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"Magazine" Interview - Akan Yatsura

Keeping the Good Vibes Rolling - Akan Yatsura's Bonds

Posted on Twitter on August 13th, 2023, this is a post-mortem style interview with Akan Yatsura done in the form of a magazine interview.

Question 1. What are your thoughts looking back on Road to Legend?

Iori: It's a real shame. But it was fun in equal turn. It was great. I can't remember the last time I felt like this, but if you're gonna be in a fight, that's just how it's gotta be. Even if we were lagging one step behind, I'd still say our family put up one hell of a fight, yeah?

Satsuki: For real! It's just like aniki said, I'm all fucked up between how frustrated I am and how much fun we had. But I do know one thing without a doubt: our family, Akan Yatsura, are the coolest around!

Reo: Yeah! I've never seen a concert that was more hyped up than that. It's not just us, right? It's that exciting every time!

Satsuki: Of course. We're Akan Yatsura, our vibes can get even crying babies to put a sock in it! And it's not just the five of us performing. We've got our sixth men as part of our family, too.

Reo: I was so happy to see how much support they gave us in our battle with GokuLuck and our battle with cozmez!

Zen: That moment when the stage and the audience come together as one is always the greatest feeling, no matter how many times I experience it. In our battle with cozmez, those vibes were the very essence of Akan Yatsura.

Hokusai: We treated our opponents in battle with respect. I think participating in this event has made us stronger.

Iori: Sure did. And no matter how many times Akan Yatsura fall down, we ain't stayin' down. ZEN That's right. We're not going to stop growing just because we had a setback.

Hokusai: As long as Aniki leads the way, we're not going to stop either.

Satsuki: There's no way we're stopping. Not until we can stand on top with our sixth men and yell with our whole chest, "Akan Yatsura NO. 1!"!

Question 2. What are your plans for the future?

Zen: It's like Waka said just now. We're not going to stay down. I'm certain that this frustration will push Akan Yatsura's music forward. So! We'll just keep training every single day!

Satsuki: Scars are just medals of honor for real men. I think that experiencing that frustration is just gonna make me come back stronger in the end.

Hokusai: We can definitely get bigger. I'm sure of it.

Reo: We've gotta get so big that all the other teams run away from us scared!

Zen: Satsuki-kun, Hokusai-kun, and Reo-kun. I would like to continue to watch over your growth and development. Of course, I will also continue my own training all the while. Let's continue to grow together, as a family.

Satsuki: I've gotta pick up the pace so that one day I can be on the level of Aniki and Zen-nii!

Iori: As you can see, our family's full of people who keep our sights forward. The more we fall down, the more scars we share, and the stronger our bond becomes. That bond becomes a real passionate sound.

Hokusai: I want to keep going higher with everyone. I believe we can do it together.

Zen: Nothing is impossible for us we stick together as a family, and that includes our sixth men. So, let's put in our best effort going forward, one day at a time, starting today. That will make us stronger in the future.

Question 3. What message do you have for all of the heads?

From Satsuki Ito
Yo, sixth men! Thanks so much for setting off all those fireworks together with us, for real! I'm not gonna let my frustration just go away, but I'm also not going to let myself flame out and let it end here. I'm gonna keep going until we take those six crowns. Count on it!

From Hokusai Masaki
Thanks to the sixth men, I was able to go all out, so I feel like my head is clear now. I'll never forget the moment where we all raised our voices as one. The path we've taken in this battle is just one more step on the road to the top. Akan Yatsura aren't finished until we take the crown.

From Reo Maruyama
Thank you sooo much for supporting someone so cute and cool as me~! We had a blast with the sixth men, our voices definitely reached the old man and our brothers up in heaven! I hope we can make even more noise together in the future!

From Zen Gaho
Hey! First off, I'd like to thank our sixth men for fighting alongside us. Everybody's passionate vibes and all of your cheers haven't left my body. We couldn't carry our mikoshi without our sixth men. Let's continue to raise hell! Thank you very much!

From Iori Suiseki
This was the most fun and wildest fight I've ever been in. Ain't nothing more boring than a one-sided fight that gets dragged out when you already know the winner. When you got all these people singing and dancing together, it doesn't matter what the results are. I'm sure we'll have another chance to have fun together. Thanks again. You guys are the best!