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Phantom Illusion Campaign - June 2024

What lies behind the beautiful illusion that enchants the audience is...

A social media campaign debuting short clips featuring the characters' phantom illusions, following the release of the RtL groups' illustrations in June 2024. The tweets associated with them had unique taglines, which either referred to or hinted at the character's trap reaction trauma. Since they're slightly different from their directly-stated traumas, I thought I'd translate them for posterity!
With the exception of Chisei and Haruomi, who do not have trauma hashtags, each video concludes with a silhouette of the character overlaid with their trauma hashtags. The trauma hashtags are replicated from my translations on their profiles.

The legendary rapper who vanished at the peak of his popularity
The genius trackmaker who lost his partner
The only light that I had ever been able to find was burned in front of me
#Broken Records • #You're Mistaken • #The Day My Parents Burned What Was Precious To Me
The last thing they ever said to me was that I was no longer needed
#Branded As An Unwanted Child • #My Parents' False Love • #Hiding Wounds Underneath a Smile
That twisted love, that tore me down and denied who I was, was forced upon me
#The Sound of Scissors • #Forced to Be a Prince • #The Curse of a Toxic Parent
I can still feel the sensation of turning off the life support machine in the tips of my fingertips
#Ephemeral Smiling Wife • #Flatlining EKG • #I Don't Want Her to Suffer Anymore
My feelings will never be able to reach her now
#The Flower I Loved Died Without Knowing • #There Was Nothing I Could Do • #The Cold Sound of Piano
Who really is Ryu-kun~? I have no idea at this point~!
Something Got Left Behind • #A Big House With Tall White Walls • #Memories All Mixed Up Like Juice Cocktail
I wasn't able to save my one and only friend
#A Sin That Can't Be Absolved • #A Friend I Couldn't Save • #A Prayer That Falls on Deaf Ears
I couldn't protect my beloved little brother
#This Shitty World • #Love Passed Us By • #There's No Point Living Without Nayuta
I couldn't be with my beloved big brother forever
#Kanata Is the Only Person I Can't Tell • #The Sky Is Beautiful • #Dreams Left Unfulfilled
I still remember that moment, soaked red with blood
#It All Turned to a Tragedy Overnight • #The Old Man's Fallen Back • #Anger Without an Outlet
I wasn't able to protect my precious comrades
#Justice Left in Ruin • #The Destruction of an Honorable Group • #My Family Was Stolen From Me
The only ones who didn't turn away from me were animals and my new family, the Suiseki
#Son of a Sinner • #Days Spent With Rose-Colored Glasses • #Loss of the Family That Saved Me From Loneliness
The family that was were there for me when things got hard was the one that wasn't related to me by blood
#Betrayed By a Friend • #I Was So Scared I Couldn't Move • #The Cruelty of So-Called "Family"
The family that I loved was snatched away from me in one day
#A Sea of Bright Red Blood • #My Family Turned Cold • #Heartless Cameras Shoved in My Face
I can't help but wonder whether there's anyone who actually sees and needs me for who I am
#The World Behind a Filter • #Can't Talk About My Problems • #Nobody Sees Who I Really Am
Even if I've figured out how to make myself beautiful, not a day goes by that I don't remember how hot the iron was
#Can't Forget How Hot the Iron Was • #I'm Not Me If I'm Not Beautiful • #Please Don't Peel Away My Disguise
Living as myself is what hurt me more than anything else
#Forced Into the Wrong Category • #The "I'm Sorry" That Killed Me • #I Don't Want To Accept Things As They Are
I can't help but trust cold numbers more than the words "I love you"
#Chained to Social Media • #I Don't Wanna Be The Odd One Out Anymore• #My Only Value Is How Many Followers I Have
I'm completely worthless if I can't even be better than a mutt
The Pressures of Pedigree • #Inferiority Complex to A Mutt • #Only The Winner Has Any Value
It is only through pain that I am given salvation
#The World Seen Beyond the Pain • #Glorious Discipline • #The Price the Scapegoat Pays
My beloved little brother vanished when we were young
#A Muddy Stream of Noise • #Little Brother Vanished Without Warning • #Sorrowful Melody
The experiments those adults conducted on me robbed me of my emotions
#Vivid Memories of Pain • #Can't Forget • #Tears Dried Up
I can't remember any of my precious memories of a long time ago
#I Can't Remember My Past • #My Body's Going Haywire • #What's "Happiness"?
I can hear the sound of someone dear to me being brutalized echoing from some lost corner of my memory
#Branded As Useless • #Even The People Close to Me... • #Which One is The Real Me?
I was so stuck in a cycle of violence that I couldn't even keep a promise to a friend
#Mocked Every Single Day • #I Sold Out My Friend • #Can't Make the Words Come Out
Even if I wanted to change, nobody would forgive me; I won't forgive them
#I Can't Connect With Anyone • #Spent My Days Being Ogled At • #Finally Arrived at the End of the Night
In a world full of idiots, the real idiot is the one who trusted someone else
#A Dangerous Mind • #Hands That Pulled Away • #What Kind of A Joke Is "Trust"