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Maruyama Reo (MC Name: REO-kun)

円山 玲央
Character Designer: Harada
Seiyuu: Yano Shogo (矢野 奨吾)
Image Color: #F56E82
A high-energy and emotionally-explosive rapper
I'm the greatest in the whole wide world~!

A young man who has the energy and temperament of a youngest chld and who wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves to take advantage of others and get them to do things for him, and he's got a lot of experience doing it. He used to be the spoiled young master of a rich family, but after the circumstances changed, his family fell apart. It was then that Iori rescued him.

Twitter: @AKreokunYR

Age: 17
Height: 162cm (~5'4")
Blood Type: B
Birthday: July 21
Occupation: Part-time high school student
Hobby: Playing games, etc.
Weakness: Struggles to get his point across
Phantometal: Fang-Shaped Pendant
A pendant with a fang motif. Activated by biting the top of the pendant.

#Rough Around the Edges But Still a Cutie

#Changes Expressions On a Dime

#Charge It All to Aniki's Credit Card
The slaughter of the Suiseki clan; and my family fell to pieces and was embroiled in a media circus

#A Sea of Bright Red Blood

#My Family Turned Cold

#Heartless Cameras Shoved in My Face
  • 0 Years Old: Grows up listening to hiphop thanks to the influence of his father
  • 10 Years Old: Mother vanishes; father's debauchery accelerates in magnitude
  • 12 Years Old: Father vanishes, leaving only his debt behind
  • 14 Years Old: Saved by Iori and joins the Suiseki
  • 15 Years Old: The Suiseki left in ruin
  • 17 Years Old: Present day
Extra Information

Favorite Food: Sweets, omurice
Least Favorite Food: Bitter food
How He'd Spend a Day Off: Playing games (eg mobile games) with Hokusai and Satsuki!
Smokes/Drinks?: No/No
Special Skill: Good at all kinds of games
Favorite Place: Warm places
Charm Point: Everything, duh!
Person He Thinks is Cool: Aniki[1] is super cool!
Person He Wants to Hang With: Onee-sans ♥
Type: Whatever person he likes ♥
Dream for the Future: To be the best!

[1] Iori

Favorite/least favorite food, how he'd spend a day off, image color, and character timeline sourced from the Fanbooks released in 2021 and 2024.
Smokes/drinks, special skill, favorite place, charm point, person he thinks is cool, person he wants to hang with, type, and dream for the future sourced from pamphlets distributed at Animate stores in 2020.
All text not otherwise noted sourced from the official website profiles, translated by Jakkal.