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Manga: Stage Battle "COMIC"

An online manga adaptation of Paradox Live began serialization in February 2022 on Zero-Sum Online. Titled Paradox Live Stage Battle "COMIC", with art by naru and writing credit given to the Paradox Live franchise, its script closely follows the script of the audio dramas, but with the order of events and pacing of information somewhat shifted around.

Chapters come out on a variable basis, usually once a month, but occasionally skipping months.

A selection of chapters are available for free in perpetuity; others (most chapters) are available free to read for a period of about two months before they are made inaccessible until the release of the tankobon. Ebook copies of the manga are available through various outlets, including the platform that the webmaster finds to be the most convenient for overseas fans, Bookwalker!

Stage Battle "COMIC" is notable for being the first visual-medium version of Paradox Live that does not have a level of abstraction in the scene-setting (as in the stageplay), and thus serves as the first visual appearance of many minor characters and places in the world of Paradox Live.


At present, there have been two tankobon releases.

    Vol. 1 (Released Sept. 24, 2022)
    Chapter List
  1. Opening Show Pt. 1
  2. Opening Show Pt. 2
  3. Desire Pt. 1
  4. Desire Pt. 2
  5. Desire Pt. 3
  6. Desire Pt. 4


    Vol. 2 (Released Apr. 25, 2023)
    Chapter List
  1. Desire Pt. 5
  2. Justice Pt. 1
  3. Justice Pt. 2
  4. Justice Pt. 3
  5. Justice Pt. 4
  6. Justice Pt. 5