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"News" Coverage - Buraikan is Back

Posted on Twitter on June 11 2021 to celebrate 500,000 views on the Buraikan is Back MV, this is an in-universe entertainment news article discussing the reappearance of Buraikan.

Special Feature: Buraikan is Back!!

The legends' comeback!

The legendary twin dragons of the phantom live scene have emerged from their slumber!?

Countdown to the revival on stage!?
Those furtively whispered rumors are finally turning out to be true. Just days ago, the final stage battle of the "Paradox Live" drew to a close, and the winners have been announced. These winners will be taking home 10 billion yen in prize money, and have earned the right to challenge the legendary MC team, Buraikan. However, as that very Buraikan disappeared without a trace ten years ago, many have cast dobut on whether this challenge was anything more than a pipe dream.

We were able to confirm, according to insider sources, that "Buraikan still exist, and it will be possible for them to participate in phantom lives." It is therefore assumed that Buraikan have simply been in hiding from the general public.

Should this match come to pass, it will surely be one to go down in the books of music history.

The team to challenge Buraikan: cozmez

The Legends Left Behind in Buraikan's Wake
There are many enduring legendary tales left behind of Buraikan's feats, resulting in a rabid fanbase that still sing the praises of their music and achievements to this day. Here, we reflect on some of these achievements.
From the world's first phantom live performance, to taking over the hit charts worldwide within only a year of their debut, clearing 2 billion sales, to being invited to play across the world in many famous venues and heritage sites, their documented achievements are impossible to list comprehensively. Moreover, there are even more countless anecdotes and apocryphal stories surrounding them that far exceed the aforementioned.

What new legagy will they forge with their resurrection after ten years of dormancy?


A.S.-san - 21 years old

"Anyone who loves phantom lives knows about Buraikan. They're the reason I took part in the Paradox Live; when I heard about their involvement, I was so excited. They have overwhelming skill and an amazing sense for music. Even trying to lump them in with other hiphop is hard to justify. I'm friends with the ones going up against them in the next battle, so I have some mixed feelings, but I'm also looking forward to it at the same time."

Y.K.-san - 28 years old

"Buraikan are both the origin and the pinnacle of phantom lives. I dove head first into hiphop after seeing one of their live performances and getting totally engulfed by it. I'm curious whether they'll still be as blinding as they were when I saw them back then, or if they'll come out with something even better. It's almost unbearable to even imagine."


A former professional basketball player who announced his retirement in the midst of his prime and pivoted to the music industry. Possesses an extraordinary level of talent, he played a huge part in elevating phantom lives to world class entertainment in the span of a few short years.


Buraikan's trackmaker. His family run a Chinese restaurant. Details are sparse, but he was about to give up on music following the death of his father, whereupon he met Yasha and formed Buraikan.