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Masaki Hokusai (MC Name: Fuurai BOY)

征木 北斎
Character Designer: Harada
Seiyuu: Toki Shunichi (土岐 隼一)
Image Color: #9ECD1E
A quiet, taciturn rapper who loves cats
... I won't let you bully my friends.

A very mysterious young man. After his father was imprisoned, Hokusai led a very lonely childhood. He found himself relating to the stray cats living on the street, and he's loved cats ever since. During an intense fight, Iori swooped into save him, and he joined the Suiseki. Although he is often misunderstood, his true personality is very kind and gentle.

Twitter: @AKyoshiyoshiYR

Age: 24
Height: 193cm (~6'4")
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: March 3
Occupation: Part-time high school student
Hobby: Playing with cats
Weakness: Hates being lonely
Phantometal: Tiger-san Glove
The belt buckle on the wrist is engraved with the kanji for 'tiger', which all of Akan Yatsura wear somewhere on them. Activated by kissing the tiger decoration.

#Gentle Giant

#Automatic Petting Machine

#Surprisingly Handsome Young Man
The slaughter of the Suiseki clan; and I've been isolated since childhood after my father was arrested for murder

#Son of a Sinner

#Days Spent With Rose-Colored Glasses

#Loss of the Family That Saved Me From Loneliness
  • 3 Years Old: Father is imprisoned for murder
  • 13 Years Old: Mercilessly harassed due to the crimes of his father
  • 14 Years Old: Mother commits suicide; enters a children's home
  • 15 Years Old: Unable to make friends with other people, learns to love animals
  • 18 Years Old: Is picked up by Iori while homeless
  • 22 Years Old: The Suiseki left in ruin
  • 24 Years Old: Present day
Extra Information

Favorite Food: Rock candy
Least Favorite Food: None
How He'd Spend a Day Off: Playing with animals
Smokes/Drinks?: No/No
Special Skill: Graffiti and drawing
Favorite Place: The place the cats gather
Charm Point: Big hands
Person He Thinks is Cool: Aniki[1]
Person He Wants to Hang With: Cats
Type: Dunno
Dream for the Future: To be with the other members of Akan Yatsura forever

[1] Iori

Favorite/least favorite food, how he'd spend a day off, image color, and character timeline sourced from the Fanbooks released in 2021 and 2024.
Smokes/drinks, special skill, favorite place, charm point, person he thinks is cool, person he wants to hang with, type, and dream for the future sourced from pamphlets distributed at Animate stores in 2020.
All text not otherwise noted sourced from the official website profiles, translated by Jakkal.