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ANTHEM - Part 4

[sfx: Satsuki eating]
Satsuki: This is great!! This meat is killer, Hokusai! Here, try some!
Hokusai: Roast beef... the ham with melon is also very tasty. It's the first time I've ever tried it.
Reo: I'm gonna go get seconds!
[sfx: footsteps]
Reo: Aaaah!
Satsuki: The hell are you yellin' for!?
Reo: Aaa... aaa.. aaaaaaah!!
Hokusai: What's the matter?
Reo: There's no karaage left!!
Satsuki: That's all!?
Hokusai: Just a little bit ago there was a huge mountain of it...
Reo: Man, who could have eaten all of it!?
Satsuki: Don't look at me. I've been eatin' other kinds of meat. Here. Try it, s'good.
Reo: No way! I wanted to eat karaage, and you were stuffing your face with it!
Satsuki: You're being a real pain in the ass.
Reo: Ahh!
Satsuki: What is it now?
Reo: I figured out who ate all of the karaage!
Satsuki: Ah?
Hokusai: Hm?
Kenta: Hah?
Reo: Right over there! That little doggy! It's his fault I can't have any karaage.
Kenta: Hah? What are you whining about? First come, first serve. Also, who are you calling a little doggy!?
Reo: Don't go asking stupid questions. The fact that you responded to it proves I'm right, little doggy.
Kenta: --!
Reo: Filling up your plate with all of the karaage is a terrible thing to do. You ought to leave at least one piece behind for someone else.
Kenta: It was already practically empty when I got here! You're all idiots! Here! [obnoxiously eating]
Reo: Hey!
Kenta: [overdramatically] Ooooh, that was SOOO good.
Reo: !!!
Kenta: What, you wanna have another go?
Reo: Not a chance!
Kenta: Also, I'm taller than you, so where do you get off calling me a little doggy? You're a hell of a lot littler than me. You're real full of shit for someone so fun-sized.
Reo: Who do you think you are saying stuff like that?!
Kenta: Oh, I thought we weren't supposed to ask stupid questions! You're the one who responded, fun-size.
Reo: Aaagh! You're pissing me off! That's just the kind of childish thing I was just talking about!
Kenta: That's the kind of diss I can boomerang back around on you.
Hokusai: Reo...
Shion: Just let them have at it.
Reo: [in the background] You trying to seem smart by using English?
Kenta: [in the background] If you've got a cold, go back to sleep, but oh, that's right, idiots can't catch colds!
Hokusai: Shion?
[Reo and Kenta continue arguing]
Shion: [laughs] It's entertaining, isn't it?
Hokusai: It's like an energetic puppy... it's cute.
Shion: Besides, he doesn't really have anyone else to argue with most of the time.
Hokusai: No?
Shion: Ryoga's not the type to take the bait, and if he's not careful, he'll get in trouble. I suppose I'm in the same boat, as well.
Hokusai: What about Inukai-san?
Shion: Oh, no, no, absolutely not. No matter what he says to him, he just smiles and grovels and rolls over. But if you accidentally pull his trigger, that can cause a lot of problems.
Hokusai: ... trigger? What do you mean, cause a lot of problems?
Shion: ... that's... a secret. But more to the point, your battle with cozmez was truly amazing. It must have felt so good.
Hokusai: Mm. The turnout was good, and we did our best. I have no regrets.
Shion: How nice. Heh. I have a feeling that we'll meet again. [laughs]
Hokusai: Mm. I look forward to it too.
Reo: Hah!?
Kenta: ... and you're still shorter than me.
Reo: ... Yeah, but I'm cute! So it's good for me to be short!
Kenta: Are you really calling yourself cute? ...
[sfx: Kenta and Reo continue arguing]
Ryoga and Satsuki: [sigh]
Satsuki: Hey. Fancy running into you here. Guess you're dumber than I thought.
Ryoga: ...
[sfx: Kenta running his mouth]
Satsuki: But smarts ain't everything.
Ryoga: He's just a kid.
Satsuki: Hey. About that final battle. ... good work, I guess. It got really heated.
Ryoga: ...
Satsuki: Both cozmez and BAE are pretty scary. They beat us before, too. It was close. You'll get your freedom.
Ryoga: ...
Satsuki: You don't gotta give up here.
Ryoga: Yeah. Next time we won't lose.
Satsuki: Us either. We're gonna come at you with all we got all over again.
Ryoga: Heh.
Reo: ... aaaah, Hokusaiiii!! Do something about this foul-mouthed little doggy!
Kenta: Don't pull that shit on me, fun-size, you're not gonna tag someone else in on me!
Yuto: Oh, it looks like everyone here is having fun!
Kenta: Hah?! Who here looks like they're having fun, you dumbass prison guard!?
Yuto: Uh-ah-- um, do I have it wrong...?!
Reo and Kenta: You've got it wrong!! ... !!
Yuto: Eheh! It looks like you're getting along well!
Kenta: Hah!? I'll kill you! Go clean your rotted brain with a bottle of bleach!
Yuto: That's--! I'm sorry, I can't do that...
Kenta: Then get the fuck out of my sight! Go somewhere else and protect your delicate sensibilities!
Yuto: I'm sorry...
Shion: Anyway, where were you? Weren't you just saying a little while ago about it being bad for the guards to leave the prisoners unattended?
Yuto: I, I'm sorry, I was just stepping outside of the venue for a moment to make a phonecall... but anyway, today we're at a party, so I thought it might be alright to let everyone have a little bit of room to spread their wings, so to speak.
Shion: Oh? You have so much faith in us?
Yuto: Of course I do! We're all members of GokuLuck, after all. We were officially invited to this party. We're guests of honor.
Ryoga: ...
Kenta: Tch.
Yuto: ... so please, behave yourselves for today, alright? If anything like what happened last time happens again, then--
Ryoga: We won't.
Kenta: I mean, you're the one who went off on that guy, anyway.
Yuto: Eh? Ah-- that, I mean... ahahahah...
Ryoga, Shion, and Kenta: [sigh]
Yuto: ... I'm very ashamed of myself.
Satsuki: Hey. That's the guy with a screw loose, right? The one who beat Zen-nii up? It's really hard to picture it.
Reo: Right?
Hokusai: The person he is on stage has a whole different personality. The atmosphere is totally different. Shion said that he has some kind of trigger...
Satsuki: Trigger? What's that mean?[1]
Hokusai: Something that makes his personality change. I think it's like a flip being switched or something.
Reo: Sounds like setting it off spells trouble.
Hokusai: I didn't have time to ask for details. But... I think that's probably right.
Satsuki: Sounds like a bad time.
Yuto: Everyone from Akan Yatsura! It's been a long time.
Satsuki and Reo: !!
Hokusai: ...
Yuto: Thank you very much for helping us out back then. Um... are Suiseki-san and Gaho-kun not with you? I would love the chance to say hello to them.
Satsuki: Ah? ... our anikis are, uh... they're not here!
Yuto: Did they not come?
Reo: No, they came! They're just... uh...
Hokusai: ... I won't let you see them. They don't want to see you.
Yuto: Eh?
Satsuki: Dumbass! What are you gonna do with this Inukai!?
Reo: Right!? What if you say something that sets him off!?
Yuto: Um...?
Satsuki: Ah, s-s-sorry, our anikis are just... uh... ... ... in... they're in the bathroom!
Reo: Y-yeah! The two of them went a while ago!
Satsuki: Yeah! It's been a while! Must be a big one, huh!! They probably won't be back for a bit!!
Yuto: ...
Hokusai: If there's anything you want to tell them, tell it to me. Anything at all.
Yuto: Ah... no, nothing...
[bgm: Road to Legend BGM]
Everyone: --!

[1] The reason Satsuki is acting confused is because they're using the English word "trigger". Hokusai explains it in Japanese in the next sentence, so I'm kind of fudging this a tiny bit to make sense in English.

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