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Fanbook Outfit Details

In the first and subsequently second fanbooks, there are detail shots of each character's back and details on the maerial, make, and other assorted information about their clothing, accessories, piercings, tattoos, et al!
On this page you'll find all of that information! (Right click/long press and open the images in a new tab if you want to see them a little larger.)

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Back Art

Back artwork of BAE, AMPRULE, and Buraikan Back artwork of The Cat's Whiskers and 1Nm8 Back artwork of cozmez and VISTY Back artwork of Akan Yatsura and GokuLuck

Outfit & Design Details


Allen Details


Accessories, Etc:
Earring: 1 (left ear only)
Tattoo: Right base of neck
Hands: One ring on right thumb, fingerless gloves on both hands

Jacket: Oversized denim jacket. Patches on the front are orange embroidery on top of red felt.
Belt: Cloth. Side-release plastic buckle.
Hoodie: Has a BAE logo on the hem
Pants: Denim
Shoes: Sneakers

Hajun Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo: On left side of neck
Earrings: 3 on right, 6 in left (all earrings are one color)
Hands: One ring on left hand (middle finger), three rings on right (one [phantometal ring] on middle, two on ring finger)

Jacket: Made of nylon. Red lining, red zipper. Has a BAE logo on the left breast.
Overshirt: Same material as the jacket; since it's not lined, it's thinner and lighter than the jacket.
Undershirt: Thin turtleneck; smooth texture, akin to sportswear
Belt: Tactical belt
Skinny Jeans: Distressed at the knees. The line on the side is bias tape.

Anne Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo: Right thigh
Earrings: One per ear (large earring on right, single stone earring on right)
Hairstyle: Longer segments in front on either side
Hands: One ring on right hand (index finger), ring attached to bracelet (phantometal) on left hand, two additional bracelets on left wrist
Other: Choker

Jacket: The outmost layer is a soft, thick polyester with a non-glossy surface. The lining is shiny satin. The black lines on the outside are bias tape. Rounded zipper.
Shorts: Stiff and sturdy Oxford fabric. Resists wrinkles and has a sleek silhouette. Large silver eyelets around the hem.
Beret: Pleather. Has the BAE emblem on it.

The Cat's Whiskers

Saimon Details


Accessories, Etc:
Hands: Two rings on right hand (index and middle; gold), one ring on left (ring finger; silver, with embedded diamond), watch on left wrist

Jacket: Double-breasted suit jacket with peaked lapel and notched side vents. Has a pocket square in the breast pocket and wears a brooch.
Vest: Buckles at the waist in the back
Belt: Two-piece mesh belt
Leather Shoes: Mostly black, only the toe and heel curve are blue.

Yohei Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo: Left arm, from shoulder to wrist
Hands: One bracelet with aquaramarine stone and wristwatch on right wrist, one bracelet on left wrist

Riding Jacket: Quilted from the shoulders up, lined with silver studs
Patterned Shirt: Red buttons
Necklaces: Wears three; the top one has an eagle motif (the eagle has aquamarine eyes) and is worn under the shirt. The lower two are simple chains, worn over the shirt.
Wallet Chain: With clear vynil strap
Leather Shoes: Has silver studs on the point

Ryu Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo 1: Collarbone
Tattoo 2: Right forearm
Tattoo 3: Navel
Tattoo 4: Left ankle
Split Tongue
Piercings: 5 in right ear, 8 in left
Hands: Silver bracelet connected to ring and hair tie on right wrist; three silver rings on left hand
Choker: Pleather. Three studs on each side, two snaps on the back, cat-shaped charm on the front

Long Jacket: Striped. Has a cat tail detail on the back.
Shirt: Cotton. Asymmetric collar, buttons on the left. Has eight yellow buttons.
Modified Slacks: Right left is separated from the rest, and connected by three straps.
Deck Shoes: Pleather; he walks by stepping with the heel. Has stuffed black cats shoved in between the tongues and his foot.

Shiki Details


Accessories, Etc:
No accessories on his hands.

Jacket: Oversized double-breast jacket. Three cufflinks per sleeve, lined, with side vents. A hand-me-down from Saimon.
Shirt: A combination of stripe and solid colors. Has a fly front.
Ribbon Loop Tie: Ribbon with a simple round shape fastener at the top.
Checkered Pants
Leather Shoes: Gold lining with a U-tip.


Kanata Details


Accessories, Etc:
No accessories on his hands.
Choker: Pleather
Pendant: Three-dimensional; has a rounded back.

Cap: Cotton. Size is adjustable with velcro fastening.
Jacket: Nylon
Sweatpants: Has a waistband and belt loops at the top; no drawstrings. 3/4ths length, pulled up to his shins.
Cloth Belt
Athletic Shoes: The green part is mesh; aside from that and the soles, everything else is pleather.

Nayuta Details


Accessories, Etc:
No accessories on his hands.
Choker: Pleather. Matches with Kanata.

High-Necked Jacket: Nylon. The lines running down from the shoulders are nylon belts, and the cuffs are sewn on. Note the printed pattern as a key point.
Athletic Shorts: Nylon
Athletic Shoes: The blue part is mesh; aside from that and the soles, everything else is pleather.

Akan Yatsura

Iori Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: Matching on both ears (two earrings each)
Kiseru: Made of ebony and gold
Hands: 5 rings, two bracelets, and one wristwatch on right hand; 5 rings, two bracelets, and one wristwatch on left hand
Necklaces: Two. Worn underneath his happi.

Happi: Has Akan Yatsura logos on the collar and an emblem on the back
Kimono: Two mixed patterns. The hem is rolled up on the right.
Koma-geta: Wooden. Made up of right angles, and the top surfaces are glossy black. The undersides are golden and have a tiger emblem on them. The sides are encrusted with diamonds.

Zen Details


Accessories, Etc:
Hands: One ring (has the 'tiger' kanji that all members of Akan Yatsura wear engraved on it) and one bracelet on right hand; two rings and two bracelets on left hand
Piercings: One in each ear
Necklaces: Layered lock-pendant necklace and chain necklaces

Tank Top
Harness: Leather
Belt: Leather
Coveralls: Cotton. Sleeves are tied around the waist, slightly off-center to the left. The zipper on the front goes all the way down to the navel. No buttons. Has two chest pockets on the upper body.
Boots: Have a vintage feel; the color is worn and uneven and they're very low-luster. Zippers on the sides.

Hokusai Details


Accessories, Etc:
Percings: 3 in right ear, 6 in left ear
Tattoos: Tiger on each arms, from thes shoulder to just past the elbow; tattoos are symmetrical.
Hands: Wears gloves on both hands.

Clothes: Long Jacket: Nylon. The green lines are printed on. The hood is removable with a zipper. The metal parts on the hood zipper and the buckles on the sleeve belts are red. Two tags on the front zipper. Logo on the back.
Undershirt: Cotton turtleneck with three-quarter length sleeves
Athletic Pants: Polyester. Has a waistband, and the drawstring has been removed. Has pockets on both sides. There are zippers at the bottom hems, and they're left slightly open.
Athletic Shoes: All mesh except for the soles.

Satsuki Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo 1: Starts from left pec, across left shoulder, and continues down until just below the elbow.
Tattoo 2: From the right thigh down to his shin.
Piercings: Three in right ear, six in left ear
Hands: Two rings and two bracelets on right hand; three rings and two bracelets on left hand
Necklaces: Tiger shaped pendant that has the 'tiger' kanji that all members of Akan Yatsura wear engraved on the back.

Cap: Cotton. Has a tribal-style design on the underside of the brim. Fit is adjusted by belt. Has a "GAEA" logo on the front, and still has the sticker on the brim.
Half-Length Cargo Pants: Cotton. Have a front zipper. Has pockets on both sides.
Bandana: Tied at the waist.
Belt: Leather; worn underneath the tank top. The buckle reads "BIG".
Athletic Shoes: All pleather except for the soles.

Reo Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo: Spirals around left ankle.
Piercings: One in each ear
Hands: Two rings on right hand, four rings on left (ring on index finger has the 'tiger' kanji that all members of Akan Yatsura wear engraved on it)

Letterman Jacket: Shiny polyester. Embroidery on both breasts and on the back. The lining has a red gradient and swirl pattern.
Hoodie: The hood is oversized and made of stiff fabric. The drawstrings are broad and flat.
Overalls: Stiff duck fabric with gold hardware. Pockets on both sides, and also has two pockets on the butt
Sneakers: Logo on the outsides


Chisei Details


Accessories, Etc:
Beads in hair
Piercings: 1 in both ears
Tattoo 1: Adam's apple
Tattoo 2: Left side of neck
Tattoo 3: Right arm, from shoulder to wrist
Tattoo 4: Left shoulder
Tattoo 5: Left upper pec
Tattoo 6: Left upper arm; the line drawing of a feather is on the inside
Tattoo 7: Left hip and waist
Tattoo 8: Left ankle
Tattoo 9: Back of left hand
Necklace: Dragon motif.
No accessories on either hand.

Jersey Jacket: Pattern wraps around from the front to the back

Haruomi Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: 5 in right ear
Hands: Four rings, four bracelets, one wristwatch on right hand; two rings, one bracelet on left hand
Tattoos: Back of right hand, and across index and ring finger of right hand
Necklace: Dragon motif

Double-Breasted Riding Jacket: Lining is purple; every fastener except for the zippers have jewels on them
Wallet Chain: A series of small medals of mixed silver and gold linked together to form a chain
Denim Pants: The pattern wraps around from the front to the back.


Shogo Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: Two in right ear, three in left ear (one in left is a dangling rhinestone earring)
Hands: Two rings and one bracelet on right hand; no accessories on left hand
Necklace: Layered necklaces; string of jewels, pearls, ribbon choker, clear blue acrylic

Jacket: Cord stoppers on the wrists, logo on left breast
Undershirt: Cotton sweatshirt
Denim Pants
Snakers: Pleather, mesh

Toma Details


Accessories, Etc:
Hands: One ring (acrylic) and silicone rubber wristband on right hand, two rings (acrylic) on left hand
Hair: Stone beads
Left Ear: Ear cuff

Graffiti Jacket: Raw frayed hem. Frills on the switch seam. The line tape is slightly shiny satin.
Sneakers: Still have the tags on

Aoi Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: Three piercings in left ear; right ear has a piercing hole in the lobe, but no earring
Hands: Silver ring and one bracelet on right hand, two silver rings and wristwatch on left hand
Necklace: Layered pearls and ball chains, velvet choker

Track Jacket: Polyester
Belt: GI Buckle
Slitted Track Pants: Polyester
Athletic Leggings: Two lines running down the sides
High-Top Sneakers: Canvas

Kantaro Details


Accessories, Etc:
Hands: No accessories on either hand
Hairstyle: Tips are colored pink, yellow, lime green, purple, and orange; the base is platinum blonde. The cropped-short part is pink.
Necklace: Pearls. Worn under jacket.

Bucket Hat: Cotton. Decorated with a gummy bear in a vinyl pouch.
Short-Sleeved Jersey: Nylon. The white fabric at the bottom can be removed via zipper. Underneath, he wears a sweatshirt with lines along the sleeves.
Socks: Mismatched. Left is pink and right is yellow.
Sneakers: Pleather. "365" is written on the outer sides, and "265" is on the tongue tags


Dongha Details


Accessories, Etc:
Ears: Spider-leg motif ear cuff on left ear
Hands: Shiny leather fingerless glove on right hand; three rings and wristwatch on left hand
Beauty Mark: Under left eye
Necklace: Chain

Jacket: Nylon. Adorned with various pins with heart and insect motifs
Undershirt: High-neck; wears belts over top of shirt
Half-length Pants: Center-pressed

Chungsung Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: 9 in right ear, 6 in left ear, lower lip on the left
Hands: One ring on left hand; no accessories on right hand

Coat: Long coat. Lining as an insect motif to go along with the pins on Dongha's jacket. Has attached chains and carabiners.
Undershirt: Wine-red shirt; wears a harness over the shirt
Riding Crop: Worn at his waist so it's always conveniently close-to-hand


Kei Details


Accessories, Etc:
Pendant: A locket pendant with a picture of Rokuta inside. Usually hidden underneath his clothes.
Hands: One bracelet on right wrist; no accessories on left hand

Jacket: Stretch nylon
T-shirt: Cotton. The slits are held together with metal fasteners.
Pants: Stretch twill
Sneakers: High-tops

Itsuki Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: One in right ear
Tattoo: Encircling neck
Hands: Tattoo on left wrist; one ring and phantometal "tattoo" (embedded directly into skin and wrist) on right hand
Wire Glasses: Attached to a chain

Coat: Polyester; the collar is a shawl collar style. The shoulders, back, and both sleeves are constructed like a trench coat, but the front and overall silhouette resemble a lab coat. The large black back print has a holographic-effect fabric.
Undershirt: Cotton standing-collar shirt
Front-Slit Pants: Polyester
Sock-Style Shoes: Have "Storm" written on the sides and "SQUINT" written on the ankle cuffs.

Rokuta Details


Accessories, Etc:
Piercings: Two in right ear, three in left ear. Body piercings in both thumbs, both middle fingers, and left index finger.
Tattoos: Two each on each index finger, one on each ring finger, one on each middle finger, two on each pinky
Hairstyle: Tips of hair are pink and the nape is long

Cuorderoy Jacket: Right sleeve cuff is unbuttoned
Slit Cotton T-Shirt
Track Pants: Polyester
Sneakers: Clear soles

Yuto Details


Accessories, Etc:
No accessories on either hand

Jacket: MA-1 type.Two lines on the shoulders.
Shoulder Holsters: No guns inside. Have a walkie-talkie attached.
Undershirt: Short-sleeved shirt. Made of cotton and polyester. Identification badge on left breast pocket.
Belt: Vinyl material
Leg Rigging: Leather; have a police insignia
Dispatch Uniform: Protective material
Leather Boots: Blue

Ryoga Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo 1: Left shoulder
Tattoo 2: Near left hip
Tattoo 3: From back of right hand down the wrist
Piercings: 2 in right ear, 4 in right; two of the ones in the right are symmetrical with the ones on the left
Hands: Four silver rings per hand
Choker: Leather

Clothes: Undershirt: Tanktop
Fur-Trim Mod Coat
Military Pants: Silhouette tapers at the hems
Boxer Shorts: Pants sit low, so you can see the tops of them over the tops of his pants
Leg Pouch

Shion Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo: Stomach (usually hidden by undershirt)
Hands: Nail ring and two bracelets on left hand, no accessories on right hand (black nail polish on both)
Ears: Ear cuff and one piercing on left ear (the dangling part of the earring is leather)
Choker: Leather

Sunglasses: Folded up and hanging off of chain necklace
Trenchcoat: Cotton and nylon. The lining is pink, and the belt and hem have no pattern on them. Worn loosely with a drop shoulder.
High-Top Sneakers: Pleather. Laces are just for show.

Kenta Details


Accessories, Etc:
Tattoo: Right cheek.
No accessories on hands.

Double-Hood Hoodie: Logo on the left side of the chest. Wears a tank top underneath.
Half-Length Cargo Pants: Two layered pieces
Nylon Belt
Lined Leggings