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Kuzuryu Chisei (MC Name: Yasha)

九頭竜 智生
Character Designer: Suoh
Seiyuu: Ono Kensho (小野 賢章)
Image Color: #CBB300
Hiphop's most beloved legendary rapper
Did you really think you could catch up to the legends?

A member of BURAIKAN, one of the pioneers of phantom lives. He has an overwhelming affinity for phantoms, and is able to produce overwhelming illusions despite not having experienced any trauma. His songs, produced with an instinctive sense for music, have captivated audiences, making BURAIKAN a household name all around the world.

Twitter: @_BURAIKAN_

Age: "28"[1]
Height: 178cm (~5'10")
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: June 21
Occupation: Rapper
Hobby: Rap
Weakness: Nothing in particular
Phantometal: Dragon Necklace
A pendant necklace with a dragon motif. Activated by kissing.

#Overwhelming Genius

#The Original And Still The Best

#Shura Is the Treasure I Found
Nothing in particular.
  • 19 Years Old: Debuts as a professional basketball player
  • 22 Years Old: Retires from basketball; takes up an interest in hiphop
  • 24 Years Old: Buraikan is formed
  • 27 Years Old: Obtains Phantometal
  • 28 Years Old: Phantom lives become popular
  • 29 Years Old: Suspends activity
Extra Information

Favorite Food: Hamburgers, Haruomi's ramen
Least Favorite Food: Fish (having to remove the bones is annoying)
How He'd Spend a Day Off: Going on a drive on motorcycle

[1] Please see this page for further details as to why this age is in quotes and does not match up with the timeline; be wary of unmarked spoilers.

Favorite/least favorite food, how he'd spend a day off, image color, and character timeline sourced from the Fanbook released in 2024.
All text not otherwise noted sourced from the official website profiles, translated by Jakkal.