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Kaida Shion (MC Name: smokin'dog)

甲斐田 紫音
Character Designer: lack
Seiyuu: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花 慎之介)
Image Color: #DFC9CB
Misanthropic rapper used to being gawked at
Why not let go of all of your troubles and just enjoy yourself?

A young man with a very languid personality. Born with a very peculiar appearance, he spent his childhood in solitude. Now, he's a hedonist for whom the present moment is all that matters; but deep down, he really wants to connect with other people. Due to his weakness to sunlight, he keeps nocturnal hours.

Twitter: @smokinwhitedog

Age: 22
Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Blood Type: O
Birthday: November 11
Occupation: Prisoner
Hobby: Tobacco
Weakness: Hates getting up early
Phantometal: Lonesome Nail Ring
A nail ring with a scale motif. Activated by licking.


#Live In the Moment

#If It feels Good, That's All That Matters

#I Can't Connect With Anyone

#Spent My Days Being Ogled At

#Finally Arrived at the End of the Night
  • 5 Years Old: Abandoned on the front step of an orphanage
  • 7 Years Old: Sold off for money
  • 10 Years Old: Escapes from the freak show and into the slums; lives as a street urchin
  • 16 Years Old: Starts going to clubs, becomes familiar with hiphop
  • 17 Years Old: Starts making money by gambling and the winnings from hiphop events
  • 20 Years Old: Arrested for a stabbing incident and is sent to prison
  • 22 Years Old: Present day; forms GokuLuck
Extra Information

Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Grape tomatoes
How He'd Spend a Day Off: Looking for hookups

Favorite/least favorite food, how he'd spend a day off, image color, and character timeline sourced from the Fanbook released in 2024.
All text not otherwise noted sourced from the official website profiles, translated by Jakkal.