Octopus Day"...? Oh, wait, I get it, it's because they have eight legs, right? I got a book from the Owner, and from Master, I got an apron that I can use while practicing cooking. I'll treasure them both.

Fan - 22:25
Good evening Shikki 🌛
Do you have a specialty dish you can make?
Shiki - 22:25
I'm still learning how to make things, but the other day, I learned how to make confit chicken thighs. It's really easy to make and tastes really good, and I want to keep practicing.

Fan - 22:26
The results from this last battle were very frustrating for us as heads, but you're still the winners in my heart!
The song was so good!
I want to lead you to victory next time!
Shiki - 22:28
Thank you for your words of encouragement. I want to keep practicing and improve my skills, too. If there is a next time, then that will be the time for it. I'll do my best.

Fan - 22:24
I'm glad I was able to celebrate with Shiki-kun; happy birthday. I'll love you forever, I'll always support you
Shiki- 22:29
Thank you. I was very happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with everyone, and I'll do my best to return the support you all always give to me.

Fan - 22:30
Is making breakfast over summer vacation going well?
If you try hard, I'm sure you'll improve really quickly, Shikki! I want to try Shikki's cooking...
If I come to 4/7, will I be able to try it???
Shiki - 22:32
I'm still not very good at it, but I think I'm managing to get by. I don't think it's at the level that I could serve it to customers yet, but if I do get better, it might be alright to let some regular customers try it. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I'd love to do that someday.

Fan - 22:32
Shiki-kun, do you like playing the piano? Someday, when you're able to play a duet with Yohei-san, I'd love if the timing would work out for me to be able to hear it.
Shiki - 22:33
It's really hard, but it's also a lot of fun, because the more you do it, the more you learn. But I think I have a long way to go before I'll be anywhere near as good as Master, though.

Fan - 22:34
What kind of work do you do at the bar these days?? (・・?)
Shiki - 22:35
I'm not allowed to handle alcohol yet, so my main job is still cleaning up the shop.

Fan - 22:42
I hope you had a good birthday yesterday!!
Did you dream of octopi while you were sleeping???
I'm looking forward to more amazing songs from here on out!!!!
TCW are the best!!! 🐈
Shiki - 22:44
Thank you for your well wishes. I didn't dream of any octopi, though. Instead, I had a dream that I was going somewhere really nice with all the members of TCW. The details are a little foggy, though, I'm sorry. But it was a really lovely dream.
I'll keep doing my best to keep making music.

Fan - 22:42
It's been a while, Shiki-kun!! Once again, happy birthday~! I had a pretty rough day and was feeling depressed, but since Shiki-kun showed up, I feel a lot better now!! I have too many things I want to say, but I can't find the words for any of them. I support you now, and I'm going to continue to support you in future! I love you!
Shiki - 22:47
Thank you for your congratulations. There certainly are times where nothing goes your way and misfortunes just keep piling up. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Thank you for your support, as well; I'll do my best.

Fan - 22:47
Happy birthday once again, Shiki-kun 🎂
Did you have a good day yesterday??
I was hoping that I'd be able to come to 4/7 someday soon so I can share my feelings with you in person 🫶
When I can, I hope you're able to share all your memories of your birthday 🥹
I hope you have another happy year ahead of you, Shiki-kun!!
Shiki - 22:50
Thank you very much. Yes, I had a really lovely day. Are you going to be able to come by the bar? That makes me happy. My stories may not be that interesting, but if that's not a problem then I'd love to talk.
Yes, I'll keep doing my best with all my might. Thank you very much.

Fan - 22:49
Shiki-kun~~~!! A very happy birthday to you~!!
I hope you're able to drink with everyone once you turn 20!! Are there any alcoholic drinks you're interested in trying??
Shiki - 22:53
Thank you very much, you're very kind.
Let's see... I suppose there are a lot of things I'd like to try once I'm an adult. Right now, I notice it whenever someone gets a mojito. The mint smells really lovely.

Fan - 22:49
Shiki-san, Shiki-san, is there anything that Yohei-san has made for you recently?
Shiki - 22:54
He's made a lot of risottos and pasta dishes. It's like restaurant quality, it's really delicious.

Fan - 22:54
Thank you for joining us today, Shikki!
I'm showing some international students around the city tomorrow! I'm really nervous about having to use English, but I'm going to do my best!
Are there any big challenges that you've had to do lately, Shikki?
Shiki - 22:56
I should be the one to thank you for taking the time to speak with me.
It seems like it would be really hard to have a conversation in English, and I think it's really cool to help guide people around the city.
Personally, I've been trying my hardest while Master has been teaching me how to play piano.

Shiki - 22:58
Everybody, thank you so much for your birthday wishes yesterday. I also received a lot of support regarding the battle results. There are still a lot of things I can't do, so I can only try my best to repay the kindness that the other members of TCW, as well as everyone else, have shown me. I look forward to it. As always, I'm very sorry that I wasn't able to reply to everyone. I'd be really happy if I could talk to everyone again sometime. With that said, good night.