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Saimon Naoakira (MC Name: Kotonoha)

西門 直明
Character Designer: Komiya Kuniharu
Seiyuu: Takeuchi Ryota (竹内 良太)
Image Color: #333333
A melancholy dandy rapper
I don't ever want to lose anything else.

Saimon leads a double life; by day he's a linguistics professor, and by night he's the owner of a bar. He's always calm and collected. He's unconditionally kind to everybody, and he simply can't turn his back on somebody in need. He harbors a very deep attachment to the bar that he owns.

Twitter: @kotonoha0918

Age: 34
Height: 183cm (~6'0")
Blood Type: B
Birthday: September 18
Occupation: University professor, bar owner
Hobby: Cooking
Weakness: Exercise, cries very easily
Phantometal: Classic Glasses
Black eyeglasses. Activated by taking them off and biting the temple.

#Classic Dandy

#Has a Way With Words

I turned off my wife's life support

#Ephemeral Smiling Wife

#Flatlining EKG

#I Don't Want Her to Suffer Anymore
  • 21 Years Old: Graduates from university one year early and enters graduate school
  • 23 Years Old: Meets Yohei; forms XXXX
  • 24 Years Old: Marries Tsubaki
  • 25 Years Old: Tsubaki passes away, XXXX suspends activity
  • 27 Years Old: Reunites with Yohei
  • 28 Years Old: Begins rapping again
  • 32 Years Old: Becomes a professor
  • 34 Years Old: Present day
Extra Information

Favorite Food: Pistachios
Least Favorite Food: None
How He'd Spend a Day Off: Cooking, reading
Smokes/Drinks?: Yes (Cigars)/Yes
Special Skill: Doing crosswords
Favorite Place: Bar 4/7
Charm Point: None
Person He Thinks is Cool: Yohei
Person He Wants to Hang With: The members of TCW
Type: His wife
Dream for the Future: To cherish every day

Favorite/least favorite food, how he'd spend a day off, image color, and character timeline sourced from the Fanbooks released in 2021 and 2024.
Smokes/drinks, special skill, favorite place, charm point, person he thinks is cool, person he wants to hang with, type, and dream for the future sourced from pamphlets distributed at Animate stores in 2020.
All text not otherwise noted sourced from the official website profiles, translated by Jakkal.