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Floor Plans

Sourced from the fan books, these are the floor plans and official descriptions of the living conditions of the units. The original four were released in the first fan book, and then the other five groups (plus an updated floor plan for cozmez) were released in the second fan book.

BAE: BAE'S Penthouse

BAE live in a high-rise apartment in a neighborhood full of classy commercial facilities and multi-tenant buildings. The university is fairly close by, and they commute by train. Allen's room is crammed full of records and audio equipment and is very messy. Hajun's room is so minimally decorated that it doesn't feel lived-in. Anne's room is full of makeup and clothes, but it's tidy and organized.

The Cat's Whiskers: Bar 4/7

Situated in a sophisticated, wealthy part of the city, Bar 4/7 is situated in a quiet back alley. The brick exterior does not give the immediate impression of a bar from the outside. It has a calm and mature atmosphere. Saimon and Yohei both live off-site, but Ryu and Shiki live on the second floor above the bar. The second floor has a western-style bedroom for Shiki and a loft occupied by Ryu.

cozmez: cozmez's Apartment (Season 1)

They live in a very unsafe part of the slums in the city. They live in a one-room apartment with no bath and a shared bathroom. It's poorly lit, damp, and the thin walls do nothing to stop constant noise and yelling neighbors from seeping through. It's furnished sparsely, with only their music equipment and whatever furniture they've managed to pick up. They only have one futon that they use regardless of season, and they sleep huddled together on it every night.

cozmez: cozmez's Apartment (Season 2)

They still live in a very unsafe slum area. However, they moved to a slightly larger apartment in the same area using the prize money they got from the previous competition. It's a 1 LDK with separate bath and toilet, and they use the one additional room as a work room. One corner of the work room has been turned into a recording booth and outfitted with noise-dampening material.

Akan Yatsura: The Last Suiseki House

Akan Yatsura live together in a one-story Japanese-style house in a busy downtown area, close to many bars and a shopping district. Iori owns the house. Every member has their own spacious private room; the vacant room is used as a spare living room and is outfitted with sofas and game consoles. Every day, you can hear Reo and Satsuki yelling up and down the long corridor.

Buraikan: Shura's Apartment

Located in a crowded entertainment district with a lot of izakaya, and once you step off the main road, there are a lot of little streets and byways, and it's not the safest part of town. It's an inelegant and bare concrete-pour apartment, with analog DJ equipment and a large line up of many LP records that make it rather cramped. Although there's a lot of physical things in the apartment, it almost feels like nobody lives there.

VISTY: VISTY's Sharehouse

They live together in a sharehouse near a TV station, set up by their agency. Following Kei's departure, they were moved to a four-person house in order to cut down on costs. It's a 2LDK with supplied furniture and appliances; Shogo and Toma share a room, as do Aoi and Kantaro. There's a large sofa in the living room.

AMPRULE: The Yeon Family Villa

A large mansion located in an upscale residential area, close to the foreign embassies and the like. The interior was designed by a famous designer and is very elegant, with lot of calm, dark colors. Chungsung is responsible for all matters pertaining to attending to Dongha.

1Nm8: 1Nm8's Sharehouse

A spacious 2LDK sharehouse; originally, Kei lived here alone, but now the three of them live together. It is very sparsely furnished, with only the bare essentials; it's a very minimalist and simple home. Kei's room is soundproofed, and they also use it as a recording space.

GokuLuck: Special Accomodations

They live together in a special accomodations provided by the government and located near CLUB Paradox. It's a prefab one-story building made out of a repurposed storage unit, with a 2LDK floor plan. The prisoners sleep on bunk beds with pipe frames, and the windows have iron bars on them. The living room has space to work and a computer. Meals are rationed.