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Mention Party - June 21, 2023 - Allen

Allen - 21:02
Has everyone had the chance to check out the new songs by cozmez and Akan Yatsura? This battle's gonna be way too sick!!

Fan - 21:02
Hello, Allen!!!!

I'd love to know what you think is super cool about Hajun and Anne-chan when you're performing with them! ✨✨

I'll always support BAE! 🔥🔥🔥
Allen - 21:04
There's way too many things that I could say!! I suppose I'd say because Hajun is trilingual, there's a wide variety of ways he can express things, and I think his ability to rhyme in multiple languages is one of his strong ponits! As for Anne, their mindset, or maybe I should say their attitude, is totally in line with the very foundation of hiphop, and they've also got a really good sense for wordplay!

Fan - 21:04
I checked the songs out~!
Both were really cool!
What in particular about the songs stands out to you, Allen-kun?
I'd love to know!
Allen - 21:06
They were seriously cool, no doubt about it!! I can only write 140 characters in a reply, so I'll definitely be writing my full thoughts up later!!

Fan - 21:06
It's been a while, Allen~! 🔥 Both cozmez and Akan Yatsura's songs were seriously great 🤘♪

cozmez's song, Trust Nobody, is relatively mellow and calm, which is a total change from last time with Hit em up, but each and every lyric has a lot of weight to it, so it was good to feel that same cozmez force and heat underneath it all❗❗🐍
Also, KANATA and NAYUTA's voices on the track are really different from each other, and from the actual content of the verses, it feels to me like it's more about the individual intentions of KANATA and NAYUTA rather than of a singular "cozmez" on the previous tracks, and I was really struck by that. 🤔

And I mean, don't you think that the worldview expressed in "Trust Nobody" and their phantom illusions go well together?! I'm excited to read your thoughts 👋🌟
Allen - 21:09
"Weight" really is the right word!! I was thinking they would double down on that really aggressive drilling-in style, since this time advancing to the finals is at stake, but they really came at it with a fresh approach! But they weren't losing sight of their origins, either, like you said, and it really allowed all their good qualities to shine through!!

Allen - 21:10
There's so many things I want to talk about, I don't even know where to start! You guys were all totally blown away by the other two teams' songs, right??

Fan - 21:10
Allen-kun, what kind of battle do you think the upcoming TRUST round is going to be?!
Allen - 21:12
cozmez definitely aren't going to be satisfied just winning the one time, so I think they're going to give it everything they've got this time, too! But looking at the results from the first round, I really feel like the Akan Yatsura heads are in it to win it, too, so I have no idea what's going to happen! They're definitely going to be going to a clash of their respective styles!!

Fan - 21:12
Trust Nobody is downbeat, but it's really something to hear the twins' resolve,,,,,

Even though it's slow, there's a lot of pressure,,,,,
But of course cozmez are great 🐍
Allen - 21:24
Downbeat pressure!! I totally get it...! The super-aggro cozmez is also really good, but on the other hand, reeling back on that is also super good. It's sharp like a proper Japanese-style sword, and it has the kind of cool-headedness you can only possess when you're really strong enough to back it up!

Fan - 21:14
I can always easily imagine Allen writing really hot and passionate lyrics, but the new Akan Yatsura song also had a lot of passion to it too...!
Allen, what's your take on the lyrics from their new track?
Allen - 21:15
There were a lot of callbacks to older Akan Yatsura songs in these lyrics, so it felt like it was all coming full-circle, you know? I was really impressed by how similar lines about being able to find happiness even as a bad person can have such a different nuance just by changing the tune!

Fan - 21:15
I was struck by how the new Akan Yatsura song contrasts a really refreshing and summery track with really passionate, hard-hitting lyrics! Their familial ties, their passion for their comrades, their thoughts on the path they're on, their faith in their beliefs-- I could really feel their passion and enthusiasm as a group. They're putting it all on the table for this one, and they're really conveying that passion to the audience! It's impressive!
Allen - 21:18
For sure! And the track has a really strong Latin vibe, which gives it this sort of Chicano rap kind of style! I wonder if they chose to do that to be an homage to the idea of family and never turning their back on their comrades? I was super blown away by how it's a great show of power while also not forgetting compassion and kindness for each other!

Fan - 21:18
Good evening, Allen~❗❗
I've been really looking forward to a chance to talk to you ^_-☆
cozmez are way too dangerous this time around, and I really like the feeling of being snapped back to reality when Kanata does his little ptchoo❗❗ You know what I mean, right❗❗❗
Allen - 21:20
That part, where the sound all cuts out, is really arresting!! Sometimes people use that onomotopoeia when they're implying something is moving really fast, or it can also imply the sound of a gun with a silencer being shot. I don't know if he meant it in the former way, but I think it was used really effectively because of that ambiguity!

Fan - 21:20
Isn't the autotune being used in hiphop super cool!!
[Note that this is presumably about the tone correction effect on Kassai, which is why Allen talks about Kassai specifically]
Allen - 21:22
I think it can be used really effectively in rap! And this time around, that effect combined with the Latin style track and the flow has a super great feel to it! The fact that they had the sense to make a real summer jam type song for a battle taking place in the summer is the kind of showmanship I'd be proud of if it were me!

Fan - 21:23
Personally, I really like the way that the hook on Trust Nobody feels when you listen to it through earphones, like sinking deeper and deeper underwater.
Allen - 21:24
I totally get what you mean! It's like sinking, or being pulled in, but either way it's got that very dull throbbing feeling that pulls you in and gives you a glimpse into the depths. I think the two of them really sold it with their delivery, too!

Fan - 21:25
Listening to Akan Yatsura's "Kassai", what would you say is your favorite part of the lyrics, Allen-kun...?
Allen - 21:27
I think this may come as a surprise, but it's Kashira's "Drowning out my fears with the voice of my bros"! Honestly, I was surprised a bit to hear that even Kashira gets insecure, but I was also struck by the warmth and humanity of it-- you'd never guess it, looking at him normally!

Fan - 21:27
Not only was it [Trust Nobody] super beautiful and mysterious, but I really felt like I could feel the way that cozmez had lived, and the strength they have, and the extent of their trust in each other!!
Allen - 21:29
I was also thinking about why the vibe was so mysterious, and I think it's what makes the theme and the song mesh together so well. Because they're kind of rebelling against the theme, there's a sort of shadow cast on the music. That, combined with that sort of underwater feeling I mentioned earlier, kind of gives the beautiful impression of a shimmering light deep underwater!

Fan - 21:30
I'm super excited to know Allen's thoughts on the new cozmez song❗
If you have any points you'd like to draw attention to, I'm excited to hear them❗❗
Allen - 21:32
I guess I'd say it's like, the core of cozmez! I'd have thought after winning the last round it would only be natural to get a bit egotistical, but this song was so consistent with their usual style that it would fit right at home with their debut songs. But more than that, I think that the song has a lot of added depth, lent to it by the new way they're able to look at the world, that really enhances it!

Fan - 21:32
I've got a question, Allen❗❗
With "Kassai", what lyrics stand out to you the most? 👊
Also, I really loved G△LAXY∞, it was the great❗❗
Allen - 21:35
"We'll be together on the day when we kick it, my bros" was a total killer of a lyric!! I don't think you'd get from anyone but Akan Yatsura, and to be honest, even though it's a dangerous kind of lyric, I'm a little bit jealous...! I can't imagine not wanting to get in on the vibes for this track! And thanks for listening to our music, too!!!!

Fan - 21:35
Allen-kun, what did you think of cozmez's line about "letting the results do the talking"? Personally, because cozmez won, I really felt the enormity of total confidence in the words. Even if the twins don't always understand each other, they still don't give up and talk it out... I could really feel how cozmez have grown after so many battles.
Allen - 21:37
Honestly, I don't think they have anything they need to prove! But I don't think they'll ever be satisfied with that, no matter how much many wins they've got under their belt. I'm thrilled to be able to compete against a cozmez who are getting better and better all the time. I'm looking forward to the chance to battle them again!

Fan - 21:37
I was struck by Zen's lines about "I've got no problem standing behind to push them ahead, get out there and win", the idea of protecting and supporting someone by pushing them forward. It's a very big brotherly way to be, showing someone how to get back up when they fall.
Allen - 21:40
That line is crazy, too! Even if you don't know what the day-to-day dynamic of Akan Yatsura's members is, the music really speaks for itself! The verse is the front lines standing at the castle wall, and the way Gazen kicks in and pushes forward with that emotion, and the skills of the three people he's talking about! Hiphop really is a way of life...!

Fan - 21:40
Not just with "Trust Nobody", but also with "Ain't No Love"-- what do you think about how cozmez keep making songs that push back against the battle theme, Allen-kun?
I think cozmez have this really inimitable sense for music and meaning that I really love...
Sorry if I'm not wording this right, but I hope you know what I mean!
Allen - 21:43
I think it's very like cozmez to not just come at the theme from the most obvious angle! But, even though they're acting very rebellious and lashing out at the world, the focus on their relationship is actually still totally thematically on-point. It's a very clever songwriting trick!

Allen - 21:47
Both teams had really interesting approaches to the theme this time around! Akan Yatsura approached the theme straight-on, but I feel like the lightness of the song only shines all the brighter for the hints of darkness in the lyrics, whereas cozmez pushed back against the theme, but the fact that there's only a few slivers of light breaking through the dark making that bit of brightness all the more impactful. Both teams did a great job making songs perfectly on-point for the battle theme!

Fan - 21:48
The new song from the previous reigning champions was as good as ever, and the super passionate new Akan Yatsura song was also great...!
I really feel like this is a really heated battle that could go either way, so I'm really excited to see how it turns out.
Allen - 21:49
Honestly, I feel this way every time, but I really don't think we're going to see another battle like this one! I feel like since the positive and negative aspects of the theme are both being highlighted, it all balances out perfectly, so it's gonna be really great to see play out!

Fan - 21:49
GAIA's unique flow was really put to good use!! I always feel like he's totally one of a kind, you know?
Allen - 21:51
His voice is totally unfair...! Of course, the actual words a rapper says are super important, but a distinctive voice is also a powerful weapon. With the way he flips his voice around and has that gatling-gun quality to it, even the most ordinary punchline is more than doubly powerful!

Fan - 21:51
In Trust Nobody, the 'trust' is "We don't believe in things we can't see", while in Kassai, the line that sticks out to me the most for the theme is "Trust me, resounding together, imagine"~
Allen  - 21:52
I totally get what you mean!!! It really shows the contrast. It's also super interesting that despite that difference, both songs share the same sense of solidarity and the strength of their bonds!

Fan - 21:52
I really like the way that Reo-kun, instead of using a really harsh flow, really carries the melody on Kassai 🙏🏼
Allen - 21:55
Because Akan Yatsura have so many members, there's a lot of variety in their flows and the way they approach their tracks! Melodies tend to stick in your head, so one technique for you want to really get something to stick in the audience's mind is to put it on the melody! Kassai has a really melodic approach and it makes it really easy to get into it!

Fan - 21:55
In the chorus, cozmez say "We don't believe in things we can't see/we're not interested in empty pipe dreams", and you really get the sense that that's the kind of thing that comes from two people who grew up in a slum and have seen the harshness of life first-hand.
After that, they say "It doesn't matter who or what comes at us/This sound is the only thing we believe in", and I think that can be interpreted as either "I only believe in each other's sound" or "I only believe in my own sound", and thinking of that, you kind of get a sense for the difference between Kanata and Nayuta's wills, I think.
In other words, it's fantastic
Allen - 21:57
I totally agree, it's really great! The gravity of music made by two people who came up in a really harsh environment is really unlike anything else! I'm always super impressed by how they manage to spin their harsh past into music!

Fan - 21:57
I don't know if I have the words or enough brain cells for what I meant to say, so maybe you can help me out, Allen!

I've been stumped as to why, on Trust Nobody, they went to all the effort of inlcuding Kanata-kun's little "ptchoo"... I know he's not really the kind of guy who's interested in doing fanservice, but since he's really serious about music, I don't think he'd put it there for no reason... I keep thinking about it, but I can't seem to reach a satisfying conclusion!
I'd love to hear your thoughts, Allen-kun!!!
Allen - 22:00
This is just speculation, but I think he's trying to give us the impression of shooting for the next stage battle! Also, I think that when the track cuts out and then comes back in right before the hook, it makes the hook hit harder! I think it's there to make it hit harder, to pull you all the harder back down into the depths after throwing you up into the air for a moment!

Allen - 22:02
I've been talking so much I totally lost track of time...! I really wish I could stay up all night talking with all of you, but I guess I'm gonna call it here for today! I always enjoy getting the chance to talk about hiphop with you guys! I hope we have a chance to talk again sometime! Goodnight! Big RESPECT to all the heads!