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Mention Party - July 14, 2023 - Anne

Anne - 21:07
How's everyone doing todaaay? You guys saw the SWANK drop yesterday, right? 🥺

Anne - 21:07
Oh, also, now that think of it, I should thank everyone for taking part in my bar event the last time I was here 🥰🥰🥰 I had sooooo much fun ✌️

Fan - 21:08
I was really surprised by how many pieces are being released this time around~!!!
Now my head's spinning deciding which ones I should pick up!!!
Thank you providing so much!!!!!!!
I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Anne - 21:09
I meaaan! The cardigan and hoodie are both super cute, so maybe you should be greedy and get them both 😇
I'm glad you're already thinking about what you're going to buy 😭😭😭
Thank you! 🥰

Fan - 21:09
Good evening, Anne!
I checked out the new SWANK drop~ 🦢💖
Personally, I think the scarf is too cute... I really love the "WHO CARES?" slogan, so I immediately thought, "I'm definitely gonna be picking one up!!".

And, I'd like to hear about the behind-the-scenes on the shoot with Allen 💭
Anne - 21:12
The scarf is great, right? I like it because it really lets you have that "WHO CARES?" attitude with you at all times.

Behind the scenes with Allen 🤣
You know, I asked Allen to model for me, and then on the day of the shoot, he ended up bringing courtesy gifts for the entire staff 🥰 Totally like him to go all-in like that lol

Fan - 21:11
The duo shot of Allen and Anne-chan is way too powerful, it's great 💞💞💞💞
I want to buy the entire line because it's all super cute, but I'm broke :') :')
I'll have to do my best at my part-time job 💪😤
Anne - 21:13
The photo totally slays, right? 🔥 I came up with the idea for the KEEP OUT tape and went out to buy it super last minute lol. Personally, I think the idea of not caring what's off-limits and stepping right over that line is a really good one.

Fan - 21:13
All the new items are super cute ❤️
Was Allen nervous at all about taking that photo? 😁
Anne - 21:15
Thank yoooou for checking it ooout 😭😭😭
Allen was nervous at first, yeah 😆 But he got the hang of it pretty quick and the photos turned out really well ✌️ But he said that it was a totally different kind of tension from being on-stage 🥺

Fan - 21:15
I'm not student-aged anymore, but I still want to wear that "who cares" mindset around with me!
Anne - 21:17
We decided to leave out items like neckties or blazers specifically so that it would be easy for non-students to wear! A lot of the items are easy to mix and match with everyday outfits, so you should experiment and wear them a lot!

Fan - 21:17
Good evening 🌙❤️🔥
SWANK is sooooooo cool 🤦‍♀️ You were even wearing the necklace from the last release 🥺💕 Head to toe SWANK is super cute! 😭 Anne-chan-kun, what were your thoughts for Allen's outfit~? ❤️🔥❤️🔥
Anne - 21:20
Good evening! 🥰 You're too kind 😭😭😭 I'm so happy 😭😭😭 I'm thrilled that, aside from shoes, I was able to be wearing all SWANK!
I also put Allen's outfit together! Since he's such a hiphop maniac, I tried to blend the image of someone who's both super cool and a little bit nerdy ✌️ It turned out super cute, right? 🥰

Fan - 21:23
Anne-san is here!
The SWANK line is all super cute!
Anne - 21:25
Thank you for letting me iiiin~ 🥰
And thank you so much for checking out the new stuff 😭😭😭
Of course, I want everyone to wear it a lot, but I also hope hope that the collection gives everyone an opportunity to be mindful of prejudice and discrimination!

Fan - 21:25
Good evening, Anne-chan 🌙
Of course, I checked out the new SWANK~!!
This time around there are so many cute pieces that I don't know which I should get 💞💞💞
The autumn line coming out ahead of the season is super exciting! They're all great, but do you have any particular recommendations, Anne-chan?
Anne - 21:28
Good evening 🥰 I'm glad you took a looook 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I'm really happy to hear that 😭 I'd recommend the hoodie and the cropped sweater! I really like them because we were able to put the ANTI BIAS message front and center! Even the little details were made with care, so you'll have to wait for the detail shots 🥰🥰🥰

Fan - 21:28
Anne-chan is here 😭❣️
Good evening~! 💕
I saw the new SWANK items! ✨
All of the clothes were super nice, and really cute, and ultra cool...!!
Personally, I'm really fond of the cardigan 🥰
Anne - 21:30
Good evening 🥰 I like the cardigan too! This time around, it's got a bit of a rock or grunge type feel to it. I think we were able to capture that sort of counterculture spirit of rebellious music through-line! 🔥 I hope you're able to get your hands on one soon 🥰

Fan - 21:30
I'm going out to an amusement park with my friends in a couple weeks, do you have any suggestions for what I should wear? 🥺
Anne - 21:33
Whoa! An amusement park sounds so fun 😭 I wanna go too!Buuuuut, it has been super hot this week 🦭
Maybe a beige or pale grey linen set, some shorts and a cute Aloha-style shirt, some striped skater socks, low tex sneakers, and a cap, or something like that. Have fun~! I'd love to see pictures!

Fan - 21:33
❤️To Anne-sama❤️
Thank you for sharing the new SWANK items on Instagram!
This time is nothing but cool, cute, and wonderful designs yet again 😆
I can't buy it all until I earn enough on my own, but I still want to extend my thanks regardless!
In all kinds of ways, from music to clothes, thank you for sharing the opportunity and courage to express ourselves authentically through many different avenues!
I hope these thoughts are able to reach you ❤️
Anne - 21:35
Thank you for looking~ 😭😭😭 I'm super glad you like it!
And thank you for expressing your gratitude as well 🥰 Of course I want people to buy the line, but even if you can't, it makes me really happy just to feel like my thoughts are getting across and for people to pick up what I'm putting down! I hope it's an opportunity to help create a world where everyone can respect each other 🔥

Fan - 21:35
Anne-chan~~ I saw the new line~ ♡
Because I tried my hardest and passed the Eiken Level 2, I'm planning on buying some pieces for myself as a reward~ ✨❤️ But I'm not sure what pieces to choose 😑💭
Anne-chan~~ Which do you think I should get? 😵💫
If something comes with a recommendation from Anne-chan, then I'll definitely buy it! 💕💕
I wish I could change the school dress code so I could wear it at school, too...
Anne - 21:39
OMG 🤯 Congrats on passing~! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
I'm honored that you're using SWANK as a reward for such a big achievement 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm so happy to hear that 😭😭😭😭😭 If you're a student, the cardigans are still super cute! I think they're super useful because you can throw it on over your uniform after coming home and go out with your uniform still on, but really, I'd be happiest if you chose whatever piece you like best!
The Eiken is an English proficiency test.

 Fan - 21:39
Anne-chan! Good evening ☺️
I'm not good at putting together outfits so I tend to just wear the same thing, but lately, thanks to your influence, I've been trying to put together outfits every day!
But that said, I'm still not very good at it, so if you have any advice I'd love to hear it!
Anne - 21:41
Good evening 🥰 Is that so! It can be really hard to pick out clothes, but it can also be super fun 🥺 When I don't know what to do, I start by picking out shoes or a bag! Your shoes and your hands can be really attention-grabbing, so it's a great starting point to start building up a look 🌞

Fan - 21:41
The cap and the hoodie are super cute and look super wearable!! I want them!!!!
I want to wear them to my dance lessons 💃
Anne - 21:42
Whooaaaaa, I'd love for you to do that too! 🔥🔥🔥 You know, if you're going to be dancing in it, then I think the cropped sweater would also go well with the cap 😈

Fan - 21:42
The smartphone bag is so cute 😳
Being able to detach the strap and use it elsewhere is ✨a stroke of genius✨
Anne - 21:43
Right? 😈😈😈 You can leave it on the smartphone bag, or you could take it off and attach it to your phone directly or to your favorite bag, and I think it'd make a great wallet chain, too 🔥🔥🔥

Fan - 21:43
If Anne-chan released a line of shoes I'm sure it'd be ultra cute, so I wonder if they're ever going to release a line of shoes!?
Anne - 21:44
I'd totally love to release a line of shoes but stuff like sizing makes it really complicated 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Fan - 21:44
I really love SWANK clothes~! The second I put it on I get way more confident and it's like the world around me gets more colorful! 😭💗
I'm not a student anymore, but I still feel the pressures of feeling like "I have to be a certain way all the time" and "I have to fit in with everyone else", so I'm sure that this line of clothes will be just as special and meaningful to me. 💭🦢
Whether it's through music or through fashion, thank you for always giving me so much confidence! I love you, Anne-chan 😭💗
Anne - 21:48
What a sweet thing to say... 😭 If SWANK can change how you see the world around you then I think that's really amazing 🔥 No matter how old you are, you still totally get it. Everyone pays lip service to the idea that it's good to be yourself, but you shouldn't need to be told that! You can just keep living life in your own super-cool way on your own. 😇 Let's both keep on getting even cooler together!

Fan - 21:47
Anne-chan's new stuff is super cool~~!!!!!
I want to pick it all up! Maybe I should get some for myself as an early birthday present? I'm currently in high school and I'll be going to university next year if I can manage to pass the entrance exam; you should tell me what pieces you recommend! I can't choose one, they're all really nice~!!
Anne - 21:50
Thaaaank yooooouuuuu 😭😭😭
I think SWANK would make a great birthday present! I'm so happy I'm gonna cry 😭😭😭😭 This collection's theme is a campus look so I think no matter what you pick it'll be a perfect fit! But I think the easiest to incorporate would be the hoodie and the denim. If you're still totally stumped, I think you should get them! 🥰🥰🥰

Fan - 21:50
Anne-chan~~~ 🤍 Good evening 🌙~🫧
SWANK's new line is right in my strike zone 🦢💗
I wish I could dress as cool and stylishly as you, Anne-chan... 🥺
Anne - 21:52
Good evening 🥰 Glad I could get in your strike zone ✌️
I'm really happy to hear that! It's really fun to experiment with new styles and see what gets you most excited! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help 💪

Fan - 21:52
Anne-chan, this time you've outdone yourself!!
It's all way too cute
The tag-team with Allen was also too good 💕💕💕

I was thinking the pants from this time might go good with the half-zip and the necklace from the last release, but what do you think?

Thank you again for releasing so many wonderful SWANK items 😭😭 I hope my feelings reach you...
Anne - 21:54
I'm glad to hear that~~ 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I think that combination would be a total winner! I think the varsity jacket from last time would also go great with it 😈😈😈 Going forward I hope you keep getting excited about mixing and matching items 🥺 Thank you as always for checking it out! 🥰 xoxo

Anne - 21:57
I know I'm cutting it a little short this time, but this is where I'm gonna call it 😭 Everyone's support of SWANK has give me so, so, so much courage! I really hope that this collection's theme of ANTI BIAS sparks something in the minds of people who see it! I'll be updating with more information as we go along, so be sure to keep an eye on Insta! 🥰 There are some pictures we haven't posted yet, so I hope you all have fun guessing who our guest models are gonna be 😈😈😈
Well, that's going to be it for me, thank you everyone! I know it's been super hot lately, so remember to take care of yourselves! always be yourself ✌️ xoxo