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Occasionally they release full prose things, like short stories and books, and I translate that stuff, too! Everything posted here is fully translated into English.

Please remember to keep my Terms of Use for my translation work in mind!

Please note that these stories are often paywalled content, unlike the often-freely available drama tracks. As such, rule number zero is do not be a snitch.
Rule #1 is support the official release, even if you cannot read it. You can pick up ebook copies of these books on for minimal effort; in fact, I've written a guide to doing it!
I know it can seem silly to buy something you can't read, but please: support the official releases. I do not want to have to make this inaccesible, but if I feel sufficient cause I will lock this down in a way that demands proof of purchase to gain access.

Fanbook Short Stories
These short stories were included in the first fan book, a book of profiles and extra information that released in 2021. There was one short story per group. Their actual placement in the timeline is a little bit hazy, but they are broadly canonical and take place during the events of the Exhibition Show dramas in Part 1.

I recommend reading them around the time as you read the Exhibition Show dramas, but I do not consider them strictly required reading.

BAE The Cat's Whiskers cozmez Akan Yatsura


Hidden Track "MEMORY"
A light novel released after the LIVE dramas, focusing on the characters' backstories. The framing device of the stories takes place after the LIVE dramas and before the Cozmez vs Buraikan showdown on Road to Legend Opening Show. I consider them absolutely essential reading; many things that people think go underexplored or unexplained are actually in Memory!

These are quite a bit longer than the short stories, with my translations of each chapter averaging around ~14,000 words.

BAE The Cat's Whiskers cozmez Akan Yatsura