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Inukai Yuto (MC Name: HANCHO)

犬飼 憂人
Character Designer: lack
Seiyuu: Furukawa Makoto (古川 慎)
Image Color: #0078D7
Prison guard rapper who conceals a vicious split personality
Please don't cause anymore trouble...

A prison guard and former mercenary soldier. A pacifist, he's polite to everybody, and in fact seems a little undependable. However, this personality is only skin-deep. Under certain conditions, he displays a very different, extremely vicious personality instead. Since these two personas do not share memories, the surface persona never knows what the hidden persona has been doing, and this makes him very anxious.
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Twitter: @mainichiheiwani

Age: 32
Height: 170cm (~5'7")
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: August 12
Occupation: Prison guard
Hobby: Watching travel programs
Weakness: Crumples under pressure
Phantometal: Brutal Baton
A police baton. Activated by licking.

#Grown Man With a Baby Face

#Personality Changes When I'm On the Mic

#Friendly Elite Prison Guard

#Branded As Useless

#Even The People Close to Me...

#Which One is The Real Me?
  • 6 Years Old: Following the death of his parents in an accident, is taken in by a relative
  • 18 Years Old: After graduating high school, becomes a mercenary; is sent overseas
  • 20 Years Old: Quits job as mercenary, returns to Japan
  • 21 Years Old: Enters a police academy, joins the police force
  • 24 Years Old: Is partnered up with Zen
  • 28 Years Old: Tortures Zen, who is leaving the police force to join the Suiseki
  • 29 Years Old: Leaves the police force, becomes a prison guard
  • 32 Years Old: Present day; forms GokuLuck
Extra Information

Favorite Food: Hard rice crackers, green tea
Least Favorite Food: Shellfish, like crab and shrimp
How He'd Spend a Day Off: Watch his saved backlog of travel programs and dramas, go for a walk

Favorite/least favorite food, how he'd spend a day off, image color, and character timeline sourced from the Fanbook released in 2024.
All text not otherwise noted sourced from the official website profiles, translated by Jakkal.