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Magazine Interview - SWANK AW 2022

Posted on Twitter on August 23, 2022, this is a magazine cross-talk featuring the SWANK AW 22 models in two pairs (Hajun and Toma, Anne and Aoi).

Artists talk about self-expression through fashion

Artist crosstalk

Yeon Hajun x Hikage Toma

Two artists talk on the subject of genderless fashion

Toma: I'd never have expected to have a chance to work together with you like this, Hajun-san!
Hajun: In a way, I would say it's specifically because we both participated in Road to Legend that this photoshoot came to be.
Toma: For sure. Not to jump straight into it, but do you have any thoughts in particular on the subject of genderless fashion, Hajun-san?
Hajun: I had never really paid any thought to it before meeting Anne, but my impression of it is a good one. I think it's important to have a range of modes of expression.
Toma: I totally agree. When it comes to first impressions, your clothes make just as much of an impact as your face does, you know? Like, it's something you can use to show other people who you are.
Hajun: Indeed. And it's impossible to flatten that down into a dichotemy of masculine and feminine.
Toma: For sure.
Hajun: Of course, in saying that, I don't mean to cast aspersions on brands who create mens' and womens' lines; those are still created with a lot of thought and care. I just think it would be a good thing for society to be more aware of diversity.
Toma: I think the coolest thing you can do is live in a way that's true to yourself. I don't ever want to forget to give other people respect.

Anne Faulkner x Kureha Aoi

The allure of the words "WHO CARES?"

Anne: Aoi-kun, thank you for accepting my request for you to model for this photoshoot!
Aoi: By no means, I would never have presumed even in my dreams that I would have had the chance to work with you, and so I would like to extend my utmost gratitude...
Anne: Ahahaha! You're fine, you don't have to be so nervous!
Aoi: My apologies! Um, there is something I've been wondering about and would like to ask you, if that would be alright.
Anne: Why not? Go ahead, ask whatever you like!
Aoi: Ah-- SWANK has the thematic phrase WHO CARES?, I believe-- why did you go with that? Or, I guess I mean, where did you get the idea for it?
Anne: WHO CARES? in English means "誰が気にするの?" in Japanese!
Aoi: I see.
Anne: I wore clothes that weren't true to myself, and I struggled a lot to express myself. But I can't change who I am, no matter what anyone says, and I wouldn't want to even if I could. When I thought of it that way, I decided to be cool in the clothes that I liked. And in that moment, I was thinking, WHO CARES?.
Aoi: So that's the explanation. I think it's a truly lovely phrase. I would love to be able to live my life thinking WHO CARES? as well.
Anne: Is that so? I'm so happy to hear that~! I look forward to working with you in the future.

What is SWANK?

Launched by hip-hop artist Anne Faulkner, SWANK is a brand produced with the ethos of "WHO CARES?". The designs are not bound by categories such as "womens'" or "mens'", and embodies theidea of "live your life the way you want to live it"!