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Paradox Tribe

Paradox Tribe (パラドックス・トライブ) or "Paratora" (パラトラ) is the official fan-app for Paradox Live. Think of it like a sort of bespoke mini-social media platform. There is one universal timeline that all posts are pushed to for all users.
(You may see Japanese fans refer to it with a tiger emoji; this is because of the abbreviation "tora" sounding like the Japanese word for "tiger"!)

The app's main functions are:

  1. To be the main interface by which battle round voting takes place
  2. To facilitate reply campaigns and the like from the official character accounts.

On this page, you'll find a brief overview of how to use Paradox Tribe and what you'll find on it! If you'd like to see my translations of the reply campaigns ("mention parties"), please see the Social Media translations page!

Downloading Paradox Tribe
Being Japanese-only, Paradox Tribe is not accessible natively if you do not have a Japanese account for your app store of choice. It is beyond the scope of my ability to explain how to set up a Japanese app store account or how to install .apk files directly, but I can say it is available through QooApp and similar apk packaging services. All sorts of weeb gamers are out there helping people install Japanese apps all the time, so take a look around!
Making an Account
You can easily make an account through email (simply input an email and password and then click the button that says "login"), or by linking a Twitter or Facebook account through their APIs by tapping the respective icons.
Please Keep In Mind
Please remember: on Paradox Tribe, you are a guest in a non-English-speaking space. It is considered very impolite to reply to random Japanese users that you do not know in English. If you cannot post in Japanese, then consider keeping slang and hyperbolic language that may not translate well to a minimum. The official accounts also only ever reply to messages written in Japanese!


When a voting period is active -- spanning a period of two weeks after the release of a battle round CD -- you can use your Dope Points to vote by clicking on the "Points" page (the "P" surrounded by a circle on the bottom of the screen). If there is an active round, you will be able to tap on the banner for it and use your points. You can divide them between the units or go all-in on one!

Aquiring Dope Points

CDs and Other Physical Purchases
Every CD comes with a serial code for a particular amount of dope points; usually this number is 1000, but some rounds (such as FATE, RAGE, and SHOWDOWN), being double-length, have come with codes for 2000 dope points. These serial codes are good for one year after the release of the CD. (Points do not expire once they are redeemed.) This is the main way through which most people accumulate the most points.

Occasionally, there are campaigns where buying certain merchandise also provides a code for a small quantity of Dope Points.

Daily Paratora Missions
These missions, as you may expect, reset daily at 00:00 JST.
  1. Like 1 post
  2. Like 3 posts
  3. Make 1 post
  4. Log in
Main Paratora Missions
These missions are one-time and do not reset.
  1. Like a total number of posts (Multiple tiers)
  2. Like a total number of official character account posts (Multiple tiers)
  3. Log in for a given number of days (Multiple tiers)
  4. Have your posts liked a certain number of times (Multiple tiers)
  5. Reply to an official character account post for the first time
  6. Write a profile blurb for the first time
  7. Setting your header and icon for the first time
  8. Set a group as your favorite
Limited Paratora Missions
During voting periods, there are often small bonus missions for using a certain number of dope points or logging in during the event period. Keep an eye out!
Social Media Action
By tweeting with the #ParadoxLivePoint on an (unlocked) Twitter account linked to a Paratora account, you can gain up to five dope points per day. Similarly, retweeting tweets from the official account also provides dope points!
AWA Streaming App
If you connect an AWA account to Paradox Tribe and listen to a Paradox Live track for 30 seconds or more, you will receive a dope point. You are capped at 50 points per day and 500 points per month.

Mention Parties ("Menpa")

During battle rounds, the characters will often post their thoughts on Paradox Tribe.

However, periodically, a character account will log onto Paradox Tribe, post a message, and then proceed to spend a period of time (usually no more than an hour) replying to comments from fans. These are often off the cuff and very fast-paced, with replies from official accounts often coming within a minute or two of the initial post. Who gets replied to and who doesn't is luck of the draw, and you will often see people congratulating the OPs of posts that get replies.

Note that you can receive push notifications whenever an official account tweets-- be prepared for a flood of purple push notifications if you don't turn them off!

If you'd like to see my translations of some of the mention parties (starting from June 2023-- unfortunately, the archival is not great on Paratora), check out my Social Media Translations!

Paradox Tribe Premium

As of September 7, 2023, Paradox Tribe has a premium fanclub membership subscription service. For more information about this, please see the Paradox Tribe Premium page!

Other Stuff

Paradox Tribe is a great way to keep track of upcoming merchandise, announcements, and events through their news tab (the "Paradox Live news" tab in the menu) and the calendar that marks the duration of events and campaigns (the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen). If you ever want to double check when a release is (or was!), the Paradox Tribe calendar is a great resource!