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Mention Party - June 29, 2023 - Akan Yatsura

Iori - 21:01
The festival's just only begun! Let's make some noise and live it up tonight!

Zen - 21:02
Once again, thank you all for yesterday! Today we'll get fired up here on Paratora as well! Let's go 💪💪💪

Reo - 21:02
What did everyone think of Reo-kun's performance yesterday? I'd love to hear everyone's comments~ 🥺

Satsuki - 21:02
You guys ain't finished yet, right?  👊

Hokusai - 21:02
Thanks for getting wild with us yesterday

Fan - 21:02
Ehhhhhh, Kashira!? Thank you for coming online, your performance was seriously the absolute, total best 😭😭😭
Iori - 21:03
Of course~! Who do you take us for?

Fan - 21:02
Reo-kun was so cool!! 🥰
Reo - 21:03
Sure was, wasn't I~ 🥰

Fan - 21:02
All the members of Akan Yatsura are here! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zen - 21:04
We've got the whole gang together! 💪💪💪💪💪

Fan - 21:03
Eh??? Everyone from Akan Yatsura's suddenly arrived~~~ 😭😭😭
Iori - 21:04
It's our town now!

Fan - 21:04
Hokusai, you were super cool!!!
Hokusai - 21:04
Thank you. I'm glad you came to watch.

Fan - 21:05
Iori sama!!!!!!!!
Please take a picture with me!!!!
Iori - 21:06
Well if you insist~ It'll cost you though lol

Fan - 21:04
You were super cool and super cool 😍🥰
I'll be supporting you 🔥💪
Reo - 21:06
The cool and adorable REO-kun is just the best, right? 🔥

Fan - 21:03
Us 6th men will fight to the death to make Akan Yatsura No.1, so lead the way 💪💪
Satsuki - 21:06
Yeah! We'll take that crown even if it kills us, just you watch!!!!!!

Fan - 21:06
You were the best~ 😍
Reo - 21:07
Thank youuuuu~! Praise me more~!! 🥺

Fan - 21:04
Zen san!! Great work yesterday!
Us 6th men will keep laying down the covering fire, so leave it to us to watch your back!
Zen - 21:08
Thank you for your support! I could ask for no better backup! We'll keep charging ahead with full vibes until the end! Let's go! 💪💪💪💪💪

Fan - 21:06
Hokusai-kun! Keep going on with your awesome fangs bared
As a 6th man, I'll be right behind you! 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hokusai - 21:08
With all of us on the hunt, there's no way we'll lose

Fan - 21:06
Kashiraaaa~!! Sending plenty of tailwind your way!!
We'll head for the throne, all six of us!! I'll be providing supporting fire the whole way o(`^'*)✨
Iori - 21:08
Feel that fair wind blowing! Ain't no such thing as too much cover fire! Keep it coming!

Fan - 21:08
Yesterday's show was so good I'm still feeling it~!!
I'm starting to like Reo-kun so much that it's a problem 🥰
Reo - 21:09
It's totally OK to like me as much as you want~ 👌 After all, REO-kun is number one!

Fan - 21:05
It's never enough!!!! For Satsuki-kun, I'll keep going wild forever 🔥💘
Satsuki -  21:10
Those are some scorching vibes! If this still ain't enough, then let loose even more 🔥

Fan - 21:10
Reo-kun is so cute ((o(。・ω・。)o))
Akan Yatsura's sure to win 🏆👑🎌
Reo - 21:11
Akan Yatsura for the win‼️👊

Fan - 21:11
You were super duper amazing~!!!!
Kassai is such a cool song!!!!
I could feel how tight your bonds are with everyone!!! I'm totally gonna loop the hell out of this song~!!! 😭
Kassai is gonna carry me through this summer 🥹
Reo - 21:12
Please keep our song on heavy rotation even after summer ends 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Fan - 21:08
The lyric " I’ve got no problem standing behind to push them ahead, get out there and win" from Kassai is so good I wail every time I hear it, Zen-kun (T T ) If Zen-kun is standing behind his little brothers to push them ahead, then as a 6th man I'll be standing behind you to push you ahead with tons of support!! 💪🔥
Zen - 21:12
Thanks for highlighting your favorite lyrics! You 6th men are always the wind at our backs! With support like that, who knows how much our power will grow! 💪 🔥💪 🔥💪 🔥

Fan - 21:04
Of course and always ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Satsuki-kun, you and the others are only just starting to get fired up, right 😎???
Satsuki - 21:13
Abso-fricking-lutely!  Don't you underestimate the vibes of Lord Gaia! Make sure you keep up and down get left in my dust

Fan - 21:09
Drink lots and be merry, and before you know it we've got a festival!
I really adore the lyrics in Kassai. I'll follow you for life, Kashira.
Akan Yatsura is Number One!
Iori - 21:13
Drink and be merry, we're at the greatest banquet under heaven!  Let's show 'em the true power of our Akan Yatsura Family's good vibes!

Fan - 21:10
While Kassai has that sort of festive air and excitement that are characteristic of Akan Yatsura, it also conveyed everyone's dedication to their family, and their bond with the sixth men, and it was great!
Akan Yatsura are no.1 ☝️
You'll win for sure!!! Do your best!!
All the sixth men are supporting you with all their might!!!
Hokusai - 21:14
Thank you. We'll definitely win

Fan - 21:13
How is Reo-kun so cute!? I love him way too much 🥺 I'll continue to support you from here on out 😭💕💕💕💕
Reo - 21:15
I think I was just born this cute 🥺
Thanks for your support~! I look forward to your support going forward, okay? 👼

Fan - 21:14
Thanks to Akan Yatsura's passion, I got a bit more energy 🥲💪💪💪
Iori - 21:15
How you feelin' now? We got a lot of mikoshi to carry yet! If you got free time to kill, why not make some noise with us?

Fan - 21:13
Zen-san❗❗ Let's go❗❗ For this battle, tell me all about the muscles you're most proud of 💪❤️‍🔥❤️🔥❤️‍ 🔥❤️‍🔥❤️🔥❤️‍ 🔥
Zen - 21:16
Of course I'm still proud of my deltoids, but I've also been polishing up my pecs as well. I thought it would look best on stage to have areas that are really defined, be that deep shadows or highlights!

Fan - 21:15
I love how Hokusai sings in a way that's gentle but strong, and conveys how much he wants to protect his family
Hokusai - 21:16
Thank you. I'll protect my family and my comrades

Fan - 21:16
Iori-san! I love you! I relaly love you!
Iori - 21:16
Ooh, now that's what I like to hear! Much obliged!

Iori - 21:17
How many of y'all are there? Should we make even more noise?

Fan - 21:15
Reo-kuuuun!! Thank you for always being so cool and so cute 🥺🥺❤️‍❤️‍ I love you!!!!!
Reo - 21:17
Thank you for loving the ever-cute and cool REO-kun!!💕

Fan - 21:18
I want to live in a world where I can take a picture with Iori-san
Iori - 21:18
If you'd asked yesterday, I'd have taken as many pictures as y'wanted!

Fan - 21:15
Reo-kun's cuteness is always so healing 🥺
Kassai was great!!!
You're really the cutest!!!!!
Reo - 21:18
You mean to say my cuteness is good for your health? 🥺💕
Thank you for listening to Kassai~!!

Fan - 21:19
Reo-kun!!!!! Good work!!!!!
You put on an amazing show 😭😭😭😭😭 I love you
Reo - 21:21
It really was great, wasn't it~! We'll keep running ahead just like this!! 💨💨

Fan - 21:17
Thanks to Zen-san and company I can get through the day to day hardships 😭!!
Thank you for sharing your energy and courage!!
I love Akan Yatsura's passion and powerful words!
Akan Yatsura are gunning for a great victory in this battle 💪💪💪💪💪💪
I'll do my best to follow behind your beautiful muscled back, Zen-san, and continue to cheer you on!
Zen - 21:21
Thank you for your support!! I receive a lot of energy from our sixth men, too! I want to seize a huge victory and see the beautiful sight from the top with Akan Yatsura! No, I don't want to see it, I will see it! 💪 🔥💪 🔥💪 🔥

Fan - 21:15
Hokusai~~~ I hope you're receiving my support 📣📣📣📣📣
Hokusai - 21:22
It's being received. I won't let it be in vain

Fan - 21:16
No doubt about it! Let's raise our applause to let everyone know that Akan Yatsura are number one! Sending in cover fiiire!!
Satsuki - 21:22
Is there anyone who'd doubt it!? We're counting on you guys to keep up that rocket launcher support you showed us yesterday 👊👊👊👊👊👊

Fan - 21:21
Reo-kun!!! I'll do everything in my power to support you ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Reo - 21:23
Thaaaaank you ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Fan - 21:18
I just put down every point I had to bet on you guys 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I'm in a good mood now and enjoying a chuuhai 🍻
I hope one day we can drink together!!
Let's have fun in this battle until the very end!!!!! I love you
Iori - 21:23
That's the spirit, that's the spirit! I take the stance not to let money go to waste. If we win, we'll have a big drinking party with the whole family, and I'll foot the bill. Let's make some noise!

Fan - 21:22
Pleaaaaaaaaaaase tell me about some of the highlights from the concert!!!
I got so excited that I could hardly see through my tears and my memory's a bit foggy 😭😭
I really clearly remember how everyone in Akan Yatsura was super cool, and how awesome your voice was, Iori-san!👍
Iori - 21:25
Ain't that all you really need! On a real good day, you don't really even remember what you were drinking or what you were doing, just that you were having a good time with your buddies!

Fan - 21:22
Gazen is the best in the 🌎 entire world!!! I can feel his confidence in his role as a big brother, and as a result the song foregrounds all of Zen's overwhelming strength and warmth!
👏👏👏 For cheering on your friends!
Zen - 21:26
Thank you very much! I tried to put all of my thoughts about my family into my verse! We're cheering our sixth men on, too! Akan Yatsura will need six crowns! Thank you so much always! Let's go 💪

Fan - 21:23
An amazing song, an amazing MV, a super-cute Reo-kun 🥰, a super-cool Reo-kun 😎-- thank you so much for sharing all of these with us!!!
Akan Yatsura no.1!!!!
Reign as the kings just like this!! 👑
Reo - 21:26
Which REO-kun do you like most? 💕
We'll all become the kiiings! 👑
Akan Yatsura number one❗❗

Fan - 21:25
Iori and the rest of Akan Yatsura show up and everyone gets super hyped up!! It's really fun 🤭✨
Iori - 21:27
In life, it's the people with the most spirit who end up winning!

Fan - 21:26
Sending BIG LOVE❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Iori - 21:27

Fan - 21:14
No doubt about iiiiit!! If it's for Akan Yatsura, I'll go anywhere!! You can count on me 👊❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Satsuki - 21:27
Alright! Let's send our vibes out to every corner of the world 👊

Fan - 21:27
Akan Yatsura are all present and accounted for❣️
Reo-kun! You were so cool on the new song 🤞🤞🤞
Your line about "We won’t let it end like this, our truth won’t be stopped" is on-point!! Let's all take the top!!💖✊
What's our number, brothers????
Reo - 21:28
Nuuumber ooooone! 👼

Fan - 21:26
Iori-san❗❗❗❗❗❗ I was so happy during the performance that I just about blacked out❗❗❗❗❗❗
But in the end, I was able to reaffirm that Akan Yatsura are really the best! I'll follow you guys forever 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Iori - 21:28
If it was so good, wouldn't 'ya wanna remember it? Keep on supporting us! You guys are our bedrock!

Fan - 21:27
I want to ring in Akan Yatsura's victory with applause!!!
Zen - 21:29
Naturally! Let's make it happen! Nothing is impossible! 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Fan - 21:25
I want to hear Hokusai-kun's enthusiasm❕😖
Hokusai - 21:30
I definitely want to win. Because I also respect cozmez a lot

Fan - 21:30
One way or another I just want to convey how much I love Akan Yatsura 🤞
Iori - 21:31
Don't worry too much about making sure your feelings are conveyed! Kassai is our way of sharing our feelings with our sixth men, too. Are you receiving our feelings in your turn?

Fan - 21:31
Reo-kun, you're so cute and cool, I love you! And this song was super great too!
Reo - 21:32
I AM cute and cool and I love me too!!! 🥺💕

Fan - 21:29
Zen-kun ❗❗❗❗❗❗
Are you and Akan Yatsura and all of the sixth men going to show off our true strenth in this battle?!?! Kassai was super awesome!
Let's keep running to the top like this!!!! 👑
What's Akan Yatsura's number, brothers~~~~~???
Zen - 21:33
I'm glad you liked our song!  We'll take the championship together as a family! Akan Yatsura no. 1 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Fan - 21:33
"We’ll be together on the day when we kick it, my bros!"
I'll keep cheering for Akan Yatsura until the day I die! You're gonna win for sure!
Iori - 21:34
We'll be together when we reach the end comes! But until that day, let's laugh and have a bit of fun!

Fan - 21:31
Once it starts to burn, this fire is hard to put out!!!!! The sixth men will follow you anywhere!!
Satsuki - 21:34
We won't let it go out! Follow us all the way to the end 👊👊👊👊👊👊

Fan - 21:34
I love Kassai so much
Iori-san really is super cool 😭💞
Iori - 21:35
Ain't I just~ We'll keep it up from here on out!

Fan - 21:32
Reo-kun is so cute, I love him so much 😖❤️
Kassai is so good, I listen to it every day🎧🎶
I'll do my best to support you as a sixth man 🎉✊
Reo - 21:35
Even if you listen to it every day, don't you think you could stand to listen to it agaaain? 😈 I'll do my best for the sake of our sixth men too! 👼😈

Fan - 21:35
Thank you for your enthusiasm going into this match!!!
I'll do my best for Akan Yatsura!!! 💪💪💪
You have my full support and cover fire!!!
Iori - 21:35
We'll be winning!

Fan - 21:35
I love Reo-kun way too much ❤️
Reo - 21:35
I loooove me too ❤️

Fan - 21:36
Reo-kun, what did you have for dinner?
I had some pork 🐷
Reo - 21:38
Today we had fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

Fan - 21:35
I'll keep cheering for Hokusai-kun until the very end, so please give me headpats!
Hokusai - 21:38
Sure. Yoshi yoshi

Fan - 21:38
You're too good, it's so awesome!
I got a whole lot of energy
Thank you 😊
Keep on this way and become the absolute best (*´︶`*) Akan Yatsura NO.1 ✨
Reo - 21:39
Naturally! Together with our sixth men, we can keep on running straight through~ 💨💨💨💨💨💨

Fan - 21:35
If I didn't have bad things in my past, I wouldn't have been able to get to know Iori-san and Akan Yatsura!! Thanks for rescuing me from my unpleasant past!! I'm really grateful, I don't think I could have met you guys any other way! I'll follow you forever from here on out!!
Iori - 21:39
Sure is a happy twist of fate that leads to everyone being able to meet one another! Let's see how far you'll follow along! You guys have got the spirit!

Fan - 21:32
No doubt about it!!
The things I've gotten from Akan Yatsura and Satsuki-kun 🔥 are still burning bright 🔥
Let's reach the top!!!
Satsuki - 21:39
Let's raise up a pillar of flame through the power of our vibes 🔥 We're counting on you, sixth men!

Fan - 21:39
I'm so thankful for Iori-san's very existence that I may just weep. Thank you so much...
Iori - 21:40
There y'go, acting like I'm some kinda idol to worship at the altar of Akan Yatsura! Go in peace, my child (lol)
[I am translating this very roughly to convey the meaning, not the literal words lol]

Fan - 21:38
Hokusai~~ Where's Luna right now?
Hokusai - 21:40
She's on my lap

Fan - 21:36
Reo-kun!!!!! Kassai was so good 🥺🤞 There's no doubt in my mind that Akan Yatsura will ascend to the throne 💪🔥🔥 We'll all do our best to support you as your sixth men! 😎💖💖 Akan Yatsura are number one!!
Reo - 21:42
We'll run up with everyone~!! 🔥🔥

Fan - 21:40
I love Kashira and Akan Yatsura❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
I know it's still early in the round, but I'm already looking forward to see what song you put forth in the finals to follow up and surpass Kassai❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
Iori - 21:41
It's just like Akan Yatsura to outdo ourselves every time! I'm excited to see what kind of song we'll make in the finals too!

Fan - 21:40
Reo-kuuuuuun❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Look this waaaaaaaay❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
Reo -21:41
Will you really be okay if I look your way while being as cute and cool as I am? 🥺💕

Fan - 21:35
Reo-kun was way way too cute 💕💕💕
Thanks to Reo-kun I'm super happy!
Reo - 21:43
Could it be that REO-kun's cuteness is the key to world peace? 🤔

Fan - 21:39
Zen-san! Let me know if there's anything muscle-related you'd like shouted out to you in between songs~! I can try to shout them with all my might at your next concert!!
Zen - 21:44
I think I'd be flattered to hear something like, "you must have worked many sleepless nights to get to that point"! I think this is a great phrase that has the right balance of recognizing effort and self-reflection! I look forward to hearing it during the finals! Let's go 💪💪💪💪💪
[This, AFAIK, is referencing a thing that's done in certain Japanese performing arts -- remember, Zen enjoys rakugo.]

Fan - 21:43
I swear I had something I wanted to ask Kashira or something I wanted to say to him, but the second he showed up it all totally flew out the window 😂
Iori - 21:44
Don't stress about it! Just take it easy and be in good spirits! Lemme know if you remember what you wanted to say!

Fan- 21:35
Reo-kun! I love everything about yooou! More than anything in the world, more than anything in the universe, I love love love you~!
Reo - 21:45
Of course, REO-kun's attractiveness is measured on the scale of the universe~! I looove me too 💕

Fan -21:27
Satsuki-kun! Thank you for all your hard work!
I'm glad to have a chance to talk to you 😭✨
Of course, I'm still super fired up!!
I'll do my best to provide cover fire for you until the very end!
Akan Yatsura are really the best...!!!!!!
Satsuki - 21:45
Stay on that grind!! We'll knock you away straight over the finish line 👊 Calling for cover fire!!!

Fan - 21:44
I'm feeling down because I've got to take a test, so I'd love for Iori-san to raise my spirits a little!!!!! 😳😳
Iori - 21:45
Get a bit of fighting spirit in 'ya! It's what we do! You should give it a shot!

Fan - 21:45
Reo-kun!! Can you see me? 🥺
I'd love for Reo to be the first reply I get on Paratora!
Reo - 21:45
I can see you~! 👼😈

Fan - 21:46
Why is Reo-kun so cute? 🥺❤🔥
Reo - 21:46
I don't know, I was just born this way 🥺❤🔥

Fan - 21:43
From here on out, I keep on living for the sake of Zen and Akan Yatsura!!!
Zen - 21:46
Thank you! We share one life with the sixth men! Let's carry our mikoshi all the way to the end! 💪

Fan - 21:45
Hokusai, I want to hear about what's making you happy today!!
Hokusai - 21:47
Talking with everyone right now

Fan - 21:47
I want to see some fanservice from Kashira 🤞
Iori - 21:47
Haven't I said this before? The fact that I exist is fanservice enough! lol

Fan - 21:45
I'm way too addicted 👿👿 to Akan Yatsura
I can't take my eyes off of you, Reo-kun
Reo - 21:48
I'm always number one, after all❗❗

Fan - 21:47
What does happiness look like to Kashira??
Iori - 21:47
Bein' with my family in Akan Yatsura and makin' a big to-do in good spirits!

Fan - 21:46
I'm putting all my bets on Reo-kuuuuun!!!!!
I love you!!! 🥰🥰🤞
Reo - 21:49
Thanks for putting your bets down on meee~ 💕 I'll make sure you won't regret it!!!!!!

Fan - 21:48
Someday you should have a barbecue cookout with all of Akan Yatsura!
Zen - 21:50
Sounds great! I can whip up a powerful menu lineup that's low on fat!

Fan - 21:49
Reo-kun is too addictive, I can't quiiit 🥺
Reo - 21:50
Sorry for being sooo cuuuute 🥺🥺🥺

Fan - 21:49
Kashiraaaaaa!!! I love yoooooou!!!
I'm betting it all on Akan Yatsura!!!
Iori - 21:50
Now that's the spirit! You got a lot of feelings about this! We won't let that be in vain, so keep an eye on us!

Fan - 21:50
You gotta wiiiiin!!
Iori - 21:51
Naturally! We're keepin' our aim set ever-higher!

Fan - 21:49
Reo-kun! What kind of spell did you cast on me? 😭 For years I've had trouble getting Reo-kun out of my head~~ 🥺💗💗
Reo - 21:51
REO-kun cast his spell to get you addicted, of course~ 🪄✨

Fan - 21:49
Reo-kun, give us some fanservice 🤞💕
Reo - 21:52

Fan - 21:49
Is it alright if I support Hokusai from up close? 🥺
Hokusai - 21:52

Fan - 21:50
When all five members come out, the sixth men are super happy❗❗
I'll do my best to provide cover fire❗❗ 💪
We've got your six❗❗
Akan Yatsura will take the crown 👑👑👑👑👑👑
Zen - 21:52
Thanks to our sixth men, I don't have to worry about watching my back! Let's go forward and seize those crowns for everyone!! Lets go!!!!!!

Fan - 21:51
Satsuki-kun's powerful voice blew away all the humidity!
Satsuki - 21:53
Sure did! We're the eye of the storm!!

Fan - 21:51
Win with a bang, I wanna have a big fancy celebration at Club CANDY!!!!!
Iori - 21:53
Sounds like a plan!! Consider it done!! We'll call in the whole fam and raise hell 'til morning!!

Fan - 21:53
Akan Yatsura are... no. 1✨✨✨✨
Iori - 21:53
You got that right!

Fan - 21:52
Hey, hey, when will a nice reply from Reo-kun finally arrive to me? Reo-kun
Reo - 21:54
It's here right now~ 👶✨

Fan - 21:54
I'd like to dedicate these crowns to Iori and company~ ♚♔
Iori - 21:55
Get 'em custom made~!

Fan - 21:51
Zen-kun! ! Which is more efficient, a protein bar or protein powder??
Zen - 21:55
The protein powder! Protein bars tend to contain a lot of sugar, so you shouldn't eat too many of them! But, of course, it all depends on what's appropriate for your situation! 💪

Fan - 21:54
I wonder how Reo-kun manages to be so angelically cute... These are the big questions
Reo - 21:55
I think about this all the time myself, but I haven't found a good answer yet 🤔

Fan - 21:52
Are you receiving our support?? How's our cover fire doing??
Hokusai - 21:55
We're getting a lot. I'm happy

Fan - 21:55
Kashira just being alive is itself fanservice, but even more fanservice would be even more high-spirited~
Iori - 21:55
A'ight, just for today!

Fan - 21:53
I just have to hope and pray it will reach to Reo-kun...
My love beam 💕
Reo - 21:56
Beam signal received! 👼❤🔥

Fan - 21:55
I don't even need a reply!! Only Akan Yatsura can make this lively kind of festival atmosphere! They're the greatest team!
I love you all!! All of us sixth men will provide cover fire for you!!
Iori - 21:57
If we're the greatest team, all our sixth men are part of that too! Keep the energy up! We're callin' in for cover fire!

Fan - 21:50
When I first encountered Akan Yatsura's music, I was depressed a lot because my life was full of problems, but their powerful songs about moving forward gave me a lot of energy. Just listening to it gives me strength. I'm glad I was able to become familiar with them 😊
Satsuki - 21:57
It don't matter if you were in a bad state of mind! From now on, you can keep moving forward with us!!!!!!

Fan - 21:56
The afterglow from yesterday's live still hasn't faded *('ω')*
I wanna see Hokusai again!
Hokusai - 21:57
I'm glad you had fun. I want to do another concert soon too

Fan - 21:21
Zen-san! I want you to push me forward too!!!!
Zen - 21:59
Of course! I'll help you to go forward wholeheartedly! 💪

Fan - 21:53
Reo-kun is cute today, too, as usual 💕💕💕💕💕
You're definitely gonna win this battle 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Reo - 21:59
We'll win for sure~~~ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Fan - 22:00
I'm rooting for Akan Yatsura to be number one!!!!
And I hope we can all celebrate together at CANDY!!
I want to see Kashira in a good mood!!!
Iori - 22:01
Hey, now, I shouldn't be the only one in a good mood, we'll celebrate our victory together as a family!

Reo - 22:02
Thanks for today, everyone~! Say it together, now, one last time! After all, Reo-kun is...~~? 👂
[Numerous fans replied to this with "number one!"]

Satsuki - 22:02
You guys rule!! I'm gonna stay on that grind, y'all keep following me to the ends of the earth!

Zen - 22:02
Thank you for today, everyone! Our hype from yesterday has carried on through to today! The battle has just begun! We'll show you our strength as a family! Let's go!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Hokusai - 22:02
Thank you, everyone. See you again

Iori - 22:02
Certainly got a lot done today! That'll be it for me. Be seein' ya!