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Paradox Tribe Premium

Launching on September 7, 2023, Paradox Tribe Premium is a paid subscription service for the fan-app Paradox Tribe.


¥550 JPY/month, or a full year for a single payment of ¥5,500 JPY. Subscription requires a Japanese payment method.


The known or announced benefits of Paradox Tribe Premium are as follows:
Members-Only Merchandise
Members are able to purchase goods that are exclusive to a Paradox Tribe Premium shop.
Advance ticket sales
Members will be able to have first "dibs" at tickets for events, such as Dope Shows and seiyuu events.
Members-Only Posts
Members receive access to exclusive posts posted by the artist (character) accounts. These are slated to begin in mid-September 2023. I will determine in future how to handle translations of this content.
Complimentary Dope Points
Active subscribers receive 500 dope points per month, distributed on the 10th of the month.
Unique ID Number
Every paying member of Paradox Live Premium has a special eight-digit ID number, visible on the user's profile and denoting them as a Premium member. Notably, the official character accounts also have numbers, many of which are plays on words.

Character ID Numbers

As noted above, every character has a unique ID number. Many of these numbers are plays on words or the characters' birthdays. These numbers are noted below.
As of December 2023, all of these numbers have been given in-universe explanations by the characters; I'll translate them directly, but I was right in all of my guesses so let them satisfy your curiosity for now.

Character Number Speculation
Allen 00001001 10/01 is Allen's birthday
Hajun 00000048 4/8 is Hajun's birthday; 4-8 is both his MC name and a way of writing his given name
Anne 00000220 "220" has a potential slang usage meaning "second to none"
Saimon 00000918 9/18 is Saimon's birthday
Yohei 00000828 8/28 is Yohei's birthday
Ryu 00009999 Probably just chosen for seeming enigmatic or being the number before rolling over to zero? Official explanation is that it's Ryu's "power level", so, I think I'm right.
Shiki 00000047 Presumably a reference to Bar 4/7; may also be an inversion of his MC name, as 4-7 can be read "shi-nana"
Kanata 00000012 Half of cozmez's birthday, 12/24
Nayuta 00000024 Half of cozmez's birthday, 12/24
Iori 00000777 777 is a "lucky" number associated with gambling and luck
Zen 00000640 640 is the approximate number of muscles in the average adult male body
Hokusai 00000222 2-2-2 can be read "nya-nya-nya", as in cat noises (note: this is why 2/22 is often celebrated as "cat day"!)
Reo 00000009 0-0-9 can be read "re-o-kun"
Satsuki 00004649 4-6-4-9 can be read "yo-ro-shi-ku", which has somewhat memetic use among yankii gangsters
Shogo 00000093 9-3 can be read "gu-mi" (gummi)
Toma 00001126 11/26 is Toma's birthday
Aoi 00000419 4/19 is Aoi's birthday
Kantaro 00000214 2/14 is Kantaro's birthday
Dongha 00001207 12/07 is Dongha's birthday
Chungsung 00000424 4-2-4 can be read "shi-tsu-ji" (butler)
Kei 00000007 7 is Kei's MC name and general motif number
Itsuki 00000005 5 is Itsuki's MC name and general motif number
Rokuta 00000567 Combines his own motif number (6) with the other two members of 1Nm8's
Yuto 00000022 Official explanation: a play on 普通, read "fu-tsuu" (both readings of the number 2), meaning normalcy or mundanity. Also possibly a play on his double nature.
Ryoga 00000103 10-3 can be read "to-sa"
Shion 00001111 11/11 is Shion's birthday
Kenta 00001337 Reference to l33tspeak (also spelled 1337speak), a deliberately-obnoxious form of internet slang dating back to the 80s but most popular in the late 90s and early 2000s