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Newly-recorded voice trailers from the teams advancing into REVOLUTION, recapping the previous rounds.



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Allen: Hey to all the heads! What's up? I'm SUZAKU from BAE!
Anne: Hi guys! I'm anZ from BAE!
Hajun: Hello. I'm 48.
Allen: As BAE, we're working to show the world who we are through our music. Our cutting-edge approach to music brings together a lot of things to the table, not just in terms of musical genres, but also by weaving together lyrics in Japanese, English, and Korean, and also we--
Hajun: Yes, yes, let's leave it at that lest you talk until sunrise.
Anne: Point is, we make the coolest music! But if you've come out to a show to hear us, you probably already know that, right? We're totally confident that we're putting out good music, but all of the teams we've gone up against us have been really cool in their own rights.
Allen: Yeah, all of their songs were great! First up was...
Hajun: What fortune that it was AMPRULE, wasn't it? Going out of their way to have us be the ones to knock my little brother out of the competition-- Buraikan certainly have good instincts, don't they?
Anne: Before the battle, we got called over to Dongha's house, and Allen and I had to do that really weird quiz, remember?
Allen: And that butler guy, Battler, was kind of weird, too.
Hajun: At any rate, I'm glad we took the victory in the battle at the end. I'm sure it was a good learning opportunity for him as well.
Anne: I hope we get the chance to meet again. He's like a pocket-sized Hajun, it's cute!
Allen: And I feel like I learned a lot from the music they made, too! And after that, we went up against TCW in the next battle.
Hajun: The last time we went up against them, we lost at the very last minute, so there was no time for slacking at any point in this round.
Allen: I was really surprised when I heard that Ryu had run away from home all of a sudden.
Hajun: I was more surprised that your insistence on thinking in analog ended up being useful for tracking him down.
Anne: I'm really glad we managed to find him and got TCW back together again!
Allen: All that's left now is the finals. We're definitely gonna win!
Hajun: It's what we've been aiming for all this time; we have no choice but to win.
Anne: But we shouldn't forget to have a little fun, too. I hope all of the heads are able to have a great time together with us.
Allen: Yeah. This time, we'll show you that singular moment where, after starting from nothing, we make something of ourselves!


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Kanata: I'm KANATA from cozmez.
Nayuta: NAYUTA. Just one more victory to seize and then we'll be the champions. Right, Kanata?
Kanata: Naturally. There's nothing we can't do. ... but things got a little more complicated than I thought they'd end up being.
Nayuta: Ah, I knew you'd feel that way too.
Kanata: Those VISTY guys or whatever they were called. The idol rappers. I wasn't expecting them to follow through.
Nayuta: Right? At first I thought they were just complete sell-out hacks, but then out of nowhere they were willing to declare war on us.
Kanata: I'll admit it was kind of fresh to go up against a totally new kind of sound.
Nayuta: Yeah. Anyway, after that we went up against Akan Yatsura, right? Not that there was anything to worry about, what with Kanata's amazing track, but to be honest, it was still pretty close.
Kanata: I knew going up against them the second time wouldn't be the same as the first, but I didn't expect them to go that hard.
Nayuta: But it was super fun. You know, exchanging blows back and forth.
Kanata: Mm.
Nayuta: If we keep on like this, we'll be huge. Lots more people will hear our music.
Kanata: You're right. We'll make way for our sound.
Nayuta: For sure. For the time being, though, we're definitely going to take the finals.
Kanata: Heh. You're really getting into it, Nayuta.
Nayuta: Why shouldn't I be? I want to see that amazing view from the top with you.
Kanata: Then let's go see it. If we're together...
Nayuta: Then we're invincible, right?


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Yuto: I'm Inukai Yuto from GokuLuck! All of us in GokuLuck are participating in this competition under the supervision of a proposed governmental music composition program, and are aiming to address the issues of prejudice and descrimination in the world. Our members include: Tosa Ryoga-kun, a very enthusiastic rapper; Kaida Shion-kun, whose speciaclty is his smooth flow; and Mikoshiba Kenta-kun, who is very good at rapid-fire bars, and--
Kenta: And the soulful stylings of a prison guard!
Yuto: M-my apologies...! See, it's just that all of the members have somewhat forceful personalities, you might say... but, their enthusiasm for music is wonderful! First up, our showing in the RAGE round was very impressive, wasn't it? We happened to bump into Akan Yatsura, but for me, it was lovely to have a chance to see Gaho-kun, since he's a former colleague of mine. It seemed as though Tosa-kun already knew GAIA-kun from Akan Yatsura, as well! I'd love to have the chance to get to know them better.
Ryoga: S'none of your damn business!
Yuto: M-my apologies... As for the battle itself, though, unfortunately, we lost. I guess that goes to show the difference in experience. But even so, thanks to all of the support that the heads showed us, it was a remarkably close match! Then after that came the consolation round, and we had to be on our guards, because if we lost this one then we'd be completely out of the tournament.
Shion: It's always more thrilling when there's a risk involved, right?
Yuto: K-Kaida-kun...! ... between VISTY, AMPRULE, and 1Nm8, all three of the teams we were going up against were very talented, so I was nervous about what might happen. I was worried that if we lost here, we might not be able to convey our thoughts to the world, so we went back to first principles and came up with a song together. I'd like to think that the bond between our members grew a bit stronger. And in the end, we pulled through and we won the round! This is all thanks to the heads who have supported us, and--
Kenta: Blah-blah-blah-blah, I can't listen to this shit any more, shut the fuck up, you useless piece of--!
Ryoga: Oi!
Kenta: Ha?
Shion: Looks like you've gone and done it, Shibaken.
Yuto: ... [laughs] Oi, Mikoshiba. You'll face your punishment for that later. GokuLuck are going to be the winners. Get your affairs in order[1]. The hunt is on.

[1] Literally what he says is "wash your neck and wait", which means to get prepared. This is the kind of line you throw off before a fight, and probably comes from samurai getting ready to commit seppuku, so it has the connotation of telling someone to get ready to die. I don't know if there's a good equivalent, so I tried to convey the roundabout way of saying 'prepare to die'.